The Abominations continue the slaughter

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Wasp Iron Man
Category Marvel M/F Growth Corruption Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter Wasp decides to attack, conquering the country easily.

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One after another each major city fell to the Wasps legions of abominations, leaving barren and battered buildings in their wake. By the time the army got involved it was a lop-sided fight.

Wasp and Warbeast's children ruled the skies as they destroyed every fighter and bomber that attempted to attack them, their pilots snatched up and devoured before the flying machines were torn to pieces in mid flight. On the ground the militia had to deal with the Cats, the Wolves, the Spiders and the Hulks! All numbered in the thousands with their parents being the largest and strongest of them.

Worst of all were the enemies unseen.

Before every attack by the Horde the stationed troops would be assailed by twisted vivid nightmares that showed their fates if they stood their ground or worse their own men would be reduced to puppets as they atacked their own allies. All toys to Onslaught as he weakened his prey before the Horde finished them off.

Other times it was an invisible predator that would destroy their ammunition or food, paranoia settling in as officers dissappeared one by one in the night as they were easy prey to the Invisible Fiend.

In a matter of days half the country belonged to the Wasp. All around her were beaten and broken slaves she used as servants and pets, all were forced to appease her like a queen or goddess unless they would be added to her evening meals.

Landing with a heavy thump near his queen, Pym bowed before approaching his brood mother.

"My love, the humans are nearly broken, soon this land mass shall be yours to rule." The sight of his former wife bloated to near immobility with her latest pregnancy made him instantly hard, precum dribbled from his tip as he imagined adding his own to her vast womb.

"You wish to please me love?" Husked Wasp as her claws rubbed along the sides of her massive belly and leaking breasts, surprising her servants that she could still stand and move so easy she repositioned herself until she stood on her hands and knees, a pool of milk forming under her breasts.

"My clutch is almost ready to be born." Stated Wasp as she grabbed onto Pym's erection and began licking the angry knob at its end. "Any moment now I shall add more to my legion but before that time I want my appetites satisfied." Opening her mouth wide she took his length down to his naval, her tongue licking around the shaft as one of her claws played with his bowling ball sac. Looking to her side she purred seeing her servants in a mix of shock and horror as they were forced to see this. Moaning from the attention she gave a show for the humans by wrapping her cleavage around Pum's cock and titty fucking his rod until his muscles tensed. Licking around the tip she wrapped her lips around his cock before he flooded her mouth with his cum, the humans cringed at the sound of her gulping his seed down before letting him go. Stomping over until he was behind her Wasp roared as he mounted her and began to thrust into her crowded womb. "YES! Fuck me! Awaken my clutch, your time has arrived."

For minutes they ground against each other until Pym tensed and erupted into her, followed by him being forced out of her as her water broke, splashing between them as she cried out in elation.


High above the country unseen by the flying abominations and the soldiers fighting them, the Heli-carrier of SHIELD hovered above the clouds.

"And I'm telling you that won't work!" Yelled Stark at the view screens, each showing the images of the remaining leaders of the country. "You can't use our nukes to win this, they feed off radiation, even one of those would double their size and power."

"We are not suggesting this to you Stark, we are telling you!" Yelled one of the images on the screen, the background filled with the sounds of cannon fire and screaming. "Our boys did the math, even if the radiation could do that, the blast would annihilate most of them anyway."

"Then sir you got your math results from a bunch of drunken monkeys with a solar powered calculator, you don't have any idea what your doing!"

"The decision is final Stark, move you ship to pick up the remaining troops to clear the area." As the screens shut off Stark slammed his fist against the table, shocking the crew to attention.

"I'm not putting this ship in danger, move us to the nearest city and start picking up civilians while we still can."

"But sir, our orders were..."

"Do you want to follow the orders of a man willing to drop a bomb on you?!"

"Nnno sir..."

"Then fly this piece of crap to the city so we can at least save them!" Storming off the bridge he made his way to what has been lovingly called the freak show by the rest of the crew. Opening the hatch he found Spider, Scarlet, and Black Cat eating several roasts offered to them in bulk.

"Hello Tony." Smiled the red haired abomination as she gnawed on the bones of her latest meal. Seeing the dissapointement on his face she stopped eating. "Something bad happened didn't it."

"Bad news, they're going to bomb the Horde with nukes, I'm going to save as many people as I can before leaving this place."

"Where do we go?"

"I haven't thought that far yet, maybe the ocean, the savage land, anywhere that's not worth going to that Wasp won't think of."

A sudden jolt hit the Heli-carrier as alarms rang loudly through the hanger. Wobbling to an intercom Tony pressed the speaker. "This is Iron Man, were we hit?"

"Sir! There is a massive abomination on the deck... My god the size of her!"

Suitting up and leading the three abominations with him Iron Man went top side only to stand face to ankle with what had to be the largest abomination yet! Smiling down at the shocked crew and their commander Fem Fang Foom laughed as she crouched down, folding her draconic wings behind her, her saurian tail flicking behind her idly.

"I USED TO RUN THIS SHIP, DID YOU REALLY THINK I COULDN'T FIND IT?!" Purred the giant monster as she looked down at Iron Man. "DON'T WORRY I'M NOT HERE TO EAT YOU."

"Then what do you want?"


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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