Years pass and the world belongs to the Abominations with Wasp as its empress.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Spider-Man
Category Marvel M/F F/F Corruption Growth Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter Its a trap and Invisible Fiend is captured by Doctor Doom

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It had been years since the events that led to the Avengers mutating into the gamma abominations they were today, the world had made a desperate attempt to destroy them with a nuclear attack and only succeeded in making the world an atomic wasteland, a perfect landscape for the monsters to thrive in.

Humanity had gone into hiding and were now at the bottom of the food-chain as they were hunted for either food or slavery.

Wasp the Brood Queen ruled over what had once been New York, now a blasted heap of rubble and home to a city sized nest for the abominations, today she is unrecognizable from the spunky cloths designer she once was. Laying on her back and craddling her dome of a belly she moaned sensually as she gave birth to another litter of her kind, she would bear so many she could never bother to count them... Or name them. If any were female they would be added to her already sizable group of handmaidens, if they were male they would serve to either feed her their cocks or breed her if she so desired. She didn't care who her lovers were so long as they could satisfy her. Ant-Man, Captain America and Hawkeye, now calling themselves Pym, Ravage and Raptor were her favorite champions and most potent lovers. All three strove to earn her favour by conquering what was left of the world in her name or fucking her to exhaustion as was to her liking.

Natasha Romanov and Jessica Drew had become the Black Widow and Spider Beast, a pair of arachnid abominations that stalked and hunted humans nightly only to return to the nest to earn their favour with their queen and to breed, but if the mates they chose couldn't satisfy them they merely became another meal for the two 8-limbed assassins.

The Hulks had soaked up the most radiation from the fallout and had grown to titannic size, over 100 feet tall they were monstrous shadows of their former selves. Bruce Banner was gone, only a mindless brute was left. His rough green scales were impervious to harm and the spikes on his back and arms had spread to the rest of his body, A saurian tail and gnarled horns completed the picture of the monster that roamed the wasteland for anything to devour. Jennifer Walters was just like her cousin but had retained her intellect, making her even more dangerous! Her smooth scaled skin shimmered in the sun as she guarded the city nest like the Hulk would at times, occasionally they would fuck like animals leading her to be massively pregnant as she was now, her claws roamed over the surface of her scaled belly tracing the bumps and jolts of her unborn brood. Licking her pursed lips with her long tongue she purred as she felt the activity in her womb, smiling as off in the distance she could hear her cousin roaring in his sexual conquest of Fem Fang Foom.

The former SHIELD agent Maria Hill had made a desperate gamble to fight the abominations by turning herself into the largest and most powerful of their kind, calling herself Fem Fang Foom she stood as tall as the two Hulks but had four antelope-like horns on her head and a pair of leathery wings from her back, she also had a long serpentine tail laced with spines that matched those on her arms and back. Long ago she made an attempt to kill Wasp out of revenge for being her slave for so long but failed and was now just as feral as the lot of them, joining the Wasp as one of her many thralls. The dragon abomination roared flapping her wings behind her as she roughly fucked with the Abomidable Hulk, the two tangled with each other as they ground and thrusted against each other. Licking her fanged lips She Hulk sashayed towards the two to join in on the fun, her spiked tail swishing behind her as she stomped over.

The X-Men had fared no better as they too had been changed into abominations, now a tribe of monsters they worshipped Wasp as a goddess, the females Rogue, Storm, Psylock and White Queen constantly strove to earn their Brood Queen's favour by hunting down humans to add to her collection of slaves. Small nests and brood mounds had formed outside the city nest that was Wasp's home, her empire expanding with every passing year.

The only safe haven for humanity was the kingdom of Latveria, Victor Von Doom had taken several precautions to face the hordes of abominations had they attempted to attack, taking in as many survivors as whom would arrive, the Heli-carrier and command center of SHIELD run by Tony Stark floated above the small empire ready to add to the kingdom's arsenal for defence.

Not all of the abominated heroes had become dark and vicious, Spider-Man now calling himself just Spider had tried to resist the urges and impulses of his new body and became something totally different. Gone was Peter Parker, in his place was a beast with shattered memories of being raised by kind humans and feeling responsible for their continued safety, along with his mates Scarlet Claw the former Mary Jane Watson and Black Cat now a feline abomination.

The world had become a broken irradiated wasteland filled with monsters and horrors with humanity nothing more than prey to those beasts, the new rulers of the gamma wastelands.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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