Sooraya's roommate Surge tries to cheer her up

by darkraven32179
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Cyclops Emma Frost Jean Gray Wolverine Shadowcat X-Men
Category F/F Female Dom Mind Control
Previous Chapter Kitty tells Emma not to help her, claiming she can break the two up on her own

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"Stupid Kitty, her fault all her fault," Sooraya spoke as she walked into her room, slamming her door and taking her cell out of her bra and slamming it on her desk.

"Hey what's with all the noise?" her roomate surge asked as she awoke from her sleep, her blue hair flying everywhere as she rubbed her eyes.

"Shut-up," Dust shouted as she tore out of her maid uniform, cursing Kitty the entire time.

"I'm guessing things didn't go so well this morning did they."

"No stupid Kitty ruined everything, but hey that's ok right she is Frost's favorite now I have to wait a whole two months before it's my turn again and god knows Jamie won't trade with me like this time." The darker skinned girl collapsed to the floor grabbing her knees as she let out tears, gasping a little when she felt Surge's arms wrap around her.

"Hey come on now you know Emma doesn't let every maid dress her I've been her maid 5 times and only got to do it once since she got her kitty."

"But that's it since Kitty came it's like she gets all her attention."

"Not true again, theres her Summer, her private sessions with the other telepath girls, her daily after school sessions with one lucky girl and she does like to call girls down to her office everyday so cheer up." As she spoke the blue haired girl ran her hands along the other girls body, her powers zapping her softly relaxing her muscles and nerves.

Sooraya sighed as Surge had made valid points, "Well I guess it wasn't so bad I did get those pics we wanted."

"No way."

"Yep their right on my phone we can look at them together if you want." Dust said as a small blush covered her cheeks.

"We can but," Surges hands moved up to cup the girls cheeks. "I think we need to get you relaxed first." with that surge pressed her lips against the other girls kissing her softly as she pressed her down to the floor.


"No." Summer yelled as she pushed the three girls away quickly grabbing her discarrded clothes and running out of the shed, screaming Jeans name.

"Well that""Could have""Gone a lot better." The triplets spoke, they had felt the girls anger at what they had told her. Though Summer had been know to be kind and caring she also had a temper and once it was free most of the school knew to stay out of her way.

"Doesn't matter girls""After all kitty""wasn't the only one on our list." The three giggled as the grabbed the leash that was wrapped around her neck, knowing that no matter what Emma was gonna be mad at someone really soon.


Kitty dropped down from the ceiling landing in Darkholmes private room attached to her office. 'Knew she was taking pictures of us' Kitty thought as she saw the photos of various students that had stopped by her office. Remembering what she wanted she peaked her head through the wall and saw the nurse was still busy with the two girls.

"Yeah you like that slut," The nurse cried out as she pounded into Maggies cunt with her blue cock, while the Silver haired girl watched as Charlize fingered herself begging to please her mistress.

Moving quickly Kitty phased the wall and went to the cabinets grabbing a few vials of what she needed and some needles, taking one last look at the hot sceen before she phased out of the room unaware that Charlize eyes had been on her the entire time, but her mind was to jumbled up to care.


"Yes you are the best at what you do," Jean giggled before kissing the smaller girls lips.

"Glad you enjoyed it red."

"Well it was new and god it felt sooooo good Jamie though be interesting to do it to you my little cutie."

Jamie was about to shoot back a quick comment before the door slammed opened, both girls grabbed each other. "Fuck forgot about her." Jamie muttered under her breath.

The two girls looked at each other before the saw the door to the bathroom get blow apart and off it's hindges. "I SAID GET OUT HERE."

"Summer stop this," Jean spoke hoping to avoid a fight. "It's not just her fault, I should have to..."

"SHUT-UP WHORE." an optic blast flew out of her eyes straight towards Jean but the red head felt herself being pushed out of the way as Jamie through herself in front of the blast.

Jamie fell to the ground gripping her chest, pain running through her as she saw blood covering her arm before raising her other hand and popping the three metal claws out of the hand. Shooting the brunette a glare, "No one messes with Jeannie not even you Summer." the canadian growled.

"Then you should have stayed away from her." Summer prepared to blast the small girl again but felt herself being pushed back and into the wall, her arms being pinned to the wall by an invisable force. "Let me go you fucking whore."

Retracting her claws Jamie look over at Jean, seeing tears in her eyes as she held her arm up using her powers to hold down her girlfriend and protect her secret lover. 'She fired at me, she would have killed me I thought she loved me." The telepath cried before feeling Jamie wrapping her arms around her waist hugging her tightly. "It's okay Red I promise no one will hurt you as long as I'm around."

The two stayed like that for a while, listening to each others breathing and Summer screams, until she went silent. "And just what is going on here." The two looked to find Emma Frost standing in the door her arms crossed as she stared at the three, the room dropping a few degrees rapidly.

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