The Green Tide starts to figure out a way to break free from Doom

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Corruption Pregnancy Growth Transformation
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Frowning as her sisters and children looked on Diana stared up and gave her answer. "I'll agree to your terms Doom, but only on one condition." She Hulk and Power Hulk gasped as their Queen waved them to trust her. "The Green Tide is MINE, not yours. You will not control my sisters nor our children."

~So be it. I shall contact you when I have a lead to the culprit.~

Hearing the mechanical voice leave her mind Wonder Hulk grunted as she felt her unborn stir inside her. "What are we gonna do Diana? You know he's not gonna play fair."

"No he isn't, I have no doubt in my mind he'll take control of us the instant it benefits him." Turning around to waddle back to her throne Wonder Hulk shifted in her seat to make room for her wider ass and heavy womb. "But for now our minds are returned to us, we can now plan our next move, and I for one wish to stay like this." Raising her right arm she flexed her muscles and smiled at the solid bicep she commanded, she was now stronger than she ever thought possible, before Doom was right she had become nearly mindless in her lust as she destroyed and bred with wild abandon. But now she was whole again, herself again, and so much more.

And she was now queen of her people, made so by the many children she bore, she was the most power and most fertile Gammazon of the Green Tide. Not even her mother contested her for the title as she too writhed in the mass orgy going on before Wonder Hulk. "We shall rally our people to travel back and bring aid if we can, try to see who is left untouched in all this madness, but for now..."

Looking over to several of the male hulks looking up at their queen, Diana licked her lips before spreading her muscular thighs open. "I have my royal duty to perform, and I intend to enjoy myself before my next batch of warriors are born." Giving the Hulk a 'come hither' look they wasted no time in fighting over who would mount their queen.


Batman was running for his life, leaping from rooftop to rooftop trying to escape these... Things! There were police reports of strange disappearances, strange mass disappearances. It started with a women's gym suddenly going empty, the next day it was a yoga class, then a swimming pool. Now there were these creatures stalking Gotham's alleys. Strong, fast and vicious these creatures looked humanoid but had almsot no visible features except for strange markings on their bodies, primrily where the eyes would be, and the teeth.

"Can't get away Batman, we can sssmell you..." Hissed the green female looking one as she and several others jumped and crawled from each roof top behind the capped crusader, brandishing claws and cutting weapons straight from their own limbs, some had tenticles, others looked like a mass of eels. He didn't know what they were but so far they now had nearly half the city.

Fining a pair of these creatures blocking his way, Batman threw down a flash bang, the intense light and deafening sound send the entire group of creatures reeling in pain, holding their heads as they briefly lost their sense of hearing. What surprised him was that their skin nearly flew off their bodies, revealing actual PEOPLE underneath, before the tar-like mass wrapped around their hosts again. "Bad move Bat, that tingled."

Narrowing his eyes at the lead symbiote and her possy he reached into his belt for another flashbang, maybe try to take one out completely before making an escape. Then suddenly a mass dropped down from above, landing between Batman and the group of symbiotes closing in.

"Back off he's oursss...." Hissed the feminen voice, darting her head to look at Bruce as he looked up with shock.

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