Reed Richards has some trouble

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four Spider-Man X-Men
Category Marvel M/F pregnancy Growth Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter Mary Jane and Black Cat free Spider Man as they fight off the Abominated Spider Women.

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Reed and the rest of the Fantastic Four had their hands full in the nest, they and Spider Man had gone seperate ways to release the serum inside and cripple Wasp's forces but had met headlong into Ravage and Raptor the former Captain America and Hawkeye. Newly enhanced with Sinister's elixer and now twice their size they gave the four heroes the fight of their lives.

"You no belong here... gonna smash you to paste!" Roared Ravage as he grappled with the Thing, Raptor had over powered and knocked out the Human Torch and was smashing away at Reed's rubbery body. Susan remained invisible to hide the canister of the serum from the two mega sized abominations, she had to come up with a plan to save her family before they were killed or eaten.

"Enough! Please stop, we give up." Cried out Susan as she materialized in front of the two monsters. "Let them go and you can have me instead."

"No Susan... 'cough' don't do it." cried out Reed as he was tossed aside next to Johnny, Ben landing not too far away as Ravage threw him next to the pair.

"I'll do whatever you want, just don't hurt them." She stared at the two giants as the one thought on their minds began to rise from their waist, their cocks growing hard aiming right at her.

"want cum, you make cum!" Growled Ravage as he pumped his massive hard on, looking over to Reed Susan nodded at her husband, letting him know she had a plan. Stripping out of her costume she sauntered up to the two and grabbed both of their cocks, licking her lips sensually as she began sucking them off. The two grunted and snarled as she licked and sucked at their cocks, with a gutteral roar Ravage came hard just as Susan wrapped her lips around the nob of his cock, hot cum flooded her insides as it spilled over her chest.

"Me want cum too!" Growled Raptor as he stomped behind Susan and lined himself up with her pussy, spearing into her in one stroke before thrusting hard again and again like a bull in heat. Susan groaned at the intrusion but gyrated her hips to spur him on, already juicing up from drinking the monster's cum.

"You not big like others in horde 'Grrr' Raptor make you big, big like us!" Snarled the beast behind her just as she felt a sharp sting at one of her ass cheeks, looking behind her she saw a sharp claw pierce her butt before the wound healed. Suddenly she felt a powrful heat spread over her body, just as she began to grow larger. With each thunderous beat of her heart she grow larger and stronger, her hips and ass swelling larger as Raptor pounded her from behind, her breasts plumping larger and fuller until they were the size of her head. Her scales began to shimmer and change colors like a chameleon, with each clentch of her pussy making her change colors like a rainbow before returning to a dark green. By the time she finished growing she was over 20 feet tall like her current lovers and roared as Raptor flooded her womb with hot cum, causing her belly to bulge slightly.

Ravage chuckled staring down at Susan Storm as she looked back licking his shaft, her eyes had become almost wild with lust as she maoned like an animal with each thrust into her pussy. But he became confused when she winked at him, still pumping his shaft before looking away.


Looking over to the group of defeated heroes Ravage and Raptor's eyes widened in shock as Reed opened the canister flooding the caverns with a yellowish fog.


Mary Jane helped Spider Man up as Black Cat stood her ground against Widow and Spider Beast, her tail swishing angrily as she snarled at the two.

"I'm good MJ, now lets see what we can do about our old friends here."

The two she monsters hissed at the three heroes as they were backed against a wall, Spider Man picking up the canister he dropped when he was attacked. "I think this is deep enough in the nest ladies, time to set this stuff off."

Turning the valve the entire cavern was flooded with a yellow fog that spread deeper into the hive nest, until the vapours released from Reed's end met with the rest of the fog, filling the entire construct.


Wasp laughed as she saw She Hulk trample through her former allies, grabbing them and stinging them with her tail and arm spines, each one falling to their knees as they mutated further.

Eventually the transformed X-Men attacked their friends, spreading the growth and change further until the only remaining members were Thor and Iron Man, both were pinned under foot by Warbeast as she finished growing into a 25 foot tall scaley amazon with a pair of massive draconian wings.

"You have not won yet Wasp, we will not stop until this madness ends here and now." Boasted Thor as War beast pressed her clawed foot harder into his back to silence him.

"She Hulk make all big now like us, no more X-Men, only Horde now." Grunted the massive she beast, smiling back at her sister brood mother.

"This is only the beginning my dear, we shall scour this world and make it our own, we shall breed thousands of our kind and conquer the human world as rulers of all." The horde cheered and raored over her words as she rubbed an active spot on her pregnant belly. "But first we shall see just how an Asgard tastes... perhaps his immortality will rub off." Smirked Wasp evilly licking her lips as she approached the beaten warrior.

"Don't count on things going your way Janet." Called out Stark, the sound of her old name making the brood mother dneer at the armored hero. "I'd look at the smoke coming out of your home before making grandious plans."

Looking behind her to her nest she found every opening and entrance billowing with a strange yellowish fog that creeped down into the city.

"Aye monster, you may be more powerful but you have made yourself blind with pride." The fog rushed down from the nest and billowed over the horde and former X-Men as the smaller creatures choked on the fumes.

"What... What have you little annoyances done?!" Snarled Wasp as she tried to escape the fog, only to be shocked when She Hulk grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back down. "Unhand me, release your Queen!"

"Nuh-Uh Janet, thanks for the power boost but this is over now, time to come back home." Answered Jen fluently, her whole rampage an act to trick the broodmother as the gas covered the entire city and her Horde. Choking on the fumes Wasp's eyes grew heavy as she passed out, collapsing on the ground as the vapours dissapated.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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