Amora and Lorelei invokes Sif before them when Brunnhilde finds her causing her anger

by LesLes
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Lady Sif Valkyrie
Category F/F Corruption Masturbation
Previous Chapter Amora tells Lorelei of the Pervert, and her sister agrees to help her to become the greatest slut

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The Lady Sif was bewildered by the urges from her nethers. She had always been a woman of passion and felt no shame in pleasuring herself alone in her bedchamber. But there was a rhyme to her desires and she could not fathom why the need should be so great now. Embarrassed she had left the road to find a secluded spot in the woods. She was nigh the cente of Asgard, on her way back from the borders, and there should be no danger here.

So thinking Sif loosened the straps of her armor. The rubbing of the hard steel of her breastplate, even padded by the cloth beneath, against her breasts and enflamed nipples was becoming unbearable.

Distracted by undoing the armor's complicated straps and the all too brief respite before her mons began its pleas for attention again the Lady Sif only became aware of the tinkling noise of the brook and its little waterfall as her feet splashed through shallow water.

Before her was a sheltered glade such as a bard might sing of, and at its centre a still pool of clear fresh water. Here the water would still be fed from high glaciers, and would retain some of the frozen chill of those ice-mountains.

Surely a dip in such a pool would quech the fire in Lady Sif's loins?

Quickly Sif stripped herself of her armor and then the small-clothes beneath till she stood gloriously naked except for her long-sword in its scabbard. Her sword would not leave her side until her patrol was over, anything less would be beneath her honour. Sif pushed her long dark tresses forward, till they fell down from her neck to cover her big titties. A watcher could still see the wild black hair of her unshaved pussy and the lips that glistened there.

The chill of the cool waters robbed Sif of her breath as she strode into it, and stole from her notice the change in her thoughts that changed breasts to 'titties' and vagina to 'cunt'. Once a blonde she was not a part of the Pervert's competition but she had been affected by his changes to reality.

A watcher could see her. As Sif lay back against a mossy log, the water up to her neck, the idea seemed so exciting. A big blonde brute maybe? No, this place called for a nymph. A delicate blonde deity to swim through the waters and carress her body.

Sif's back arched as her fingers penetrated her sex. Her tits broke the surface of the pool from below, streams of clear water draining from the magnificent ripe orbs before they submerged again leaving only rippples. The cold water only made her warrior body more sensitive, she could feel every drop of water on her body. She tingled with arousal.

By the All-Father she needed this. To fuck herself for a time.

The Lady Sif moaned in pleasure as she toyed with her boobs and pushed three fingers into her tight snatch, feeling the throb of the muscles against her twisting fingers. She came, her cries of passion sending startled birds into the sky.

Brunnhilde had already found her by then, watching from the trees. One hand was buried in her pussy, insatiable as only a blonde slut's could be despite the attention of Amora and Lorelei and more. Her other hand was in her mouth, preventing her from making noises that would alert Sif and bring a halt to the raven-haired warrior woman's mastubration. Such magnificent breasts, but the Valkyrie had arrived too late to witness her naked body and could only see what the pool revealed.

Sif continued to finger herself, but after a while Brunnhilde could discern frustration in her moans. Her boobs no longer breached the waters and her shoulder showed her hands were moving with frantic abandon.

"By the Nine Kingdoms," Sif moaned, "Why can I not come?"

To Brunnhilde this seemed the opportunity to reveal herself. But as she prepared to move, Sif suddenly stood, a cascade of watering running down her bare body. The Valkyrie gasped as the beauty's perfect pussy was finally revealed to her.

"I am a warrior," Sif declared to the apparently empty woods. "No foe can stand against my sword."

Alarmed Brunnhilde sought her own blade. Surely she was discovered and would need to battle the angry goddess.

Instead Sif thrust her sword, still in its scabbard, into the shallow waters of the pool edge where it stuck out at an angle. Sif spat upon her hands and rubbed the pommel. Then without pause she took a step forward and drove kissed the pommel with her puffy pussy lips. One hand upon the guard of the sword, the other playing with her stiff nipples, she pushed herself forward. As Brunnhilde watched her cunt slowly swallowed the leather wrapped hilt of the sword, till with a cry of triump and release Sif had swallowed a full eight inches of the huge sword's hilt in her wet depths.

"Come, watcher, I know you are there," Sif panted as she twisted on the toy in her pussy. "I heard the sounds of you approach. Is it your magic that makes me so wanton? It you are a warrior put me to your sword. If sorcerer then summon me and I shall make infernals pacts for my pleasure."

Brunnhilde stood forth, ready to fuck the desparate slut, when with the sound of women's laughter and moans Sif disappeared. The Valkyrie recognised the voices - Amora and Lorelei. In fury Brunnhilde grabbed the sword Sif had left behind, licking the hilt to taste what had been taken from her.

The sorceresses would learn that to toy with her in bed was one thing, to steal a slut from her another.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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