Blue Beetle

by Wilder
Storyline Help, I'm Being Stalked By A Planet!
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The young teen known as Jaime Reyes was eager to finally see his family again. Andrayda had been both a beautiful place to live and a very hospitable hostess but he really was worried about his family and the girlfriend he'd left at home, Traci 13. Of course, he would miss trees that grew tamales and perfect weather every single day but Andrayda's gifts were making other people nervous. It often seemed like she was making the planet perfect for them but especially for him. He laughed it off because the idea of a planet having a crush on him was just absurd. He'd been the first one she'd contacted with her mind, that was all. It was just a lucky thing that she'd talked to him instead of one of those evil lunatics on the other ship.

The Legion of Evil's top supervillains were currently undergoing a living hell on the other side of the planet, from what Reed Richards was saying. Even Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom and Doctor Octopus couldn't figure out a way to get past Andrayda's clever traps. Last he'd heard, the entire group had been separated from one another via a maze of infinite caves filled with nasty creatures. That was another thing that worried the group. Batman and Captain America weren't entirely comfortable with how Andrayda was treating them, even if they were evil. Of course, Andrayda just explained that she could never bear to see anybody hurting them.

Jaime yawned as he shook off sleep to go see if their spaceship had finally been repaired. Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Terrific said they'd been very close to done as of yesterday night. He was really excited to go back to Earth again, even if Andrayda had been awesome. As he rubbed his eyes, he noticed something very strange - Jaime hadn't woken up in the same place he'd gone to bed!

He had gone to sleep on one of  Andrayda's plush beds made of soft leaves, wood and the feathers of several large birds for pillows in the middle of a large meadow. Looking around he now saw a lush jungle with one clear path down the middle of it and heard the sound of rushing water. Confused he wandered down the path toward the sound of water.

"Hello?" he asked "Is anyone there?"

He turned a corner on the path and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he saw what lay at the end. A large lagoon filled with glittering, pink water and a rushing waterfall flowed into a small river - beautiful but not what surprised him. Now, what really surprised him was that this lagoon was filled with frolicking supervillainesses, each completely stark naked! Most of they were washing each other but a good number of them were doing a lot more to each other than just helping to get the hard to reach spots. He was mesmerized by the sight of Titania and Cheshire immersed in a passionate kiss while The White Rabbit playfully squeezed Harley Quinn's tits from behind just a few feet away and Mystique and Circe casually 69ed on a nearby rock at the edge of the falls. And those were just six of them! It looked like every supervillainess from the enemy ship was here! More than that, was it his imagination or did they look different somehow? Bustier and in some cases younger too?

"Ohhhh, man." he said, blushing deep red. "What the heck is this? I need to, um, find help. Yeah."

He backed up slowly, trying to not draw attention to himself, only to step on a large twig that cracked loudly underfoot.

The supervillainesses all looked up with a start. Blue Beetle turned an ever deeper shade of red and armored up.

"Hold it right there!" he said, wondering if he could take all these supervillainesses by himself, unaware that they all had a very different idea about how he exactly he could "take" them . . .

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