Help, I'm Being Stalked By A Planet!

by Meddler
Storyline Help, I'm Being Stalked By A Planet!
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(OOC: Credit where it's due.  This was largely inspired by the "Planet of the Spider-Men" storyline on the previous SuperStories.  For the most part, all I did was expand the story so it could star characters besides Spidey, and changed the main antagonist to something a lot less Mephisto-y.)     

Sentient planets were impossibly rare, but not unheard of.  The heroic planet Mogo joined the Green Lantern Corps and coordinated the reassignment of power rings.  Ego traveled the universe, searching for anything and anyone that could stroke his namesake.  Even Bizarro World was said to have shown something resembling sentience from time to time.  

One such planet was Andrayda.  Andrayda was a lush, garden world, where every single part of her ecosystem could be controlled as easily as we move our bodies, and she project her mind and posess anything on her surface.  Now, Andrayda didn't start out that way.  When she was first being formed, she was no more or less special and intelligent then the average planet.  But one day magma flowed in a very peculiar way and suddenly she was wondering why things were slamming into her. 

The first several million years of her existence were miserable ones.  Every day she flinched in fear as asteroids struck her surface, creating several moons to dot her sky.  And nothing could fix the crushing loneliness.  She'd shift her continents and oceans to create works of art, but they only distracted her for so long.  Every so often, she'd use her incredible mind to send psychic messages, praying to something she didn't understand that someone would hear her and come find her.  But none of them ever managed to break free of her atmosphere.  

On one occasion, Andrayda tried to travel the stars, in an effort to find someone to talk to.  She mustered up the courage to travel outside her solar system and headed straight for the next one.  Her imagination flared with other system with other friendly planets, all aching to know her and compare continental art.  

The first thing she found was a great purple giant, breaking a planet down into tiny pebbles and devouring its life force.  

She stayed close to home after that.

One fateful day, two strange, metallic meteors struck Andrayda's surface.  She flinched as she always did, waiting for the pain to subside.  But something very peculiar happened.  Soon after the initial landings, strange, tiny creatures crawled out of them.  Terrified by this new development, she psychically shouted into the mind of one of them.  "Who are you?" she demanded, her mental voice quavering.  "Leave at once!"  

The creature was startled for a moment, and then introduced himself and his companions to her.  He was something called a "human," a creature from a planet very, very far from Andrayda's system.  He also called himself a "superhero," which, from what Andrayda understood, meant that he protected planets from terrible dangers.  He and his allies had traveled in a "spaceship" to do battle with some great evil that had threatened the entire universe.  They managed to stop it, but in the process crash landed on her surface.  Some "supervillains" had crashed in their own spaceship, and would most likely try to harm them when they regained their bearings. He apologized for the inconveniece, and asked if it would be possible for her to provide food and shelter.     

Once all that had been cleared up, Andrayda was eager to help them.  They were much smaller then she'd always imagined, but at long last she had found others to keep her company.  She grew special fruits and vegetables to keep them fed, twisted her trees to form homes, gave them ideal weather at all times, and hindered the supervillains with swamps and vicious predators.

As she learned more and more about her new friends, she found herself growing more and more fascinated by the first superhero she had touched.  There was something simply enchanting about him.  Every so often, she'd read his mind and read his history with an obsessive zeal.  Such a long, grand life of adventure.  She found herself spending entire days counting his footsteps across her surface.  He'd protect her from anything bad out there, she just knew it.  That's what heroes did, after all.  

Andrayda began obsessing over ways to make him happy.  Her wildlife would perform concerts in his honor, and she'd make massive, stone monuments of his logo, one of which could be seen from space.   (Though that one was put on an entirely separate continent from where he lived.  The sheer forces involved created an earthquake that would wipe out all surrounding life.  Putting that too close to him would be inconvenient.)  The other heroes seemed to find her behavior odd, but she didn't care.  Frankly, she was perplexed they didn't like him as much as she did. 

One day, she learned that the heroes were beginning to repair their spaceship.  Within a few weeks,  they would be able to return to Earth.  While they promised to keep in contact, dread filled Andrayda's every thought.  She could not bear to go from their home to a distant star in the Earthen sky.  What if that Galactus thing came along and he was too far away to save her in time?  She tried grander concerts, greater monuments.  But no matter what she gave him, nothing changed between them.  He wanted to return home and he considered her a friend.  Nothing more.   

As the ship neared completion, Andraydra decided to take drastic measures.  She would create a paradise so wonderful, so heavenly, that he would have no desire to ever leave her.  Everyone of her new inhabitants would be forced to see the truth: that he was the greatest among them, and deserved to be worshipped and obeyed.  The men would become his loyal agents in her defense, and the women would become his loyal and loving harem.  Any who tried to resist would not last long against her might.  And soon, all who walked on her surface would worship the name of her protector...  

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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