Potted plants and attentive students

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line

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Nightwing and Raven followed Batman back to the secret cave beneath Wayne Manor. As soon as the residents of the Bat-Cave heard the familiar roar of two motor engines, Diana and Zatanna sped off to greet the Batmobile. Bruce shared a passionate kiss with both of them after he got off his car. Then he frowned as there was a missing pair of lips.

"Where's Selina?" he questioned.

"Still trying to convince Damien to have sex with Cheetah," Zatanna answered with mirth in her eyes, pointing to the part of the cave that housed the holding cells. Even at this distance, Bruce could see the various people that had gathered there, thanks to the enhanced senses he had acquired by copying Diana's powers.

Tim, Stephanie, Beatriz and Tora were laughing their asses off as Selina was cheerfully keeping Damien from escaping while Cheetah hungrily teased his body with her lips and fingers. The teenage boy was spurting out curses in English, French and Arabic as his body reluctantly responded to Cheetah's caresses.

"Mmmh! Do you want me to take care of your big boy, little man?" Cheetah purred into Damien's ear as she rubbed her palm over his covered crotch.

"Unhand me, slut! All of you peasants will regret the day you have dared to mock me," Damien growled, but to his increasing annoyance he only managed to make the others laugh even harder.

"As you wish," Cheetah responded with a shrug before returning to her teasing. She knew Damien would give in eventually.

Batman rolled his eyes under his cowl, but in truth he was happy that his family was having a good time, even if it was at Damien's expense. Only Cass wasn't participating in Damien's torture. Instead she had followed Diana and Zatanna to greet her father and brother. Although as usual she hadn't said a word and was simply standing close by awaiting further instructions.

Bruce decided he needed to reward her somehow. Maybe he could find her a proper boyfriend. Or he could also share the nanites with her, as she was the only one besides Dick who was both loyal and mature enough for it, and let her build her own reverse harem. She did deserve more attention than she was given. Bruce elected to take care of it later, there was still too much on his plate for now.

"Princess, I want you to take your new sister to my room," Batman instructed, gesturing to the still unconscious Poison Ivy resting in the passenger seat of the Batmobile.

"Yes, My Lord," Diana agreed with a warm smile and a kiss on his cheek before she lifted Pamela into her arms and climbed the stairs back to the Manor.

"Zanna, you go fetch Selina. I want the four of you waiting for me in the master bedroom. We haven't had the time to relax together for a while now," he added to the magician.

"Right away, Master," Zatanna responded enthusiastically as she went to alert Selina about Bruce's plans. As Zatanna and Selina followed Diana back to the Manor, Fire and Ice replaced Catwoman in keeping Damien from escaping from Cheetah's teasing.

"Cass, I want you to go to the Clocktower and coordinate tonight's patrol with Barbara. Dick and I will likely be busy with Justice League business, dealing with Luthor and Ra's al Ghul, so you will be in charge of Gotham in our absence. Don't hesitate calling Tim and Stephanie for backup. And if Cheetah ever lets go of him, I'm sure Damien will be more than happy to join you. Also, Selina will be staying at the Manor, so she might accompany you if she's not too tired after our... exercise," Batman explained. Black Bat nodded attentively and left in the direction of the teleportation platform.

Bruce then turned his attention to Nightwing and Raven. He asked them to follow him to his lab where he took a syringe from a secure container. The syringe contained a clear liquid, but both Nightwing and Raven knew what Batman had really filled it with.

Bruce didn't have to instruct Dick to remove his gauntlet and reveal his arm. Batman injected his son with the solution containing the nanites and they waited a few minutes for them to activate while Bruce disposed of the syringe.

"How does it work exactly?" Dick asked his mentor as he flexed his arm, trying to feel any difference between now and before the injection.

"Remove your glove, Rachel," Batman asked the young woman and gestured for his son to take her hand. "For now, the nanites require a few minutes of skin-to-skin contact so that they can analyze the subject's DNA, cellular structure and energy signature - among other data. Once they are done, you will be able to activate your new powers at will. In fact, while Raven here has to train hard every day to be able to successfully control her powers, you won't have any problems mastering them, as the AI that controls the nanites has already determined the most efficient way to use the powers you have copied," Batman explained.

He then demonstrated his point by using Fire's powers to turn his right forearm into bright green flames. "Also, once you've replicated the powers of more than one subject, you can combine them to create new abilities," Bruce continued and the green flames turned purple as he infused them with Zatanna's magical energy. Even Raven who was a powerful sorceress was impressed. "Even Superman's skin would burn from this magic fire," he concluded.

"What did you mean by 'for now'?" Raven asked the Dark Knight.

"I suspect that if we are able to replicate Kryptonian super-senses we would be able to feed the nanites all the information they need through pure eyesight," he answered curtly. "Just like the original AMAZO."

A short while later, Nightwing's eyes widened as he felt the nanites infuse him with Raven's powers. He released her hand and tried to summon his Soul-Self. While Rachel's was manifested under the form of a raven, Dick's looked like the bird painted on his armor's chest.

A dark phoenix, Raven thought with amazement. Nightwing's soul is so... beautiful.

"Wow! It feels amazing," Dick exclaimed with awe. He then saw Bruce lift his own hand and took it.

"As we both have nanites, we can also share our powers so that we both don't need to be in contact with the same persons," Batman explained as Nightwing felt himself being infused with the powers of everyone Bruce had been in contact with. For her part, Raven considered interrupting their exchange, as she wasn't particularly eager to witness the Batman's Soul-Self.

Dick frowned however when he noticed a small detail. "Since I've absorbed Clayface's powers, I can morph myself an armor directly from my skin." Batman answered his unspoken question. "As an extension of myself, this armor allows the nanites to be in permanent contact with my surroundings," the Dark Knight further explained. "In fact, the nanites can be used to analyze about any material or substance. Combined with Clayface's powers I can turn my armor into anything I want including Nth metal or-"

"Kryptonite," Dick finished for him with a smirk. "Neat!" To which Bruce responded with a nod.

"And combined with Poison Ivy's powers, our bodies are now walking chemical labs," Bruce added. "We can analyze any chemical component just by being in contact with it and even reproduce them inside our bodies." Nightwing's eyes lit up like he was a ten year old opening his Christmas presents.

Once they had finished copying each other's powers, Bruce and Dick decided to test them out. Dick removed his current armor and immediately morphed himself a new one. He then lifted a nearby machine that was too heavy for a normal human. After that he closed his eyes in concentration until his body started floating in the air. Dick laughed in mirth as he gazed at the empty space between his legs and the floor.

Wanting to boast about his new abilities, Nightwing turned his attention to Raven and finally noticed that she was... trembling. With a curious frown, he turned his face to where she was looking at and understood what had her so terrified. Batman had summoned his Soul-Self, but Dick couldn't determine any specific form as it had merged with the shadows of the cave. If they were outside in full daylight, he would have been able to identify the Dark Knight's Bat-shaped Soul-Self, but in the darkness of the cave Dick could only see a pair of brightly glowing orange eyes.

Meanwhile Raven couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had guessed that Batman's Soul-Self would be impressive. After all, she had heard stories about Batman being able to break spells through shear willpower. Not even Green Lanterns were able to boast about that particular feat. However she had never imagined that Batman's Soul-Self would be so powerful. Compared to his, even mine looks insignificant, she wondered. I understand now why telepaths say that Batman is as powerful mentally as Superman is physically.

Batman, who had noticed their fear, let his lips stretch into a predatory grin.

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