Amora tells Lorelei of the Pervert, and her sister agrees to help her to become the greatest slut

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Enchantress Lady Sif Lorelei Valkyrie
Category F/F Marvel Incest Masturbation
Previous Chapter Amora proposes they seduce Sif next and Valkyrie agrees to lure Sif to the sorceresses

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While Sif tries to calm down and act as if nothing was happening, every time is more noticeable her excitement and decides to leave the road leaving a trail of liquid coming out of her vagina and sooner or later, someone would notice.

Lady Sif: What's wrong with me?, I'm not a slut, I need to find a secluded place, to calm down and touch me at all or find Thor or maybe Balder and help me overcome this excitement.

While Sif has her own problems and think about what she do. Back to the Enchantress´s Bedchamber where both sisters are still enjoying their relationship. Amora had remembers how it all started and tells her sister that she had not told her an important thing before because considered that her sister would not had understood it.

Amora: Dear sister, you should know one thing

Lorelei: What are you talking about? - As the young sorceress works at the pussy of her sister.

Amora: Maybe this has not been as natural as it seemed, I didn´t say anything to Brunnhilde but maybe she has sensed something or has been in the same place as me, before returning here as if it were a dream, I think that explains why I and Brunnhilde were together in the same bed.

Lorelei: Mmmmmmpph ... slurp, what? - Very surprised of what she has heard from her older sister.

Amora: Aaaahh, sister, you're amazing, ooooh, T. .. ther ... There is a cosmic entity called the Pervert who seems to have thought of a competition between blondes to determine who is the biggest slut of the universe, between goddesses and mortals, and that he or she has made me to be more sensitive than what is normal on me and broken all my inhibitions, normally, I never had a relationship with a woman or had sex with my own sister, because I never would have allowed a woman to touch me the way you or Brunnhilde did.

Lorelei: You're saying you're having sex with me and Brunnhilde for something that someone has done to you? - After stopping to suck the her older´s sister cunt.

Amora: Yes, but slowly my mind becomes clearer, I acknowledge that I am learning a lot from this and what I've said before, It´s true, I love you sister and I do not want this to end, you are the best lover I've ever had.

Lorelei: Are you serious, Amora? how sweet and cute you are - before kissing her on the lips, very happy.

Amora: Yes, I love you, I'm enjoying what I've never done with any man, even with Thor. By the way What do you think about what I said of that entity?

Lorelei: What I think?, I think is interesting and I'll help you if you let me join, I'm half blonde, my hair color might cheat a little, but I am, of course what will we do with Sif at the end , you had the idea? I proposed a way to make her to join us, but if Sif will be a blonde again, is another competitor, even if we enjoy her body.

Amora: I thought about it, but never mind, we keep waiting a bit Brunnhilde and if she delayed much by the way, perhaps we would invoke Sif with our powers to bring up here.

Lorelei: I do not like the idea too, but why sending Brunnhilde to look her if we could bring here without any problem?

Amora: Didn´t you want continue to enjoy a bit more of our beautiful bodies when we are considered the most beautiful women of the kingdom?

Lorelei smiles and says: how naughty you are dearest sister, I like, I don´t know why we were competing for the affection between men, or we hated  each other so much for our childhood problems, I had doubts before, but this is going to like me a lot and I learned more than I did in a while.

After talking, the two sisters continue with her kisses and make a 69 to take mutual pleasure to their pussies sucking each other.

Meanwhile, Brunnhilde is penetrated by his winged horse over and over again, causing her an immense pleasure, the entity known as the Pervert had broken Brunnhilde inhibitions,  first: having sex with women, especially her old enemy Amora and now, having sex with her own horse. At the end, she kisses her horse with a face of satisfaction, after some rest, she starts her search of Sif finding a trace of liquid in a nearby location.

Brunnhilde: What is this? It seems that about this place, there is a hot bitch.

Returning to Sif, the black-haired warrior manages to find a secluded place and after looking both ways, she´s wanting to touch herself after opening her legs and thinking of several things at once, showing that Sif is a woman with many fantasies that had always repressed.

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