Amora uses her magic on Lorelei

by LesLes
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Enchantress Valkyrie Lorelei
Category Marvel F/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Lorelei (Amora┬┤s sister) observes every moment of what her older sister is doing

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Brunnhilde, the blonde Valkyrie, stood naked with her legs apart and her hands upon her hips. Despite having risen only moments before from love-making her stance was confrontational, not amorous. She felt no shame in being unclothed, nor in displaying her powerful warrior's body bare to her lover Amora or her lover's sister Lorelei.

Lorelei, who they had discovered only moments before outside the Enchantress's bedchamber, and who scrambled now with her disordered robes. The air was cold and Brunnhilde's nipples were hard, but even in warmer air the memory of Lorelei fingering her pussy as she spied on the Valkyrie's first mounting of a woman would have aroused her.

"Come, milady, three are better than two in this deed as in many others. I am a Valkyrie and though I cannot take you to Valhalla before your time, I shall show you a glimpse of paradise if you sup the honeyed-mead betwixt my legs."

Once, oh so short a time ago, Brunnhilde would have taken no woman as lover. But that was before the Elder of the Universe known as the Pervert had taken from her her inhibitions and granted to her the twin boons of bisexuality and greater desire to sate her lusts.

Brunnhilde knelt and ran a hand slowly up Lorelei's leg. The redhead wore only a short blue skirt. A skirt that Brunnhilde now knew hid a trimmed cunt, begging for fingers and tongue. At the touch of the Valyrie's hand Lorelei froze, trembling at Brunnhilde's touch.

"Come, sorceress, tarry with us a while. My lips upon your magnificent breasts as your sister fingers dance inside y--"

Brunnhilde was a Valkyrie, a warrior of the Aesir and she would never yield before a challenge. And the Pervert had set her a mighty challenge indeed; within a year to prove herself the greatest slut amongst the flaxen-haired heroines of Midgard and Asgard alike.

The taste of Amora's sex was still sweet upon Brunnhilde's lips, the blonde's saliva mixed with the valkyrie cum as it leaked deliciously slowly from her wet cunt. Brunnhilde was growing impatient.

"No, no, that would be wrong..."

Brunnhilde stood and frowned. Her pussy throbbed with desire for the woman in front of her. She would prove herself a slut beyond compare, but she would take no-one unwilling. No matter how much the idea set her pussy gushing.

Fingers pushed into her tight hot cunt, as the Enchantress's soft breasts pushing into her back. It felt so good. But watching Lorelei's eyes locked with feverish intensity on the fingers thrusing into her snatch, watching as the redhead exposed herself again and rubbed at her wet cunt? That made it even better.

"No, just watch. Just watch you fuck, you sluts."

* * *

Behind the Valkyrie, Amora glowered at the pair of women in front of her. Amora was just as naked as the valkyrie, her cunt glistening with the attention from Brunnhilde's tongue. But her stance spoke of anger as she held a hand to her cheek.

Brunnhilde had struck her there and called her hypocrite. Just because she had opened her legs and let the warrior woman watch as she stroked her clit and stroked fingers in and out of her hairless cunt. Just because the deed was the same as that she denounced in her sister. But she had meant to seduce and fuck the blonde, while her mewling sister showed no sign of doing so.

Her sister! Amora had never been one to share, and she had vied with Lorelei for lovers before. They had dueled for Thor's affections in the path. What did any man want with Lorelei when they could have the Enchantress?

Amora looked at her sister and realised just how hot she was. The Pevert had taken Amora's inhibitions too. Now the goddess could see nothing wrong with riding her sister's face as the redhead's tongue gave her one orgasm after another.

"No, no, that would be wrong..."

Amora smiled an evil smile. She would need every advantage if she was to become the sluttiest slut and win the Pervert's prize.

Amora slinked forward and pushed two fingers into Brunnhilde's ready cunt. Thrusting hard and fast until her fellow goddess trembled on her strong legs and her pussy muscles tensed in wild pulses. With a warrior's cry the Valkyrie came.

"No, just watch. Just watch you fuck, you sluts."

Amora smile widened with the endorsement, as she watched as Lorelei writhed on the ground. Her sister trying to watch what the Enchantress did even as she groped her own breasts and fingered herself frantically.

Amora swapped hands. Fingers wet with the Valkyrie's juices she sketched mystical symbols on Brunnhilde's back. Sex magic. The blonde warrior was too intoxicated with her exhibitionist fucking to notice or care. Amora brought her sex coated fingers to her lips and rubbed a lover's cum onto her lips.

The Enchantress pushed a surprised Brunnhilde aside and leapt upon her sister. Her lips crushed against Lorelei's as her hands found and groped her sister's big tits. Surprised, all but Amora froze for a moment, then Lorelei responded.

Lorelei opened her mouth to her sister's tongue, replying passionately, tongue's twining and teasng one another. Her mind and body were on fire, Amora's hands on her breasts better than her own fingers in her cunt.

Finger in her cunt. Lorelei grabbed her sister's hand and arched her back in ecstacy as she pushed the Enchantress's slim fingers into her leaking pussy.She knew it was wrong, a crime for goddess like mortal, and the realisation of what she was doing just made her cum.

Amora broke the kiss and crawled up her sister's body. Lorelei's last words before the Enchantress's hairless snatch descended on her face were:

"Fuck me, sister. Fuck me, you blonde sluts."

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