Brunnhilde returns to Amora and Lorelei's bedchamber in a fury

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Enchantress Lady Sif Lorelei Valkyrie
Category Corruption F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter Amora and Lorelei invokes Sif before them when Brunnhilde finds her causing her anger

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Brunnhilde, full of anger, decides to return to the Amora´s bedchamber where the blonde sorceress enjoys her younger sister, Brunnhilde thinks they mocks and deceived her. Brünnhilde decides not to call her winged horse as she believes that she would lose much time after she had done before to him, in addition, Amora house is not too far from where is she now.

Meanwhile, in the Amora´s bedchamber, a cheerful Lorelei really enjoys what she and her sister have done, Amora is a little angry with Brunnhilde because, she believe The Valkyrie have been wasting time with nonsense things when it was not so hard to find Sif and bring up her to them.

Sif appears to them through the magic of both sisters and looking very surprised and frightened she see both sisters completely naked.

Lady Sif: What has happened? Where am I? Amora? Lorelei? What are you doing and what do you want of me? - While trying to cover her naked body very embarrassed and without her sword.
Amora: enough of questions, which we want from you is simple.
Lady Sif: What?

At the moment that Amora was talking to Sif of what she wanted from her, it is hearing a loud noise that alerts the 3 goddesses. At this time, Brünnhilde appears very angry and so quickly grabs Amora´s neck and threat her with her sword.

Brunnhilde: Are you thinking to mock me again? I'm tired of being use as you want, I have offered my love and I agreed to have sex with you and this is your way of thanking me?
Lorelei: Hey, leave my sister, Brünnhilde!, we have not done anything wrong, is that you are so late too and we did what we thought we had to do because of that, it is not our fault or the intention to mock you after what we have shared before.
Lady Sif: This is so sick, by Odin, what am I doing here and why you speak as if you were a couple of jealous girlfriends?
Amora: I c... can...can´t breathe, Brunnhilde, stop please.

While Brünnhilde and Amora discussed, Lorelei decides to take advantage of the situation and take seriously the competition to talk to Sif, thinking of a way to end this situation as complicated and save the life of her sister.

Lorelei talks to Sif and explains the whole situation and even of the existence of The entity known as the Pervert, Sif knows nothing and believes that is very sick what they are doing, Lorelei thinks that maybe Sif is the most sickest, because before invoking her, the two sisters saw how she was playing and enjoying her magnificent body, the way her fingers slipped and went into her pussy and rising to her breasts and the way she licked her finger in the mouth with her thoughts, she and her sister got excited seeing much of it on the same way as Brunnhilde and Amora were excited to seeing Lorelei do it, before joining them.

Lorelei: Sif, You continue being very horny, why don´t you join us, you will learn a lot and feel very good about yourself, I can guarantee it.
Lady Sif, I'm not that kind of woman, Lorelei, you do not tell me to have sex with you or your sister.
Lorelei: That's a shame Sif, you don´t know what you're missing, see your naked body makes me horny and so wild, in addition to what I propose, you will like a lot, no matter what you thought to me before or what I did to seduce your loved Thor in the past or even if I caused Thor to hit you. I want to compensate you for all that.
Lady Sif: Lorelei, you talk too much, you have no right to air that, you are evil.
Lorelei: You're not in a position to demand anything, I'm not as bad as you think, well, I see in your eyes that you see me naked close to you is exciting, I wish and I want you, I see you very wet down there.
Lady Sif: That's not true
Lorelei: No? You can not deny what you feel Sif.

Meanwhile, a very aggressive Brunnhilde low a bit Amora and softens her grip on the neck. Amora is recovering but Brunnhilde catch her again, this time from the waist and gives an amazing passionate kiss on the mouth that leaves the blonde witch without words, Brunnhilde begins to undress and still with an angry face says to her lover that she need to calm her excitement because she is on heat and hornier than ever and wants to try her sweet juices again.
Returning to Lorelei and Sif on the other side of the room, after seeing that her sister is out of danger, Lorelei explains to Sif, that she wants to make a very special gift that will make her the happiest woman in Asgard. Sif don´t trust her, but asks Lorelei she wants from her, Lorelei remembered the story of Sif and how she lost her golden hair she used to be very proud.

Lady Sif: Lorelei, definitely you are sick, it seems that you want to humiliate me more and more, do you think I'm so a desperate woman?
Lorelei: You should not worry so much, I know a way to get you back to being blonde, you can recuperate everything you lost in the past, and you would have your things with Thor or do everything you always wanted, without inhibitions.
Lady Sif: If you can do that, I'd appreciate you forever and do everything you ask me for.
Lorelei: It seems you start to think about it, my sister is busy now, but I can do it.

With some magic words, from the open hands of Lorelei, comes a burst of blue around Sif and wraps completely around her body

The light of what is happening in the bedchamber alerts Brunnhilde and Amora and reaches the most remote points of the Nine Worlds blinding all Asgardians and other creatures of the kingdom.

After declining gradually the light, they begin to see a beautiful golden hair that catches the attention of 3 beautiful goddesses who are in the room.

With a look so happy and smiling and shedding a tear, Sif has returned to being blonde as before.

After seeing her anger appeased, to Brunnhilde called particular attention to what she is seen, a stunningly beautiful blonde woman in front of herself, woman that always respected but never had a desire to have sex with her, and she hopes that Sif she feels the same, because in her youth, Sif was trained by Valkyries to be the warrior that she wanted to be.

Lorelei smiles because the party will continue as she approaches to her older sister to help her recover giving a erotic massages.

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