The serum makes the horde good again but still feral and savage.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men
Category Marvel M/F F/F Growth pregnancy Transformation
Previous Chapter Reed Richards has some trouble

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Wasp moaned as she awoke, one of her claws rubbing her hard as she sat up. It felt like some bad dream she just woke up from, being a horrible monstrous creature that destroyed her home and friends, but once she looked around she was strongely reminded she wasn't dreaming in the first place.

The serum had worked in calming down the horde of abominations, even the ones who had received a power boost from her elixer were no longer fighting. Looking up she found She Hulk laying near her smiling while craddling her large belly.

"How... What did you do?" Wondered Wasp now being able to think as herself again. Smiling more brightly She Hulk explained, starting with Thor's return with the golden apples and how Reed Richards created a serum with the same properties. Looking over to her hundreds of children now numbing about with the X-Men she looked back at her four claws and sighed.

"We can't go back to normal can we?"

"Nope, guess we'll have to get used to being big scary monsters for the rest of our lives." Stretching as she stood up, She Hulk helped Janet up and the two walked over to the others as they got their bearings. "Not just that but the urges are still there, I know I'm pregnant but... I want even more!" Purred She Hulk as she rubbed the underside of her belly. "I've fucked just about everyone here, even my own cousin."

Wasp nodded as she looked over to her children, she still thought of herself as their broodmother, but along with her appetites her cruelty and malice were gone, all she wanted now was to rule as a Queen; to be fed, pampered and royally fucked until she bore a small army of kids.

"This place... it can still stand as our home, we can't go back to humanity... not after what we've done."

"A city of abominations... I like the sound of that." Smirked She Hulk just as she left to check on her friends.


Hours had passed and Wasp sent her brood away to start building more to their nest, slowly forming a city of caverns and passage ways for the new inhabitants.

In Wasp's former throne room she, Magneto, Xavier, Susan Storm and She Hulk stood and discussed their future.

"Reed was very certain that this whole ordeal is irreversable, there's nothing human left in us and the elixer Wasp ingested and ... spread to the rest of us has made us even more powerful than ever."

"Indeed, I have discussed with Ant Man and Beast and they came to the same conclusion as Mr Fantastic, we can eventually cope with our new forms but its the instincts and impulses along with it I worry about."

"The good news is we're not going to go out and devour a small town anytime soon, but... I still feel so wild, I stopped wearing cloths a while ago and I feel so free... uninhibited." Moaned She Hulk as her eyes went to the growing erection bobbing from Magneto's waist.

"Mmm... need a little attention there?" Husked Jen as she went to her knees and began sucking off the lord of magnetism, completely ignoring the fact that the others were there. She licked around his pulsing sac before trailing her tongue over his shaft. Her tail swished back and forth as she continued to pleasure him, the others slowly being affected by the sounds and smells they gave off.

Diverting her eyes Susan fiddled with her hair trying to drone out Magneto's grunts and moans. "I still love Reed but every so often my attention wanders to the others, like I'm trying to find the best mates to breed with." Her nipples were already erect as her breathing pitched in her throat.

"If this keeps up... Grrr... we will become totally savage.... Arrgh... Good or not we'll... Hnnnngh.... End up taking over this land as our ..." Unable to finish Magneto came hard down She Hulk's gullet, roaring triumphantly as he spurted over and over again. Turning around She Hulk presented her pussy to the mutant leader, gasping in surprise when he speared into her and began jack-hammering into her pussy.

"We can build a new life her in Wasp's nest, the mansion is destroyed as is meteor M and since the majority of the mutant population was either devoured or turned, WE are the new mutants." Groaned Xavier as he licked his lips watching Magneto and She Hulk go at it, his own erection hardening at the sight.

"Then its settled, we are the new Horde. We can start relations with humanity outside so that we can have peace... for as long as they can tolerate us." Moaned Wasp as the sight drove her wet and wanting, eventually the group of heroes descended into an orgy, the room filled with grunts and howls as they fucked all through the night.

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