Kitty tells Emma not to help her, claiming she can break the two up on her own

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Emma Frost Shadowcat Cyclops Wolverine Mystique Magneto Professor X Stepford Cuckoos Dust X-Men
Category Bimboization F/F Female Dom Gender Switch Incest Marvel Mind Control
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[Thought I'd take this in a slightly different direction. I think it might be more fun if Kitty gets to be evil now rather than in the past! Hope no-one minds :)]

"Let me handle this myself, please," Kitty begged.

Emma was rising up on her hands and knees, her big breasts hanging penduously down, the double-ended dildo pulling slowly free of Kitty's soaked pussy. With a noisy slurp it was free, swaying against Kitty's labia lips in time to Emma's breathing.

The headmistress looked down on her young student, like a blonde goddess from the heavens, considering.

"Very well, prove yourself to me."

With an unstoppable slow thrust Miss Frost buried the dildo in Kitty's pussy, the teenager bucking wildly as it penetrated her, her thrashing barely affecting its steady course driven by Emma's unexpected strength.

"Yes, yes, for you, always for you."

With a roll of her hips the dildo pressed hard against Kitty's g-spot and she came, still pleading to serve the headmistress.

* * *

Sooraya Qadir clicked unsteadily down the empty school hallways between the headmistress's quarters and her room on six-inch heels still dressed in the French maid costume. Her cell was a heavy weight between her breasts in her low cut black top. Tears welled in her eyes but she refused to use her apron to wipe her eyes, she wasn't going to cry.

The cell-phone was the only success she'd had, the photos capturing the wonderful moment she had seen the headmistress (and Pryde) naked. Everything had seemed to be going so well as she'd quietly waggled her ass at Miss Frost's playmate while the brunette pretended to sleep. It was as good as dancing for the headmistress; the telepath would pluck the image right from Pryde's mind if she'd done well enough.

And then only minutes later she'd been coldly dismissed by the headmistress without the chance to dress her. Without the chance to run her hands over that smooth skin, to cup those breasts and casually slip a finger along the teacher's labia while she pulled up a silky thong. What had she done wrong?

* * *

Katherine Pryde held perfection for a moment longer.

Her hands were too small to contain Emma's breasts, but to the heroine-worshipping brunette just cupping or carressing the blonde's exquisite boobs was bliss. Then with a quiet sigh she released her hold and, in-front of the three-panel mirror, did what she expected would be the most terrible deed of her new day

Kitty Pryde began to dress Headmistress Emma Frost, concealing perfection from the world.

Today Emma had selected a stiff vinyl corset, laced at the front and back, made to her own design and measurements in Paris. The big open loops at the front revealed her smooth belly and the whole heavenly valley of her cleavage, the cups of the corset thrusting the headmistress's big tits up from beneath but covering nothing. Instead two sharp triangles of the same white vinyl stuck straight up to shield the teacher's dark nipples from view. From the front, Miss Frost's aureoles rose like a dusky sun over snowy mountains. From the sides or above her breast's peaks were completely exposed.

~Use your body to control the conversation, darling.~ Emma sent into her mind, unable to talk while Kitty adjusted the straps carefully. ~Lean forward, make a half-turn, distraction becomes weakness to be exploited.~

Kitty swallowed just imagining it, and Emma had only finished fucking her only minutes before. But her imagination didn't stop there: she wondered if the headmistress got aroused enough would her stiff nipples knock those vinyl shields down from behind?

~I imagine, sweetie, that would be very distracting.~ Emma's thoughts sounded amused in her mind, but neither confirmed nor denied the idea. ~I have distracted you. Time to finish dressing me.~

Kitty blushed and bent to help Emma step into her thong. Except instead of her normal silk g-string the headmistress had chosen an apparently more modest white bikini bottom with wide straps. But it was even more artfully tailored to her body than the corset, the straps hanging not from her hips but across her thighs, giving the impression that it was constantly about to fall. Twice Kitty had tried to catch it before realising it had not moved at all!

Kitty bent and zipped Emma's thigh-high boots up her long shapely legs. Normally it would have been the morning maid's duty to dress Emma, a lucky student selected by lot who would have spent the last few days practicing dressing her own friends and lovers. Sooraya might have to wait months for her next chance to carress the headmistress's body.

"Well, my little one, duty calls. My students won't teach themselves ethics after all."

"Don't make them all good girls."

To her own surprise Kitty had slapped Emma's ass playfully. Time seemed to slow as Kitty realised she'd gone too far. Then the headmistress mouthed a teasing "ooh" of mock surprise and winked at Kitty in the dressing mirrors. She really was pleased with her protege!

With confident strides instead of a sultry strut, the signal that the headmistress was not to be interrupted for trivial matters, Emma Frost was gone, leaving Kitty Pryde alone in her chambers.

* * *

Jamie's hands were smaller and more delicate than Summer's, her body lighter and less obviously athletic. But she was strong for her size and once her ardour was aroused she was an animal. Under the torrent of shower water Jamie was becoming increasing brutal.

Jamie's hand on Jean's tit no longer stroked and carressed but kneaded and groped. When fingers found her nipples they pinched and even twisted them sharply. At her other tit Jamie's tongue still licked, she still sucked and kissed, but not she bit too and from time to time she caught Jean's nipple between her teeth and pulled.

When Jamie twisted and bit both nipples simultaneously Jean bit down so hard on her lips to prevent herself from crying out, still afraid of discovery in the bathroom of her own dormroom, that she tasted coppery blood.

"Not... uh, not," she tried to plead. Summer was gentle, tender.

"You want this, Red, to be fucked hard and fast and rough."

Jamie's fingers were small and delicate, but it wasn't fingers in Jean's hot red-fringed cunt now. Jamie's fist was buried inside her, pulling her hips back and forth each time the shorter girl pulled the bunched fingers out a little and then forced her first in even deeper. Jean was painfully tight, the pleasure only just greater than the pain, but so very good.

"Fuck me rough," she moaned. Her nails scratched bloody claw-marks across Jamie's ass that healed in seconds, but excited her lover even more. Jamie's free hand responded in kind, clawing at the pale skin of her Jean's, leaving scratch marks that would take days instead of seconds to heal. The sensation was delicious but some part of Jean's mind was trying to sound a warning. Orgasm approaching rapidly, Jean paid it no heed.

"My rules now, Red, and I say you're gonna cum begging."

Jean didn't know if it was an accident or deliberate but the shower water was now ice-cold as it sprayed over them both, the soap on Jean's body long since sluiced away by the torrent. She was surprised it didn't flash to steam as soon as it touched her she was so hot. Instead it made her even more sensitive, more alive. Or maybe it wasn't the water...

"Fuck me, Jamie. Fuck me here. Please fuck me. Fuck me whenever you want."

Jean Grey came; the world disappeard as the immense orgasm sent her collapseing against the wet glass of the shower. She couldn't believe how goo-- The world was gone again and this time it didn't come back as orgasm followed orgasm.

"I'm the best at what I do, and what I do is very nice," Jamie told her with immense self-satisfaction.

* * *

Still naked, a little pussy juice leaking pleasantly down her inner thighs, Kitty flopped backwards onto the silk sheets of the headmistress's enormous bed. She was tempted to roll into the warm indentation where Emma had slept, face buried in the pillows and scent of Miss Frost, ass in the air and masturbate furiously till it was time for class.

Tempting as it was Kitty resisted. Instead she rolled off the bed and grabbed a glass of champagne from the silver tray Sooraya had set down, and stuffed a slice of buttered toast into her mouth. Then she wandered through great double doors into Emma's adjoining office, leaving a trail of crumbs behind her. The evening maid would clean them up, or the crumbs would become another excuse to punish naughty Sooraya.

"You did great, Kitty," Emma had told her. Headmistress Emma Frost had complemented her scheming!

"Using your rivals and manipulating your friend." It felt every bit as good as Miss Frost had always promised. Kitty had wondered if she might feel guilty about using Jamie, whether Emma's lessons had only reached the surface of her soul. But, no, taking the Canadian who had been so kind to her and using their whispered conversations, her trust, to persuade her to fuck Jean Grey only made her feel wonderfully proud of herself.

The headmistress's desk was bare; Miss Frost kept it that way so she could discipline wayward students across its dark wooden length. Kitty's nipples hardened as she again remembered her own first time with Emma, misplaced hate turned into a passionate kiss as she tried to ravish the amused older woman.

Kitty knew where to press to make the expensive screen pop smoothly up, no sign of the presence of either it or the keyboard on the desk's smooth surface unless you knew the trick. She logged in and began to check over the last night's activity. New nude photos, sex videos, and dozens of snapshots of girl-on-girl action shared with the whole school or just amongst friends popped up all over her screen. Nothing looked out of the ordinary.

Kitty had always had a way with computers and in those mad months when she had thought the headmistress was her enemy instead of her wonderful mentor she had honed those skills further. She'd hacked her way into every computer in the school, learned how to switch on webcams without their telltale lights and read encrypted emails. Now it was her big edge, as she tried to keep up with the Three-in-One's telepathy.

She quickly checked the webcams on Summer and Jean's computers. The lack of activity in the room they shared worried her till she turned the volume up to maximum and heard much more cheering noises from behind the closed bathroom door. She couldn't find the Cuckoos but the school security cameras showed they'd headed into the woods at least twenty minutes before Summer headed that way at a run.

Things were looking promising.

A live feed caught her eye: the webcam in Nurse Darkholme's office. As well as the school nurse there were two blonde cheerleaders in the office. One she recognised as the delectable Maggie. The other was the runt of the telepath litter, poor stupid Charlize. Maggie had removed most of the shorter girls clothes and it looked like the nurse was about to give her patient a shot.

It wasn't the only live lesbian sex Kitty could be watching; in her own room Ororo and Callisto were struggling to see who could stay on top longest. But something about it intrigued her, it was just a little off.

She turned up the volume of the remote computer's microphone and did her best to read lips as Nurse Darkholme spoke. The nurse was lying Charlize down and her mouth was close to the teenager's ear.

"Your name is Charlize. It has never been anything else. You have always been a girl. You have never been," the next bit was lost as Maggie began to plant enthusiastic slurping kisses on her friend's body. Kitty thought she might have made out "been a professor", but she wasn't sure.

Well, all that was true enough, if a bit odd to say. It didn't look like she was going to hear anything more; Maggie was a noisy lover. Kitty watched a little longer as Maggie licked the other cheerleader's breasts, licking and sucking, apparently in response to the nurse's gestures. Kitty still couldn't make out any words, just the familiar noise of lips and tongue on young female flesh. She quickly lost interest, scanning through some photos uploaded by a dozen students of Bobbi Drake chasing a laughing Neena Thurman down an ice-covered hallway. Every time Neena slipped she'd recover improbably but shed another piece of clothing. Lucky!

"Have I missed anything?"

The question blared from the speakers of the headmistress's computer, making Kitty wince. She'd left the volume turned up on Nurse Darkholme's ministrations. She brought the window up again. Maggie was fingering the blank-eyed Charlize's clit, the prone girl's swollen pussy lips and leaking cunt evidence she wasn't too sick. Kitty managed to turn the volume down to a sensible level before Maggie replied to the question.

"Um... did you remind her that she's a total subbie to me and that she has to obey anything I tell her to do? Because she totally is."

A pause, then, "You are a completely devoted lesbian fucktoy to Maggie. Anything she tells you is an order that must be obeyed or a truth that cannot be denied. You will listen, and believe, and obey anything Maggie tells you. You will do this because it makes you more of a lesbian fucktoy, and you want to be the best lesbian fucktoy that you can possibly be."

Kitty was stunned. Just what was that medicine? (And much less importantly, what was Darkholme up to?) If it really worked like Darkholme seemed to believe then Kitty would really be able to show the Cuckoos who was boss. A triple dose of sweet medicine and perhaps the Cuckoos temperament would improve till they agreed she was boss. 'Fucktoy' had such a nice ring to it when used to describe those insufferable blonde bitches.

Kitty rewound the footage and watched exactly how Darkholme mixed the medicine, the exact place in each locked cabinet each bottle came from. Darkholme was very careful to keep medicine safely locked away, but locks couldn't bar Katherine Pryde.

Best not to plan too grandly till she understood what she was doing. Pick someone nice and safe for tests. Someone she could easily keep an eye on and who liked and trusted her. Kitty smiled a wicked smile. If Emma Frost had seen it she might have graduated her protege at once.

Kitty's hands phased through the desk to her insatiable mutant pussy. Her roommate Ororo was going to have so much fun soon. Kitty just knew it!

* * *

Celeste and Irma knelt facing each other, each with an index finger in Summer's snatch, knuckle to knuckle, pistoning in perfect unison. Summer's lips sucked at Phoebe's clit, two fingers thrusting as fast as she could manage into the pussy of the blonde triplet sitting on her face. Phoebe was lent back, supporting herself with arms draped over Summer's bent knees and open legs. Celeste and Irma used their free hands to play with each others tits as the Cuckoos shared a messy three way kiss over Summers leaking pussy.

"Jamie is" "Fucking Jean" "In your shower."

The Cuckoos spoke in turn. Summer scrambled to her feet in a rage. Or at least she tried to, the Cuckoos had taken control of her body and continued fucking her without the least interruption.

"We thought you'd want to know."

In unison this time and with a strangely changing impression of bodies writhing under running water. In her head were disconnected flashes of pleasure and pain, nails on skin, fist in cunt, mouth suckling pale breasts. Suddenly Summer understood the Cuckoos were sharing with her their telepathic reading of Jamie and Jean's minds. Was this a shadow of what it was like to be a Cuckoo?

But the Cuckoos weren't finished. As Summer's body came to their synchronised fingering new understanding bloomed. Her red-headed girlfriend's mental defences were down, gone; she had opened herself completely to Jamie and this was the result.

"It's all part of Kitty's plan, and you're going to help us beat the nasty brunette nerd. In payment we can change Jean or Jamie's minds for you..."

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