Abominations unleash their inner beast

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Growth pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter The serum apparently is wearing off

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As the two brood mothers lavished in their reawakening the echoes of the other abomination's roars filled the city nest. The serum that had made them all docile and sane was wearing off, unleashing their darker and more savage selves.


Storm, Rogue and the White Queen were tending to the many children the females of the Horde birthed at an almost constant rate, it always amazed them how fertile they were since many would bear large ltters at a time, their brood queen the Wasp most of all since she bore several dozen a sitting. Even more amazing was how quickly they matured to adulthood, some taking days while others mere hours.

The three were busy feeding the brood, letting the younglings suckle from their heavy breasts. The act was both pleasurable and arousing to the former heroinnes, their current charges were a few days old and looked to be at the cusp of adulthood already, another bout of feedings would do just that, yet this time felt different to the three.

Storm cooed with her eyes closed, her head lolling back and forth while two large male abominations sucked from her breasts, growing larger and stronger in the process. She loved her time at the nursury section of the nest but she felt different all of a sudden. She felt hungry, proud and above all else carnal! Ororoe Monroe was fading away, her past life as an X-man and caring woman was dissapearing. Opening her eyes as if for the first time Sorm the Horde's weather preistess looked down at the whelps sucking her milk and smirked, arching her back as she enjoyed it more, she purred to herself she felt their newly hardened members bump against her naval, dry humping her as they fed.

"You wish to appease your preistess you pathetic runts?" purred Storm as she pulled back and pressed herself against the stone wall. "Then come, take your place among the Horde and fill my womb with your brood." Without any other word one of the monsters positioned himself at her pussy and drove hard into her, causing the beast woman to roar in exstacy. "YES!... No hesitation, so eager... You shall be a fine addition."

Rogue shook her head as the children she fed scurried off to be replaced by others, it was getting hard for her to remember things, her name, her home, it was all fading away. Rogue growled as she felt something long and hard penetrate her pussy from behind as she nursed a new pair of pups. Looking over her shoulder she found one of the grown up children mounting her while off to the distance Storm had her legs wrapped around another, wailing out as her lover came hard , flooding her womb again and again.

"You think ya'll can make me cum like Storm? Ya'll gonna learn why I'm called Rogue; Champion Bitch of the Horde!" The two ground against each other like animals in heat, the babes at her breasts nipping at her teets driving her wild with arousal until the male reared up and roared, pumping her full of his potent cum. "Not satisfied whelp, now I'm gonna take what's mine!" Using her powers she drained him of his life energy, not enough to kill him but enough to weaken him to the point where he collapsed and shrank to a shrivelled five foot tall husk, HER on the other hand howled as she nearly doubled in both size and strength, her muscles flexing as they swelled larger. "NEVER forget your punishment weakling, only the strong get to fuck me!" Snarled the massive she beast as she admired her new bulk and power. Only the most powerful could satisfy her, anything else only strengthened her with their failures.

Emma could feel her friends being corrupted into something darker, more savage. All around her the many thousands of abominations of the Nest began to shift back into feral monsters, their combined urges and impulses flooding her mind, drowning it as she fought back. The fruit she ate was stronger than the serum but even then her mind changed into something else. Opening her eyes and looking around she pursed her lips, licking them at the sight of her two sisters having fun with the broodlings, even though she was called the White Queen she was more of a black sheep among her brood. Nurturing and loving instead of cruel and savage, she wondered why her brothers and sisters wanted to destroy the humans so badly but shrugging her shoulders she returned to basking in the pleasures of feeding the two young ones at her teets.


Deep in a cavern of the Nest Susan Storm the Invisible Woman screamed and howled as she rode the Hulk to orgasm again, her belly had already began to swell and had she still appeared human she would have looked four months pregnant. The two had found each other in a passage way not too long ago when they both suddenly smelt each other's scent, almost instantly they collided with each other and found themselves alone. Even after an hour he was still pulsing and throbbing inside of her while Susan wiggled her hips to drive him deeper.

"Hulk fuck blonde bitch, make blonde bitch fat with Hulk's kids!" Growled the monster as he rocked against the she beast above him, holding her wide hips and ass to keep himself balls deep into her womb. "You'd better stud! I demand only the strongest mates to breed me!" Growled Susan as she tweaked her stiff nipples, arcs of rich milk spurted from her nipples to drip over the Hulk's chest.

No not Susan... The Invisible Fiend didn't recognize that name anymore, she was the most cunning sexual predator in the Horde, stalking her prey unseen before either going for the kill or to pounce on a desired mate to expand her clutch of children. A sudden growl from the entrace diverted Fiend's attention from the Hulk's efforts, Ravage and Raptor stood at the entrance staring at the two as they fucked, their cocks rock hard and pointing straight at her.

Licking her lips she motioned for them to come in. "I'm hungry, feed me your cocks, fill my belly with your hot cum so that it may nourish my growing brood within." Taking a stance at either side of her she sucked them both off, licking their shafts and grapefruit sized testicles before they splashed hot cum down her throat, gulping loudly as she drank their essence. Her belly swelled again as the Hulk came hard, filling her belly with more cum and making her more pregnant. Latching his lips on her plump breast he drank her milk, each gulp returned his strength as he went back to breeding the Invisible Fiend.



"What's going on? Everyone's becoming savage again." Worried Felicia as she hid with Spider Man and Mary Jane. "Do you think the serum's wearing off?"

"Dunno, but it sure looks like it." Worried Peter as he crawled from the ceiling looking down at his former allies and their children as they slowly became dark and savage.

"We've got to... Aargh!" Groaned MJ as she clutched her head, the others did the same as it effected them all.

All three were the first to eat the Asgardian apples that returned their minds, the serum was a bonus but it too was fading, the three fought hard to keep their minds as memories and thoughts began to slip.

"Where..." A bleary eyed Spider-Man looked around as his two lovers regained their composure, his mind was shattered and flooded with the repressed instincts of his species but his old memories had survive somewhat. He remembered he was raised by humans, good humans, the kind not to eat, taught him good, to be re... re-spon-sible.

Scarlet woke up with a sever headache as she looked up at her lover the Spider, she remembered how he saved her from being killed for... she couldn't remember but every time she saw him it was... a good feeling, she was completely loyal to him, in... Love?

Black Cat growled at the pain in her head, looking up to her lovers Scarlet and Spider she smiled knowing they were both ok, it was hard to think but she remembered how Spider saved her from... Bad abominations, they thought she was weak, he save her, showed her kindness... kind like old human lady she remembered, raised him, them... can't remember name.

"The Horde is rilled up, they want to hurt the humans." Growled Spider as he and the others hid from sight.

"What do we do?"

"Warn them... Come we're leaving."

Grabbing on to one of his many arms the three swung out into the night sky, fleeing the Nest to warn the humans of the danger ahead. The place... SHEE-ELD, they would know what to do.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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