Julieta pays Scarlett a visit.

by BigGuy
Storyline Miss Muscle: A New Beginning
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Julieta pushed the button on the intercom.  'Miss Willows? I'm taking some personal time. I'll be out for a few hours. I am not to be disturbed fro anything less than an Omega-level, understood?'

"Yes, Ma'am. um- What am I supposed to do with-"

"Once they get her a robe, take her down to Op-pros. She's joining the team. but make sure you tell them- we need to know precisely how she got her powers."

"Yes, ma'am."

Julieta smiled, cruelly. That should keep this "Miss Muscle" busy- and give her more information on the mask, and how it worked- and why it had worked for her, whoever she was. Meanwhile- it was time to start the revenge she had dreamed of for nearly 15 years. She left, using her private entrance, and activated her special privacy protocols- no one would be able to track her or her car. It was good to be Director!

At the museum, chaos reigned. The students all needed to be interviewed, and SHADO had only sent 2 interrogators. They had farmed out the initial interviews, trusting the field agents and officers on-scene to flag anyone who might have important information, but it was a slow process. Of course, the media, led by Suzy Stander (or "Suzy Slander", as she was popularly called) (though NOT to her face) was all over, as well. The forensic teams were scouring the area for clues- but their job was hampered by the museum staff, who wanted to check to make sure none of the displayed objects were missing.Only one problem...

'Somebody's hacked our database!" The speaker, a tall, thin red-headed man, whose skin appeared to never have seen the sun, was yelling at Chief Investigator Newhouse. Newhouse, formerly an Alpha City police detective, had been chosen (or, as he thought of it, drafted) to head up the SHADO investigation division in Alpha City. it was usually a boring job- most of the time, he found the so-called "super" aspects of a crime were just parlor tricks, and the investigation would go back to ACPD. But this- this was annoying. And, he had to admit, intriguing. Two definite anomalies- the one in custody, whom he was hoping to get to talk to soon (every piece of evidence made clear that she wasn't the perp- but just what she was, that's the puzzle) and the real perp- a tech guy, definitely- diffuser shield, strong enough to keep him from being fully detected even from SHADO tech- and teleportation. He needed to hear what forensics had to say (and get a translation from his assistant, Max- she understood technobabble!) 

But for now-

"Calm down, Dr.-?"

"That's Doctor- oh, you said that. Um- Dr. Klein. I'm head of the enigma-level collections department."

"Enigma-level being a fancy way to say the stuff you didn't know what it was, right?"

"Yes, I suppose- it's an official title. It refers to objects we have reason to believe are associated with powers, whether magical, technological, genetic, or alien in origin. Alien, of course, is also divide-"

"Save the exposition, Doc- too much already. What about the database?"

"It's gone- every piece of data about the collection has been wiped clean. Even pictures taken for publicity!"

"So- there's no way to determine what, if anything, is missing." Newhouse pulled out a piece of red licorice from his pocket, ad chewed. "Somebody's very thorough." He turned and walked toward the  parking lot.

"What are you going to do about this!?!"

"My job. You want pictures- there's a busful of schoolkids here- maybe one of them took a picture."


At Alpha City General, Jessica slowly awakened. Above her, a handsome, square-jawed young man in a doctor's coat smiled. 

"There you are. Take it easy- I'm Dr. Meat. I know, funny name, huh? You're at Alpha General. your going to be okay, but we just want to run a few tests, okay?"

"I- my dad- he-"

"We tried to contact him. I understand he's in Europe, right? His office said they'd get him the message as soon as possible." Dr. Meat tried to keep the anger out of his voice. He didn't quite succeed. 'Is there anyone else to call- your mother, ar another relative?"

"No- my mom died a few years ago. it's just been me and dad- and the maids. I suppose you should tell them. How are the others?"

"I've really been working on you, but, from what I've heard, the other students are fine. I know that a teacher was brought in, and two SHADO agents, but-"

"Only one teacher? But- which one? Miss-"

"Calm down, okay?" the broad-shouldered, muscular doctor placed his hands on her shoulders. "I promise to find out what I can- but you have to rest. You have some cuts and bruising, and a nasty bump on you head- so we want to get a scan and make sure there's no damage. They'll be here to take you down in a few minutes."

Jessica felt warm, just from his touch. He was quite a hunk, she realized- and then the thought came  -"but not like her". Jessica  had never felt that way about another woman- but, still- a little flirting couldn't hurt?

"Doctor Meat?' she asked, using her best baby-girl voice- not the one that sounded sickly-sweet, but the one that was just about at Marilyn level- "where are my clothes? And my- other things?"

Dr. Meat had been flirted with by patients since his internship- butt hat didn't mean he didn't appreciate quality- and this girl was very good at it. "The nurse had to remove your clothes- and I'm afraid SHADO took them for evidence. But they just brought in you r bag- it's under the nightstand. let me get it for you"

He bent down to get it- aware that she was checking out his body- and only slightly embarrassed. 

"The agents took your phone, too- but everything else should be there.Oh, wait- is this yours/ It says 'Bunny' on it."

"That's my nickname.'

"Oh, and that's why you have this." He took out a chain- on the end of it was a stylized figure of a rabbit, made of white stone and silver metal. "It looks expensive- from your father- or  your boyfriend?"

"That's not-" Jessica looked at the figure- and remembered where she had seen it before- at the museum- it must have fallen into her bag during the-"um, that's not from my boyfriend- I don't have a boyfriend, nt really- it's- yes, from my father."


Elsewhere in the hospital, Miss Marvelleaux had finished talking to a ShADO investigator. She hadn't been able to tell her much- just about the man in the strange metal suit, and how she blacked out- but the investigator seem satisfied.  But she felt so weak.

An orderly came in- he looked about 18, and quite nice-looking, she thought. "Ma'am? The agents said you could have your purse back." He handed it to her.

"Merci. Oh, I must lokk 'orrible! At least I can fix my 'air and make-up now." She reached in to the purse.

'Well if I may say so, ma'am you look pretty good for some one who's been through all you have."

"Merci again. You are very nice to say that- quoi?" She pulled out a gold bracelet- it was intricately made, consisting of two serpents entwined, their tongues touching each other- it was disturbing, but oddly arousing- and not something she owned. But- she felt a compulsion- she slid it on her wrist- it seemed to contract (or, perhaps, constrict) around her wrist- and she felt - good!

"Is something wrong?"

Au contraire, mon cher-" she looked at the orderly- so young and vital- and felt a warmth suffusing her body-"I just wanted to show you 'ow much I appreciate you bringing zis to me.' She folded back the blankets, revealing her well-toned legs to the orderly. His eyes devoured them, eagerly.

"Come to me." He stepped closer, and she slid one arm- the arm with the bracelet- around his neck. Her tongue slipped out from between her ripe lips- and, for a moment, he thought he saw that it was forked- but that couldn't-

She kissed him- it was warm, and wet- and then her tongue invaded his mouth, flicking around expertly. Her hand reached down and grabbed his erect cock- not so large- but it wasn't the size she cared about, just what was inside. She knelt down, pulling his pants and underwear down, and took him in her luscious mouth.

He didn't believe this- he had received a few blowjobs before, but never like this- her tongue was so- her mouth was- and then, even as he was engulfed, her felt- was her tongue licking his balls- even while she was sucking him? That wasn't- was she- biting him?

He never finished the thought- pure pleasure engulfed him, as he came- and she swallowed- more than swallowed, she seemed to be sucking his cum right out of his balls- and then- she released him, and stood. He collapsed to the bed.

She felt- wonderful! So strong, so young, so alive! She notice the bruise on her arm was lighter- and she could fell that some of her bandaged cuts were nearly healed. She looked at the orderly- he looked- the same, but like he had run a marathon. But, on closer examination- yes- a few grey hairs- not much., but-

"Ow do you feel?" she asked him


"You won't tell anyone about zis, will you?"

"Whatever you say. I will do whatever you say."

And she knew it was true.


Miss Willows had given Miss Muscle a robe when it arrived- it barely fit her, she had to hold it together- although Kate realized modesty was not only the least of her concerns- it barely concerned her at all- which was a bit strange. Willows ( a fitting name, as she was nearly as tall as Miss Muscle, but thin as a reed)told her they would issue her a temporary uniform, as soon as they had put her through the scanner, explaining it would not only measure every aspect of her body, but check for specific radioactive and magical signatures, to try to determine what "made her tick."

They entered an elevator, and went down- and then, she realized, over- apparently, this elevator also move horizontally. When the door opened, they were in a room that looked like it could have been part of her high school- all industrial bricks, grey, with a lot of people milling about, fiddling with equipment. One person jostled into her- although she barely felt the impact. it was a man, shorter than, her, maybe 25, with round glasses and a pudgy frame. He looked at her (or, rather, her breasts), saying, "Sorry"- and then, unexpectedly, made eye contact, and winked. He hurried along.

"Over this way" said Willows, bringing her towards a large, glass-enclosed chamber.  A bored- looking older man say nearby. As they approached, Kate realized there was something in her robe pocket- something that hadn't been there before. She reached in, careful to not draw attention by moving too fast. it was metallic, but with a smooth, glassy side- like a phone- although smaller than most. She palmed it.

"Charley- this is a new recruit- the boss wants the full scan- she's been classified Enigma."

'"t'll be a few minutes, I'm afraid. We just ran a diagnostic- it takes about five minutes to reboot."

"Dammit- just my luck. Okay- musclegirl, or whatever your name is- sit on that bench and don't move, okay?'

"Yes, Miss Willows" Kate didn't want to annoy this girl- and she needed to be left alone- good- the girl wasn't looking. Kate looked at the object. it resembled a phone- there were two buttons on the side, and a flat screen- and, suddenly, words appeared on the screen- it was designed so no light escaped from the screen, so there was no glow.



The words disappeared. What signal, she wondered?

A klaxon sounded. "All personnel- Delta level containment breach in hostile containment- Prisoner 842 is attempting es-" the announcement stopped with a crackle.

'Crap" said Charlie. "842 is the Octo-King."

A tentacle burst through a wall, followed by another- inky gas began to seep into the room from the hole.

"This," thought Kate, 'better be the signal."


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