The Enchantress's magic does not work as expected upon such a close relative

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Enchantress Lorelei Valkyrie
Category F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter Amora uses her magic on Lorelei

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Lorelei is very hot as it has the pussy of her sister in front of her face ready for sucking and licking, Lorelei gets a finger in her older sister´s beautiful vagina that has in front of her and sticks out her tongue to suck, causing a tremor in her older sister who shows a face of much happiness looking at what her younger sister are doing.

Amora: Oooh …. Sister, you are wonderful, I love you, I like what you are doing.

At that time, and a somewhat abrupt way, Lorelei gets up and tells her sister that this is a mistake, but she enjoyed a lot. Amora falls out of bed by taking a good hit in the floor, when she gets up, she´s getting angry.

Lorelei: I'm sorry sister, are you okay? I'm sorry for I´m getting up the bed in that way, but this is a mistake, we cannot do this, I´m a little scared.

Amora: Why? Tells her older sister a little angry and surprised of what her younger sister is doing

Lorelei: I don't know, this isn't normal, I was noticed something strange also, would you aren't be using your magic with me, right?

Amora: How can you think that, Lorelei, do you believe that what we are doing is not natural?

Lorelei: I'm confused, I love you Amora, but not in this way, we are sisters, I admit that I liked the kiss you gave me on the lips and the way you touch my body and caressed my breasts, I really enjoyed it, even I've came, but this is not normal, I don´t even know how I've gotten so hot watching you and what did you and Brunnhilde do, because I´ve always thinking that you and her hate each other.

Brunnhilde gets up of bed and tells Lorelei that should be more honest with her words, she understands that what they are doing is more typical of mortals than goddesses and it is not too normal considering the past they share, but they are actually really enjoying the experience between them and want to continue and if she does not support it, she would not be honest with herself and her own feelings.

Amora also wants to continue because for the first time in her life, she is enjoying more than she ever had and asks her sister if she wants to go ahead, she should admit that really is enjoying it and join them, as with her wet pussy cannot deceive herself how she feels and her impure thoughts towards them.

Lorelei, who had spent the day masturbating as she watched her sister and Valkyrie making it, she begins to think about it and tells her sister.

Lorelei: I have still not too clear, but if I do, I like that my first time with a woman is to be with you both, especially you, Amora.

Amora: Me?

Lorelei: Yes, it is very special for me to do it with you, I love your body and I want to enjoy it in all her glory.

Amora: Me too, I like to see you naked, over time you've developed a lot and we have more or less equally large breasts. I´m excited to see how you are going by playing with your pussy before.

Lorelei: you are so perverted, dearest sister, but I like what you say, by the way, I don´t told you before, but please, you don´t have any reason to use your magic, if you do so, for that I do bad things or I fall in love with you, that doesn´t work with me because we are sisters and we share the same blood, if you want that I´m doing it, I accept voluntarily to have sex with you, before, I´m thought it was a complete mistake but now I don´t care anymore, I do not think incest is a crime if you and I do it by mutual agreement, I also enjoy the beautiful body of Brunnhilde, I have always admired her strength and her ability as a warrior and now I admire her beautiful body, so strong and feminine at once.

Amora: So, Do you agree to continue where we left after clarifying your doubts?

Lorelei: Yes, I want to continue, I'm sorry for breaking the moment

Brunnhilde: Finally you have agreed? Let's move on, I preferred that you are talking between both, because I prefer the action to the words but each of you should be consistent with your  actions and your fantasies.

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