It was Oracle, now a drider shaped symbiote host after her bonding.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F Corruption Transformation Pregnancy Growth
Previous Chapter The Green Tide starts to figure out a way to break free from Doom

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Standing between him and the group of symbiotic infected humans was a yellow and black coloured she creature with 8 legs, with red tentacles for hair it hissed back at the offending creatures before looking back at Batman with a toothy grin. “He's ours, we want him firssssst.”


Snatching him up before he had a chance to react the drider-woman crawled up the ceiling, grabbing a flash bang from the man's belt and tossing it over her shoulder before leaping off the roof to another building. The blast of light blinding the monsters as their parasites fell apart, their hosts screaming in pain before they regained their sight and regrouped. “Where are they? Where did the bat go?” Hissed a blue and black symbiote as the others sniffed the air. “Who cares, there's still more hostssss in the city.” Going in different directions the monsters split up to find new hosts to spawn with. Hiding in a crevice behind a decorative pillar at a building the spider thing smiled as she clutched onto Batman, the man scowling as they stared at each other.


“Alone at lassst.” Watching her as she traced a claw around his broad chest Batman's eyes narrowed as he stopped her. “Barbara... This isn't you, fight it!” Hissing out a laugh the creature's face peeled away to show the woman inside, her eyes wild with lust as she nuzzled up his neck. Two of her legs pinned either side of the wall to keep him from escaping. “How did you know it was us Bruce? Do you like our new look? We can walk again, and do so much more...” Pressing her larger chest against his she pulled the man in for a kiss, her tongue swirling inside his mouth as her hands rubbed his crotch. “Join us Batman, they want you host the entire city, but WE want you all to ourselves.

“Barbara look at what you've been turned into, this isn't you.”


“No! This is us, you will join us and we will spawn many, we're aching to be bred Bruce please, you wont regret it.” Pulling back the rest of the symbiote Barbara revealed that underneath she was completely naked, the creature bonded to her had indeed repaired her crippling injury and then some, her breasts and hips were now larger, more matronly as she looked longingly at her former mentor.


Stepping out of the mansion and out into the yard Rogue licked her fanged lips finishing off the last of Xavier as she joined the rest of the Night Beasts outside. The entire campus had been turned, hundreds of night beasts writhed on the grass in a feral orgy. Sniffing the air she felt drunk off the arousing scent of raw sex polluting the air as couples and threesomes ground against each other, breeding in plain sight as she walked past females cradling full wombs.


Making her way to the centre of the pack she smiled to find her ruling sisters being mounted by a group of males, some she recognized, the others she didn't care who they were. Crawling onto her hands and knees she joined Storm and Emma on the grass, a random male stomping up behind to mount her. “It is done, we are now one.” Gasping as the male plunged deep into her she smiled as he rocked against her hips, her heavy breasts wobbling with each thrust as she met the eyes of her co-pack leaders. “Still... Still not enough, there should be more of us, thousands!” Yowling like a cat in heat, Storm arched her back as her lover pulled on her tail, her swollen belly nearly touching the ground as he pumped her full. “We WILL be thousands sister, I can feel it happening, little lives blooming in the wombs of our pack... Mmm... So good.”


Crying out as her lover came hard into her Rogue moaned as she felt five new lives take root in her womb, already her nipples ached to release milk for her unborn brood. “These lands are ours, none shall take them from us, and when we are numberless we shall take the city, all will become night beast!”


Howling together the three beast women were joined by the others, hundreds of monsters sharing the same mind blowing orgasm again and again as they multiplied their numbers in the grassy field.

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