How does Lex want to change Supergirl?

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters New U Salon
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"Let's keep this simple.  I want the full-on bimbo treatment for Supergirl and I want her to be mine.  Make it so her entire existence revolves around serving my every whim, and in return I will ensure that no heroes catch onto your little operation.  That comes with a lifetime guarantee, of course," Lex spoke with both the arrogant suave and collected control of a man who believed himself above all others on the planet.  Dee Dee's lips curled in a pleased smile, and her perfectly-manicured hand slid down into her tight mini skirt.  She fought back a soft moan as she stuck two fingers into her bald sex and listened to Luthor drone on.

"Protection, plus our more than ample price tag sounds good for a job this large, Mr. Luthor.  However, sweetie, I'd just love to meet in person to discuss this more.  As I said, it's a big job and there is the issue of Supergirl's Kryptonian DNA that could be an issue.  I'm sure a big, all-knowing man such as you knows a solution.  I can make it worth your while," Dee Dee purred into the phone.  Luthor grinned on the other end as Lolo hungrily sucked his cock.

"You leave Supergirl's alien physiology to me.  Finding the weaknesses of Kryptonians has become a favorite passtime of...," Lex cut himself off and put the phone to his shoulder to save himself from having to grunt as Lolo's teeth grazed softly against his shaft just right, "...mine.  Excuse me.  For this project I will be more than happy to share my insights with you, Dee Dee."

"Hmmm, that would be very appreciative, Lex," Dee Dee murmured, her own pleasure rising.  Suzie, meanwhile, sashayed into the waiting area of the New U Salon and saw that Dee Dee was on the phone with her hand buried into her skirt.  It didn't take her long for her to realize that she wasn't talking to Di, but instead was talking business.  Suzie rolled her eyes at Dee Dee's 'businees-mode' as the slutty stylist continued to listen and brought her wet fingers up to her mouth to lick her own juices clean.  Dee Dee then turned to Suzie and pointed excitedly at the phone, "So, Mr. Luthor, how about 2 PM on Friday?  I'm sure we can discuss other business too."

"Of course, and if you continue to impress I think this could be the start of something most lucrative for the both of us.  I'll have my secretary handle the arrangements.  My office in Metropolis will suit our needs," Lex grinned.  Dee Dee giggled lightly in response, ignoring Suzie's stern look she was shooting her way.

"Absolutely!  I can't wait!  Ciao, honey," Dee Dee beamed, her tone betraying a little too much of both her arousal and excitement at the potential alliance she was making.  She then turned to Suzie, a triumphant smile gracing her perfectly made-up face.  Dee Dee then moaned loudly and cupped her tits, seductively massaging and pinching her large jugs through the thin fabric of her blouse.  She then husked, completely oblivious to the emotions of the woman standing a few feet away from her, "Oh, hell yes!  Just the thought of making over Supergirl!  What an amazing day!"

Suzie couldn't stand to watch anymore of this lewd display.  Even if she had to admit to herself that it was turning her on, the fire burning in her blood was a simmering rage and not of passion.  She marched forward and roughly took hold of Dee Dee's arms, before forcing them to the sexy stylist's sides.  Suzie now had Dee Dee's attention.  But, before she had a chance to voice her concerns she was interrupted by the sudden arrival of three chatty women from the back.

Mia led out two freshly changed clients with her top pulled down to her waist.  The two makeover experts were struck speechless by the radical difference in the demeanor of the pair compared to when they first arrived at the salon a mere two hours ago.  The state governor had been involved in seemingly back-to-back embarrassing scandals that threatened to ruin any future aspirations he had for rising up the political ladder.  The first embarrassment being that his own known-activist daughter had leaked evidence that he had accepted bribes that allowed a factory that was responsible for spilling excess pollution in a prominent lake to keep running.  To make matters worse, the liberal little bitch presented evidence to his wife that he was involved with an extra-marital affair he had been having, and a press conference had been called for the next morning by his scorned wife.  However, before his wife and daughter had the chance to reveal what a piece of scum he really was, his personal bodyguards had chloroformed the two and delivered them to New U Gotham.

"Mrs. Governor, you look absolutely stunning!" Dee Dee declared loudly, pleasantly surprised at how happy and at peace the middle-aged redhead looked.  It was a far cry from the woman that woke up strapped to a beautician's chair a few hours before.  Completely ignoring the dirty look Suzie was throwing her way, the head stylist strutted over and embraced the elder of the two women, "And look at you, Alexis!  I'm imagining you on the catwalks of Paris rather than those silly picket lines."

The formerly rebellious twenty-something batted her long eyelashes and beamed at the platinum blonde's compliments.  She then puckered her pink glossy lips in a sexy pout that Dee Dee couldn't hesitate to turn into a hot, steamy kiss.

"Oh, thank you so much, Ms. Dee Dee!" the governor's wife chirped happily.  The once strong-minded and faithful Christian family woman moaned wantonly seeing the stylist make out with her daughter, "Hmmm, she is a sexy little catch, isn't she?  I kept trying to tell her she could do better than those jobless, no-good tree-huggers but she never listened."

"Mom!" the formerly liberal and independent Alexis whined like an embarrassed child, breaking off the kiss from Dee Dee, "That was the old me!  I didn't know any better!"

"And at the New U Salon we strive to teach you what better is, Alexis," Mia cut in, noticing that Suzie was fuming and about to pop a vein from being ignored.  Nervously, she tried to wrap things up, "And you weren't much better, Mrs. Governor.  Your husband was only trying to show the maid, Maria, how much he appreciates what she has done for you and your daughter through the years.  When really, that responsibility should be for the both of you to share."

"You're right, Mia.  Thank you for helping us!" The older redhead sighed in a way that would have made any man shiver in delight.  "Now, I think we really should be getting home to apologize to poor Richard, but before we go..."  Grinning devilishly, the former uptight woman took hold of Mia's exposed nipples and tugged them gently to pull her personal makeover artist into a long, tongue-filled kiss.

"...Call me, Vanessa, baby," the governor's wife breathed.

"Mmmm, Vanessa," Mia moaned, lost in the redhead's smoldering gaze momentarily before being brought back to Earth by a cough from Suzie.  She stepped backward and quickly pulling her tight top up over her huge tits, "Yes...well...we have set your next appointment for next week.  I hope to see you both then.  And remember, nothing but compliments for the Governor in the press conference tomorrow!"

"I've been such a bad girl.  I can't wait to apologize to Daddy tomorrow in front of all those reporters.  I just hope he doesn't punish me too much behind closed doors," Alexis moaned, running her hands over her slim body and fantasized how she would look after more trips to the New U with a voluptuous body filled out like the ones that belonged to Dee Dee, Mia and Suzie.  Her expression soon turned to shock as her own mother slapped her hard on the ass, causing the skinny girl to jump in surprise.

"Your Daddy has enough on his plate thanks to you.  But when we get home I can guarantee you I'll strip you bare and put you over my knee.  Nobody at the press conference tomorrow has to see how red your ass is going to get!" Vanessa hissed with a sinister smile.  Alexis' eyes, meanwhile, had grown half-lidded in arousal at the prospect of this punishment from her own mother.  Alexis then looked down as her mother grabbed her hand and she was led to the salon's door.

"Goodbye ladies.  Thank you again for fixing our family!" Vanessa announced, and with that the three slutty women were left together with only a tense silence brewing between the two platinum blondes.

"Dee and Suzie, what's the matter?  I hate to see you two fighting.  And in front of the clients?" Mia gasped, turning on her towering-high heels to look at the two platinum blonde beauties who were starring daggers at one another.

"Mia, we're suddenly in business with Lex Luthor.  And earlier today we did a job for The Joker.  I just don't think Dee Dee has any idea what kind of danger she is putting us all in.  And let's say we somehow get Supergirl inside a New U Salon.  She's a fucking Kryptonian.  The last time I counted we've dealt with zero aliens since our grand opening.  So, Dee Dee, how do you plan on solving that problem?" Suzie hissed, finally speaking her mind.

Dee Dee glared back at Suzie.  Her honey-sweet voice a thing of the past, "Yeah, you're right, Suzie.  I've jumped in bed with Lex Luthor.  And who's next?  That freak Cobblepot?  Captain Cold?  Maybe I'll even try jerking off the Roman if I get a chance.  Guess what, babe?  I don't fucking care anymore.  There are so many women out there that need what the New U Salon offers and Lex Luthor has offered his protection.  So you bet your sweet, sweet ass I'm going to take it.  Honey, you may want to keep a low profile, and believe me, I get it, but I refuse to let a golden-goose like this pass me by.  I'm not going to let you or any of those uptight super-bitches get in the way.  I'm sorry!"

"You still haven't told me how we're going to handle Supergirl.  Please tell me you haven't left that with the all powerful Lex," Suzie demanded, her accusing glare only sharpening as a sheepish look came over Dee Dee's face for a brief second.

"Well, Lex is the best guy to go to for something like this, and I guess if you want to mess with Supergirl why wouldn't you just use Kryptonite?" Mia shrugged.

Both Dee Dee and Suzie looked over to the slutty African American former model with quizzical looks on their faces.  "Mia, honey, you may be a smoking hot piece of tail, but leave the plotting to the two of us," Dee Dee said, slinking over to Mia and hugging her from behind.

"Exactly," Suzie huffed, "Mia, Luthor is deranged when it comes to taking on Superslut.  Any Kryptonite he gives us would probably kill her."

"But you don't get it.  There are so many different types of Kryptonite that do all sorts of different things to Superman and Supergirl.  Green Kryptonite hurts them, but other colors affect them differently," Mia explained.

"And how come you're suddenly an expert on Kryptonite?" Suzie asked, raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow quizzically.

Mia giggled as Dee Dee pressed her tits into the former model's back and reached around to molest her huge, chocolate-tinted knockers through the fabric of her dress.  A smile of sexual debasement spread over Mia's face and she murmured, "When I was a model, I fucked a few of Luthor's men during Metropolis Fashion Week..." Mia paused, much to Suzie's chagrin as the platinum blonde's groping and pinching of her tits from from behind distracted her, "Oh fuck, Dee Dee.  That's soooo nice!  When we were done, ughhhh, they got chatty."

"See, Suzie.  We have all the information we need from Mia here," Dee Dee smirked, planting a kiss on Mia's cheek.

"If we have Mia then we certainly don't need Lex," Suzie stated, sarcasm dripping from her voice.  She then sighed in defeat, "OK, fine.  We'll go to Metropolis and meet with Mr. Luthor," the sexretary conceded reluctantly.  Her unhappiness with the entire situation not being helped by the triumphant look on Dee Dee's face, "But I better be happy with what he has to say or else I'm calling the whole thing off.  And this will be the last time we're dealing with high-profile villains.  Promise?"

"I swear, Suzie.  This is the last high-profile villainous client," Dee Dee announced, smiling innocently.  The head stylist even went so far as to step back from playing with Mia's chest to raise one hand as though swearing an oath.  However, all the while behind her back she childishly crossed her fingers.  "Oh, and Suzie.  Di will be coming with us to Metropolis."

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