The two monsters ensare Spider-Man in their web

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Spider-Man
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter Wasp discovers the X-Men aren't here to join her horde but to stop her rampage.

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Spider Man made his way through the caverns of the hive structure the Horde inhabited, all around him he could smell the stench of rotting meat and bones along with the scent of sex in each chamber. Even now he could hear the sounds of several abominations either eating their latest victims or screwing each other like animals. The sounds and smells were setting off his arousal, his erection straining as it bobbed at his waist. Shaking his head he remembered why he was here, he had a canister of the serum in one of his hands.

"Gotta get this to a populated area of this... nest." Groaned Peter as he shook off his arousal. "Get enough of them sprayed and we can stop this insanity once and for all."

"And why would we ever let THAT happen?" Husked a hidden voice in the caverns, just as Spider Man was webbed to a wall from two sources. The canister dropped from his hand as he struggled to get free. Slinking down from threads of web, Spider Beast and Black Widow reveiled themselves to the wall-crawler.

"Oh is this the little present you were going to show our Queen?" Mused Black Widow as she picked up the canister, looking at it with mild amusement.

"Uhh... Hello ladies... What the hell happened to you?!" Wondered Spider Man as he continued to struggle against his bonds. Looking at the two he noticed that they were larger than before and much more mutated. They had become Spider Abominations, having six arms and eyes to go with their claws and teeth. The former Jessica Drew yawned reveiling dripping mandibles that flexed from her mouth before folding back in.

"Our mistress found a way for us to become more powerful my dear spider."

"Yessss.... found Sinister she did, so fun to break that man." Mused Widow as she walked up to Spider man and drew circles around his barrelled chest with her clawed finger.

"He found a way to make us even stronger, your friends will be in for a treat when they see the rest of us."

"But enough of that, we've been aching to breed for some time." Purred Spider Beast as she licked Spider Man's face with her tongue keeping sure to hold back her fangs. "Our former lovers were very tasty but they couldn't last long enough to truly satisfy us."

Spider Man's eyes went wide as he put two and two together, trying harder to escape as the two drew closer to him.


The X-Men and reclaimed Avengers fought hard against the horde of abominations under Wasp's rule, buying time for Spider Man and the Fantastic Four to release the serum into the nest and return their friends to sanity.

"ENOUGH!" Called out Wasp to her children as they all stopped and parted to make way for their brood mother. She flew down with several of her daughters behind her, landing several meters away from the X-Men as they stood their ground. Her belly was massive, both of her claws rubbed its surface as little bumps appeared and dissapeared over its surface.

"I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the performance you gave me and my children, such power you now have, and yet..."

"We're not savage like you and your kids Wasp!" Declared Emma with a clawed finger pointing at the Insect abomination in front of her. "We have a way of bringing you back to our side again."

"Indeed." Growled Wasp with a crossed look on her face just before it broke into a wicked smile, calling to one of her daughters she pulled out a beaken and broken Mr. Sinister who had a metal collar around his neck.

"Meet one of my new pets, isn't he adorable?" Laughed the broodmother as she brought a claw under the chin of her slave. "While you made a... cure was it? My little play thing made something for ME and my brood in exchange for his life.

With shaking hands Sinister gave the abomination a small bottle which his mistress took eagerly before snapping her fingers, Sinister was dragged away out of sight as Wasp admired the little potion in her claws.

"Part mutigenic coctail, part growth serum, part radioactive waste, my pet created a potion to empower my horde." Laughed Wasp just as she swallowed the bottle whole before the X-Men could intervene.

"Behold the new face of your QUEEN!" Growled Wasp as the changes began.

She slowly grew taller, swelling larger with muscle until she passed 10 feet then 12 feet in height, a second pair of diaphenous wings buzzed behind her as her antennae flickered from her hair. A second pair of arms jutted out from her sides, adding to the ones roaming over her belly as the activity within increased, all the while Wasp grunted and moaned as if the process was the most pleasurable she had ever felt.

With a final howl of exstacy she came hard, flexing her muscles as she rode her climax. Looking down at the X-Men who stared back at her in morbid shock. Wasp was now over 16 feet tall and looked more insectoid than ever, her four arms explored her new more powerful frame, moaning quitely as she enjoyed the experience. "I have given this to all of my most trusted lovers, believe me when I say they are now titans among our ranks, even you."

"I give you a choice 'X-Men' either face me and my kind and fail, or join me and become more powerful than ever!"

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