Iron Man finds Spider, Scarlet and Black Cat as they warn him of the Horde.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth Corruption Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter Abominations unleash their inner beast

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Tony Stark sat at the bridge of the rebuilt and redesigned helicarrier of SHIELD as it hovered miles above the clouds over the west coast. Unlike the previous director Tony was far more laid back as he read reports with a glass of scotch nearby, treating the bridge as his own personal office or rec room.

"Mr Stark sir." Called out one of the agents as she approached Tony with a report in her hands. "We have picked up three abominations outside of the Nest perimeter, it would seem that they wish to speak with you."

"A couple of strays?" Wondered Tony out loud as he sipped from his drink.

"No sir, it would seem to be Spider-Man and his two mates, Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy." Answered the agent as she peered through the report before giving it to her director.

"Spidey? Pete's here? This has got to be important, where are they now?"

"Sir we have them in one of our spare hangers... the guest rooms are too small for them."

After a few minutes of making their way through the ship Tony Stark and the agent made it to the hanger holding the three monsters, as soon as the door was unlocked and opened he stepped in to meet his old friends.

Inside the three abominations turned to see their visitor, the six armed spider abomination stepped close to smell the SHIELD director before stepping back, making Stark chuckle a bit at the Web Head's behaviour.

Looking down at the small human Spider-Man addressed the SHIELD director with Scarlet standing close to him while Black Cat laid nearby cleaning herself like a house cat.

"Hi Pete, how's it going? Gone a little far to enjoy a picnic have we?" Joked Stark as Spider-Man scratched his head in confusion.

"Spider came to SHEE-ELD for help, the Nest is bad now." Scarlet answered for her lover as she hugged one of his arms. "They want to hurt people... But we don't want to, so we ran."

Leaning over to the agent beside him Tony whispered out of the creature's hearing. "Did something happen to them? I remembered Spidey being a LOT faster on the draw then that."

"Sir we think the serum created by Reed Richards and Hank McCoy has begun to wear off." With his eyes widening at that he looked back at the three abominations in front of him before looking back. "Then why haven't they tried to kill everyone on board?!"

"The... Others went bad, slowly... My head hurt then, but I remembered not all humans were food, Queen Wasp wants to rule more than the Nest, she wants to take over the world." Explained Spider-Man as the others nodded. "I'm the sneakiest Spider in the Horde, even more than Widow or Spider Beast, we escaped without them knowing so we could find you."

"Spider Man, what's your real name?"

"It's Spider, hunter Scout for the Horde's nest but... Not anymore."

"Spider? Not Peter Parker?"

"Par... Ker?" Asked Spider confused as he scratched his head again.

"MJ, how long have you and Pete been married?"

"Emm... Jay...? I'm Scarlet, and I don't know a Pete, I'm Spider's lover." Answered the red haired abomination with a huff before reaching up to kiss Spider on the lips, the reaction made the SHEILD agent at Tony's side turn away blushing as she saw Spider's erection hardening.

Tony finally realized what had happened, Spider-Man and his two women had become just as feral as the rest of the abominations, but unlike the rest of the Horde, THEY tried to fight it. Now as a result they had become a broken mixture of the people they used to be and the monsters they were now.

"So the Horde's gone bad huh? At least I built some nasty toys just in case that ever happened. But we still have to deal with that behemoth Maira turned herself into."

"Fem Fang Foom, the big one?" Asked Black Cat as she lounged nearby licking the fur of her arm clean, her tail flicking behind her in boredom.

"Yeah... In the meantime you three can stay here, we'll see if the chefs can accomidate your appetite, provided you don't want something living on your plate."

Walking out with the other agent Tony rubbed the bridge of his nose with his fingers before walking back to his 'office'. "Agent get my gear ready, its time we see how bad the situation REALLY is."

"Yes sir."

"And get a hold of Thor, he's gonna have to hear about this too."


A gutteral howl echoed out into the night as Wolverine mounted X-23 and thrust into the wolfish abomination, all while Wolfsbane waited for her turn nearby, tweaking her nipples at the sight before her. X-23, now calling herself Fox-Claw snarled as she bucked her hips back at her mate, her tail smacking him on the chin as he thrust harder.

Not too far away Warbeast laid on her back with her legs spread, her dome of a belly shook and jolted as she pushed, roaring in the pleasure pain of birth as another of her brood was born, adding to the mewling litter between her thighs. Her leathery wings flapped on their own as she prepared for another and pushed.

Wasp laughed as she sat and admired the view, the entire Horde had become savage once again. Any sense of self restraint was gone as thousands of abominations went into massive orgies or attacked neighboring towns for food.

She sat at her throne rubbing her growing belly with all four of her claws, the sound of her wings buzzing every time she heard a female cry out in exstacy. Storm stood near her queen rubbing the underside of her own growing belly with a claw while the other held a staff with bones and feathers tied at it's tip, her mane of white hair had the same tribal feathers and bones tied into it. On the other side Scarlet Witch stood in a similar fashion, her horns were decorated as if to seem like a headdress while her staff had a mink of red fur and feathers matching her own. Both were Wasp's advisors and often times lovers when she had her fill of her male admirers.

"My Queen, your seers Onslaught and White Queen tell me that the Spider and his mates have fled the Nest." Whispered Storm in Wasp's ear before bending further down to lick at the insect woman's shoulder and neck. "Shall I send Colossus and Thing to retrieve them?"

"Ha, like they're a threat...!" Called out Rogue as she stomped up to the two, the results of draining so many mates had made her as tall and as massive as the Hulk, sporting a large belly of her own that jolted with her growing litter. "Let'em go mah mistress, those three were always spineless."

"Says the one who steals strength from the weak." Purred the Scarlet Witch as Rogue turned away, her spines flexing in anger. "No you are right my champion, they are of no concern."

"What does it matter that there are strays, this world shall be ours soon... Mmm the thought of it makes me so hot." Groaned the Queen as she ventured into the throng of abominations to join the orgy. Immediately she was assailed by more than a dozen of her followers as they fawned, licked and carressed her muscular flesh. "YES... Satisfy your brood mother my children, soon we shall lay waste to our enemies and claim this world as ours."

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