The nuclear blasts do nothing to the Horde, the fallout making them bigger and stronger

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Wasp X-Men She-Hulk
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter The Abominations continue the slaughter

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SHIELD saved as man as they could and followed Fem Fang Foom's instruction to head to Latvaria, in the distance a series of mushroom clouds erupted as the Horde were struck with nuclear weapons as a desperate attempt to finally stop them.

The soldiers cheered as it seemed that the monsters were finally defeated until their gieger counters suddenly stopped beeping. "No radiation? That's strange." Commented the soldier holding the equipement before a 50 foot abomination landed in front of the group of men and roared down at the helpless humans.

The Horde had sucked up all the ambient radioation and destructive energies of the blasts, growing larger and more powerful because of it.

"AAARGH! Fuck yes!... So much power, so much fucking power!" Growled She Hulk as she grew taller, her muscles bulging as they soaked up the radiation, her spines grew out longer from her arms and back while her horns grew longer and thicker. Now over 50 feet tall she looked over the distance at the human resistance and licked her fanged lips before leaping to the desitnation. Roaring down at the terrified humans she discovered she now had a form of heat breath as everything in front of her burst into flames, smiling at this new power she went about burning down the base, snatching up humans to gobble up as they fled.

Warbeast and her children screamed up in the air as they grew larger and more powerful from the blasts, her wings beating hard to keep her in the air as she felt all of her muscles bulge and grow, now over 50 feet tall she laughed at her new strength before darting down and landing near her fellow champion She Hulk, the two making swift work of the remaining humans before making their way on to the next batch of resistance.

Widow and Spider Beast had made quick work of one of the few remaining army bases of humans, many of them were webbed up and hanging from various spots in front of the two massive Spider Abominations. "So many to choose from sister..." Husked Widow as she folded her mandibles back, the dripping fangs returning to their place in her mouth giving back her pouting red lips. "I do love how they squirm and struggle." The two 50 foot tall monster women creeped on all 8 of their claws around their prey, choosing which ones to feed off of. A sudden scream from one of the coccons made the rest cringe as they all redoubled their attempts to escape, all futile as the spiders took their time with their meals.

Tigra yowled like a jungle cat as she fell to her claws and feet, the radiation was changing her, making her even more feline as her fur grew thicker, her ears rounding off as the rest of her swelled larger and more powerful with muscle. Standing up to admire her changes she was now over 40 feet tall, smirking down at her self she purred like a cat when she discovered she now had 3 rows of breasts on her chest, all were plump and sensitive to her touch, causing the Tiger Abomination to murr and growl in her power. Off in the distance she heard Panther roar, signalling that he had found more prey, licking her muzzle she lept on all fours to the source.

Rogue moaned as she was pinned against a cliff side by Ravage, both now over 50 feet tall and massively built, he roared like a bull in heat as he roughly pumped into the former X-Woman before she cried out in exstacy followed swiftly by him, thier combined juices created a small sizzling pool under them as Rogue overflowed with his cum. Tensing her pussy muscles and looking over her shoulder she purred smiling at her lover. "Ya'll not weak like the others, ya get to live... for now." Sliding out and turning around she practically lept on top of him, wrapping her legs around his waist as she inserted his raging hard cock back into her. "I want your babies, we'll make a strong litter, fuck me til ya have nothing left, NOW!"

Storm and Blood Witch moaned into each other's mouths as they had absorbed the radiation like the others, growing larger, taller and more powerful. As they grew the sensation was so arousing they collided with each other and began to make out, their claws roamed over each other's bodies as their growth slowed. The space between them grew wider as their pregnant bellies swelled larger from the dose of power. "You are glorious Storm, so powerful, so massive..." Moaned Blood Witch as she kissed her way down to Storm's breasts and teasingly licked the stiff nipples. "The humans have gambled and failed, now WE are the rulers of this world."

"I AM THE RULER, MY LOVES." Proclaimed Wasp as she gracefully sauntered up to her two advisors, having recently given birth her belly had healed back into a set of muscled abbs, the radiation had made her over 40 feet tall and rippling with power. "This land mass is now my kingdom, once the humans are subjucated we shall make this wasteland our home."

"Yes my Queen, you are so ambitious..." Purrred Blood Witch as she pressed against the side of her Queen, licking the underside of one of her massive breasts. "And so passionate, it is no wonder the males look to you for breeding."

"We are ever your humble servants my Queen, we are envious of your beauty and power." Husked Storm as she did the same, the two gasped blissfully as Wasp inserted her clawed fingers into their pussies. "You two are encouragable, come let us see what is left of the humans to feed off of, by now my Horde may have left only scraps for their Queen to nibble from."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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