Power Girl is defiant, but Zee-Zee sets her down

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Zatanna Power Girl Black Canary Huntress Harley Quinn
Category F/F Female Dom DC Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Zee-Zee Enforces Her Superiority

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"Buuuttt... shhhheee..." Karen tried to protest, but her words slurred on her tongue as the magically conjured tranquilizer took hold. Falling to hers knees, the meta crawled to her Mistress' and fellow slave. Power Girl cursed Zatanna in her mind, unable to undrerstand why the magician was preventing her from giving Canary exactly what she deserved for harming Mistress. Wasn't she Mistress' first!? How could she call herself Mistress' love slave and not want blood!?

"She is unimportant now!" Zee-Zee stated firmly, standing over the drooping Kryptonian. "Believe me, I know what you're feeling right now, Power Slut!" Karen's defiance began to fade at hearing Mistress' pet name for her. "Mistress will decide the bimbo's punishment later! But now Mistress Harley's well being is our only priority! Is that clear!?" The witch's voice boomed with authority, to which Power Girl could only bow her head too.

"Yesss." Karen conceded in submission, her words still hindered by the sedative.

"Good girl." Zee-Zee praised with a soft smile, placing her free hand comfortingly on the alien's blond hair. The spell caster then lifted her wand and set about making things as comfortable as possible for her unconscious Mistress. "NeraK nekawa ylluf. Enogeb egac."

Power Girl immediately felt herself rejuvenated, while the wrecked canary cage disappeared into the air it had come from, leaving the five women in the centre of the room. Hearing a muffled groan of discomfort, Karen turned her head to see that Black Canary had been using the cage bars to sit against and had fallen straight back against the hard wooden floor, banging her head. 'You'll get much worse when Mistress wakes up bitch!'

"Forget her Karen." Zatanna ordered. "We must wake Mistress before anything else." Karen nodded, looking down to the slumbering jester.

The look on Harley's face was one of content, euphoric serenity. Her smile was wide and mindless with her eyes closed in bliss, her breathe laced with pleasure as her exposed pussy continued to dribble in front of her slaves. Only Zatanna was able to hold back from licking her lips at the sight due to her sense of duty overriding her lust for her Mistress.

Lifting the madwoman's head carefully to lie in her lap, Zatanna aimed her wand to Harley. "Llac s'yranac eht morf yelraH eerf." The dominant slave cast tentatively, hoping it would be that easy, both Karen and Helena held their breath as Harley began to stir.

"Hmmm." Harley sighed as she opened her eyes, looking up into Zatanna's before glancing to Huntress and Power Girl. "I was having the best wet dream..." She moaned with a cheeky grin. "Somehow waking up's even better!" The insane woman declared, thrusting her head up to kiss Zee-Zee full on the lips.

"Mistress!" Two of the former World's finest heroines shouted happily, hugging at Harley's naked body as if she'd disappear if they let go.

"Oh, hey Power Slut!" Harley said, pulling out of the kiss much to Zee-Zee's disappointment, and ruffling the blonde's hair. Gaining her bearings fully, Harley took in the scene; she was lying down with her head in Zatanna's naked lap with Huntress hugging her torso, face first in her boobs, while Power Girl was clutching her waist, with the alien's head resting on her navel. In retrospect, she'd woken up in worse places, but something was missing. "Sugah!? Get your butt here, front and centre!"

"Yeph Miphdreepph." Harley was surprised by the muffle on Dinah's voice, despite knowing full what that had done to her moments ago. So, she couldn't help but laugh as the blonde bimbo slave shuffled into view on her knees, arms still bound and mouth now ball-gagged, Canary's chest jiggling freely as she moved.

"Haha! That look suits you Sugah!" Harley mocked her pet, but to Dinah's ears it was the highest praise. "On your knees, pathetic and helpless! Haha--ohohoh, hiya Huney." Harley's laughter was interuptted as she felt a tongue begin lather her chest in saliva.

Huntress had been upset that Mistress hadn't acknowledged her as she woke. Zee-Zee had been kissed, Power Slut had been stroked, and Sugah had been praised. All the while Helena had hugged her Mistress unnamed, unnoticed, and, to her it seemed, unloved. Helena was a fighter though, and she would fight for Harley's favour, it just so happened fighting today meant tit licking/sucking. And just hearing that pet name "Huney" made Helena's cunt drip.

"Hmmm, that's good..." Harley squirmed under the wet sensation, unintentionally spurring Karen to to add her tongue to the jester's anatomy. "Ahhh, right there Power Slut, ahaha, and there Huney." The villainess moaned, sliding one hand to Helena's soaking lips and a leg to Karen's moist snatch, her pets only increased their work rate.

"Mistress?" Zatanna's voice brought Harley halfway back to reality.

"Whaaaaat?" Harley gasped with a this-better-be-good look to the woman who had started to stroke her hair.

"Should I make arrangements for us to sleep for the night?" Zee-Zee asked with caring smile. Harley had to admit it was a good point, she and her pets had work to do tomorrow and they would need a lil' rest from the sex.

"Sure Zee-ZEEEEE!" Harley screeched as she came after Helena bit and twisted her nipple, Karen lapping all the madwoman squirted onto her face. As she rode down the orgasm, Harley saw Dinah looking hot and panting behind her gag, apparently desparate to join her fellow slaves. With her free hand, she beckoned the gagged and bound woman to her, and once in range she brought on of the mammoth breasts to her mouth.

Frantically throwing her orders together, Harley commanded between licks, "No time for DEEE--tails, make the floor a bed ahhh--!"

"Moaf yromem fo roolf." The hard wooden floor dissolved into soft sponge matress that shaped itself to the atop it.

"Get Huney & Sugah naKED! HOLY!!!"

"Enogeb stius deniur." Both Canary and Huntress hummed in pleasure as the remains of their hero costumes dissolved.

"Ahhh--Have 'em fall asleep when I pass out! 'Cos that's gonna happen sOOOON!" Another climax ripped through the female clown, she was beginning to lose count. "Then make 'em loyal with spells like ya did on yaself! Better safe than SORRRYYY!" With one final cry of ecstasy, Harley fell back into blissful unconsciousness.

"As you wish Mistress." Zatanna said simply, looking to the three women who had joined her in her slavery this night, as they continued to rub their bodies against their Mistress to try and find their own release. "SsertsiM htiw plees." The chorus of ecstasy ended abruptly as all three broken heroines fell into silent slumber, resting aside and atop their Mistress.

Tracing the letters on her own silver collar, "Zee-Zee", her smile became one of euphoria as she prepared to cast the loyalty spells on her Mistress' new toys. She couldn't wait for the heroines of the world to see the greatness of her Mistress.

This was only the beginning.

They would be dressed as Mistress Harley saw fit, just like Zee-Zee. They would have their collars with their new names, just like Zee-Zee. They would steal more heroines for their Mistress, just like Zee-Zee.

"Sevals evol layol s'nniuQ yelraH era uoy, haniD, aneleH, neraK." Repeat.


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