The Joker takes time away from maiming and torturing to meet the newest Quinn sister

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Batgirl Joker New U Salon
Category DC Corruption
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Meanwhile, in a much seedier part of Gotham, an unconscious man sat tied to a chair in an abandoned warehouse.  His head hung limply from his shoulders, his silhouette barely visible in the moonlight seeping in through the abandoned warehouse's high windows as a shadowy figure approached him from behind.  Without warning, an entire bucket of ice-cold water snapped the poor man back to consciousness.  The second his eyes opened, the warehouse's lights bust on and the sound of howling laughter only added to the sudden assault on his senses.  Through blurred vision, the bound man looked at The Joker's maniacal grin came into view.

"Hiya Carl.  Wasn't sure you were going to wake up for a bit there.  Had me concerned for your well-being," the Joker said, his red lips parting to reveal his smile of yellowed teeth.  "So is this what Gotham City District Attorneys do?  Sleep the day away?  And here I thought you lawyer-types just played golf.  No wonder this town needs the Bat to clean up all your messes."

"What do you want?" Carl Finch choked out.

"I want to torture you," The Joker said with a shrug, "But it seem like my men have already softened you up.  I guess they get a little punchy for the man that is trying to put them all away to Blackgate Prison.  And speaking of that dump, whatever happened to sending deranged criminals to good old Arkham?  At least there they offered a guy a fetching female shrink so he could drive insane and make her his first-class ticket out of there.  This Blackgate Prison has no personality.  Where's the heart?"

District Attorney Finch sat stone-faced in defiance of the maniacal clown.  "Oh, Finchy.  Playing the strong, silent type I see.  Not an original move I'm afraid.  They all start out strong and silent...," The Joker began, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a razor-sharp knife.  He then advanced forward until he was right next to the poor, beaten man, "...but then there's all screaming and the blood and the 'Dear God I'll do anything!'  I tell ya, it all sounds as fun as a barrel of monkeys but it can just get so repetitive.  Nothing new.  But enough about my problems, let's concentrate on your problems."

The Joker raised the knife up to the side of the panicking District Attorney Finch's face when the echoing sound of heels interrupted him.  Finch let out a deep sigh of relief, but his heart immediately sank when he saw Harley Quinn step out of the shadows.  The former psychiatrist called out a gleeful, "Honey, I'm home!"  Joker's crazed laughter filled the abandoned warehouse.

"Harley!  Perfect timing.  Do you want the honors of the first cut?" The Joker exclaimed, offering his mad-accomplice the knife.  Yet, Harley remained at the back-entrance to the warehouse.

"What a gentleman my Mr. J. is!" Harley giggled, her hands behind her back, "But I have a surprise for ya, puddin'.  She's ready and the two bimbos at the New U Salon really outdid themselves!  The two of us put our heads together and cooked up something extra special for ya!"

Harley began to walk forward, revealing that she was holding a rope attached to a wheeled-platform.  Resting on top of the platform was a giant artificial cake.  The Joker couldn't hold back his excitement when he saw that it was decorated with numerous joker cards.  Harley ignored the bound district attorney as she made her way to the crazed clown, dragging the platform behind her all the while.  Flinging her arms around The Joker's neck, she crushed her body against his and kissed him on his ghostly-white cheek.  With a wide grin on her face she looked up at him and murmured, "I really hope ya like her!"

With that, she raised her fingers to her mouth to deliver a loud and clear whistle.  Immediately, the cake's top flew off like a popped champagne cork and the former Barbara Gordon spring up from within, arms raised high in the air to present herself to the villain.  The second she saw him, Barbie Quinn's face lit up, her heart swooned and she giggled madly in anticipation of things to come.  With dramatic effect, Harley opened up the front of the cake platform for her new demented sister and Barbie wasted no time in sashaying excitedly to make her way to her new lover and master, The Joker.

"Mr. J's and District Attorneys of all ages:  Allow me to introduce you to the original number two Bat-lackey, now finally free to be her own slut!  My new, and now favorite lil' sister...Barbie Quinn!" Harley announced dramatically, before resting her head against the crazed clown's shoulder, "I even gave her a toy to celebrate her new found self and freedom."

The Joker looked down at the former thorn in his side and studied the crazed look on her white-painting face.  Madness and lust did make a wonderful combination, he concluded, his sick grin widening as his eyes traveled down her body that now belonged to him.  He noticed the hammer on her belt and his grin faded in disappointment.  This just wouldn't do, "Sorry, Harl.  For this first time I want her to do nasty things my way."

He offered her his knife, which she accepted gladly.  The Joker tried to hold back his excitement as he watched her twirl the knife expertly in her hand.  If only Bats could only see how the girl was applying her Batarang practice, he thought.  Shaking his head to clear the thought, he clapped his hands together and exclaimed, "That is more like it!  And you know what they say:  Two Quinns are better than one!  Welcome to the family, Barbie.  And Harley, you couldn't be more right.  Those two sluts did a great job with her look.  I love the blood-red hair, especially.  Simply beautiful!  But, Barbie, if you're going to really belong here, you need to prove you're not the same old Bat-Brain lackey you've always been.  You're going to have to show Harley and I that you're with us mind, body and soul.  You're going to prove yourself with Mr. Finch."

"Ooooooh, Mr. J!  I can't wait to put a smile on your face!" Barbie Quinn husked, running her hands up and down her body.  The Joker then took her by the hips and spun her around to face District Attorney Finch.  She simply allowed it to happen.  What seemed like a lifetime ago, she would have been reviled by feeling the man touch her skin, but now just being in the presence of the psychopath set her pussy tingling.  He was her entire world now and she couldn't wait to please him.  She glared maniacally at the poor, bound man.  The concept of mercy had been erased from her mind thanks to Dee Dee and Suzie at the New U Salon.  Parting her ruby-red lips in a twisted smile, Barbie cooed, "Time to play!"

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