The three goddesses continue where they left off

by LesLes
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Lorelei Valkyrie
Category F/F Incest Marvel
Previous Chapter The Enchantress's magic does not work as expected upon such a close relative

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Lorelei shyly took Amora's hand in her own. The two sisters looked at one, their eyes burning with forbidden passion.

"I want--"

"Enough!" cried Brunnhilde, "Actions are better than words."

With that the Valykrie swept her leg around in the practiced move of a warrior maiden. The sudden movement knocked Amora's legs out from under her and with a startled cry the blonde sorceress fell back on to her enormous bed. At the same time Brunnhilde threw Lorelei forward so that she came to rest with her hands upon the bed, arms outstretched either side of her naked sister's breasts.

Amora's face was such a mask of fury that it set Lorelei laughing. The Enchantress moaned with pleasure as her sister's merriment set their large breasts rubbing against one another.

It was too much for Amora.

"You dare mock me?" she cried with fake fury and pulled her sister into a passionate kiss. Lorelei tongue pushed into Amora's mouth even as two of her fingers pushed once more into the Enchantress's magical cunt.

Brunnhilde spread her legs apart and began to palm her clit as she watched the two divine sisters fuck. The hands of the goddesses's roamed their bodies, stroking and exploring flawless flesh.

"Yes, so beautiful, uh," Brunnhilde mumbled as she masturbated to their slow love-making. How had she ever denied herself the pleasure of watching maidens fuck?

The fire in the Valkyrie's pussy could be contained no longer. Even as Lorelei's fingers pumped slowly in and out of Amora's tight snatch, Brunnhilde slowly pushed the redheaded sorceress by her heart-shaped ass up the Enchantress's body. The sisters broke their sloppy kiss and Lorelei panted as the Valkyrie teased the lips of her horny pussy while the Enchantress sucked and licked her big tits.

"Do you wish me to sheathe my fingers in you?" Brunnhilde asked as she stroked red pubic hair.

"Yes, yes, so hot. I want you both."

Before the Pervert had changed her Brunnhilde had never been interested in women, but her time in bed with her former foe Amora had taught her much. She rewarded Lorelei by gently rubbing the other woman's clit with her thumb.

"We are blonde sluts, your sister and I. Are you a slut, sorceress?"

"Ummmmmmm, yes, a slut."

Lorelei cried out in pleasure as Brunnhilde carefully pinched her unhooded clit. Then cried out once more as the Valkyrie playful gave her smooth ass a single spank.

"Your loving sister should take you first, slut-sorceress."

Lorelei pulled her fingers out of her sister's pussy and crawled forward till she was looking down through the valley of her own breasts at her beautiful sister's face beneath her.

"I love you my dearest, perverted sister. I want you to be the first woman to take me."

"Sister, I love you, I want to taste you, all of you, I want to cry out my name as you cum."

Amora slowly slid a finger into Lorelei's cunt - tight and wet and hot and welcoming like a homecoming. Lorelei moaned her pleasure as she lowered herself on to her sister's face.

Their were tears of happiness in Brunnhilde's eyes as she played with Lorelei's tits, the nipples stiff and slick from Amora's sucking. With one hand she lifted Amora's hips, taking care not to disturb the Enchantress's licking of her sister's pussy. One of Amora's legs straight in the air, the other bent upon the bed, she pushed her pussy lips into her lover's. Brunnhilde ground her unkempt natural blonde cunt  into Amora's hairless pussy in a lewd kiss.

Her breath hot on Lorelei's ears she instructed the sapphic virgin in how to pleasure her amorous sister. Nevertheless, screaming with pleasure, it was Lorelei who came first of the three of them.

Lorelei sat up a little, a thread of saliva briefly linking her pussy to her sister's mouth as she carefully turned to face Brunnhilde.

"I have not tasted of you yet, Aesir slut," she purred seductively.

Once to have addressed Brunnhilde so would have meant a blade to Lorelei's throat, and blood if an apology was not swift in arriving. Now to be called slut by such a beauty was the highest honour the Valkyrie could imagine.

In a flurry of limbs Brunnhilde came to rest with her legs under Amora's shoulders and her pussy burning like a coal upon the Enchantress's belly. Three of her fingers stretched the Asgardian seductress's pussy.

Lorelei bent and took a long slow lick of the Valkyrie's cunt. Brunnhilde bit her lip to stop herself crying out.

"You should drink an ocean dry before my slut pussy lost its hunger for fingers and tongue," she boasted. The thought of a year of making love with these two wicked women to win the Pervert's competition set her to playing with her own tits.

"So strong and feminine and wet. I may try and meet your challenge, warrior."

Beneath her Brunnhilde felt Amora arch upward as an orgasm shook her. The Valkyrie did not pause or hesitate, her fingers continuing to pump hard and fast in and out of the sorceress's spasming cunt. The Enchantress was an Asgardian goddess, her body more than mortal, and she orgasmed again and again.

Lorelei's tongue and fingers in her pussy were bringing Brunnhilde close to her own orgasm.

"A boon, sorceress, uh fuck, yes! A boon. Turn your tresses blonde so that I may imagine you are my own sister."

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