"Lois stay here, I am going with a team to serve a warrent for Luthor's arrest..."

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
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“Lois stay here, I going with a team to serve a warrant for Luthor’s arrest,” Clark kissed her forhead.

“Where?” She demanded, “Don’t hold out on me.  I got a headline to file!”

“Northwest territories Canada,” Flash blurted as he buzzed past to teleporter.

“Really?” Lois perked up.

“No,” John Stewart sighed as he flew past.

“Bye dear.”

Lois crossed her arms and huffed.


Wayne Manor, Gotham

Pam opened her eyes, the ceiling was unfamiliar and her head ached.  She heard moaning of women.  She looked over to her left, Selina was making out with two other dark haired women.  One she recognized as Wonder Woman even if she wasn’t in the star and strip bathing suit.

“Ugh,” Pam breathed.

“She is awake sisters,” Wonder Woman smiled.

“Not so loud please,” Pam grabbed her head.

“Headache?” the third woman asked, “Here.  Echcadaeh eb enog!”

As the woman brought her hand away from Pam’s forehead the headache was gone.

“Am I dead?” Pam questioned, “What happened?”

“I guess in a sense you died,” Selina chuckled, “But now you get to be born again.  If you want you can join us as ‘the sisterhood of love slaves.’  I know our master would love for you to volunteer.”

“Have you been brainwashed?” Pam asked.

“No, I surrendered.  It was the best decision of my life!” Selina grinned from ear to ear, “We swore our sex and absoulyte loyalty to HIM.  We all did.”

“I no longer have to repress my sexual needs or desires,” Wonder Woman smiled as her hand went down Selina’s panties, “He may have me on a leash metaphoricly, but He turned loose the lust beast inside of me! Right Zatanna?”

“Did HE ever?” Zatanna had a vacant smile on her face.

“Who is he?” Pam asked nervious but aroused.

“THE BATMAN!” the three cheered.

“How do I… You… How do… Surrender?” Pam stuttered.

“Stand up,” Wonder Woman got off the bed.

“What are we going to do Wonder Woman?” Pam asked.

“My sisters call me Diana,” She smiled, “Just put this lasso around your neck and tighten only as much as is comfortable.”

“Ok,” Pam did as instructed, “Now?”

“Repeast after me,” Diana promted the convert, “I pledge my allegiance to you Batman. As punishment for my past crimes I accept slavery to you.  I swear to serve you loyally freely offering my mind, body and soul for you to use forever.”

A wave of energy seemed to wash over all four as they each enjoyed an orgasm.

A monstrous shadow emerged from the floor in the shape of a giagantic bat.  None of the women were afraid; they knew that it was their love, their master.  When Bruce Wayne emerged from the shadow form, naked and well equipped and fully erect Pam started to drool.

“My Lord,” Diana handed the lasso to Pam, “Doctor Isley has chosen to offer herself to you in slavery.”

“Zatanna, I’m sure she would rather something more comfortable,” Bruce promted.

“Ekam reh edun!” Zatanna shouted gleefully.


Lexcorp Research Facility

“Go right ahead sir,” The guard said.

“No fight?” Flash questioned.

“That is a legal warrant,” his buddy shrugged, “Legally we need to allow you to search this facility and arrest Lex Luthor.”

“This seems fishy,” the Green Latern turned to his friends.

“Look,” The first guard slide his key card to unlock the door, “We only control this door, what you find inside is what you find.  It most likely is bobby trapped to hell and back, but we have never been inside.



“Yes?” J’Onn answered a transmission of a headset, “How long ago?  What happened?  There is a message coming in.  Your leg is broken?  Have John take you to your car and wait for the specifics, but you are going to have a car crash and call the police.  Who do you think would have that sort of plan ready to go?”

“What?” Lois shouted.

“Flash was injured in a bobby trap.  Luthor left shortly before they arrived.  I am going to try and locate him now,” J’Onn phased throw Lois as he rushed to another part of the station.


Clock tower, Gotham

“Well, we found the rat,” Red Robin called over the voice chanel.

“Rather alive for someone that died in an apartment fire!” Batgirl smirked.

Barbara noticed Cassie smile.

“So Nightwing is back in town,” Barbara proded, “Has he been by the cave?”

“Yes,” Cassie didn’t volunteer any more.

“They make a nice couple,” Barbara noted sadly.

“He is confused.”

“Who?” Barbara asked.

“Nightwing,” Cassie returned to one word answers.

“About?” Barbara prodded.


“Nightwing is Dick,” Barbara was confused.

“Heart, Dick, Mind.  Conflicted,” Cassie breathed.

“Oh,” Barbara hadn’t had a conversation like this with Cassie before, “What’s the conflict?”


“Do you mean ‘who is he conflicted about?’ Or did you mean ‘He is conflicted about who he is after?’ Or…”


“Dick is sweet and once upon a time we were together,” Barbara breathed, “But now he is with Raven…”

“Polygamy?” Cassie cut her off.

“Multiple wives?” Barbara was shocked that Cassie knew about that.

“We have the confession,” Robin called over the voice link, “Can we kill him now?”

“NO!” everyone shouted.


Meta-battle nearly kills off duty cop!

… Police lab technician Wally West nearly went over a cliff and had his car stopped by none other than the Green Lantern.  Officer West suffered a broken leg and minor injuries.  The Police Union announced that his medical treatment would be considered in line of duty but his health insurance would cover the accident regardless.


Jason Todd was not a fool, things were happening… things beyond anyone’s control.


Helena sat in her kitchen trying to concentrate on the stack of tests instead of day dreaming about being in a sex sandwich with some of the costumed heroes.  Azreal might have been a choir boy, but man did he have a body.  She thought that Red Hood might have been the second Robin, but he was grown up with a bad boy charm.


Jean-Paul slapped himself again.  He had had another encounter with Huntress a few days ago.  Very sinful thoughts infiltrated his dreams.  Woman was created to serve man, and man and woman were only meant to come together like that to bear children in wedlock, right?  There was something about Huntress that made him differential to her.  What was worse he was becoming aroused in his obedience to the temptress.  How did Batman resist the temptations of Catwoman and so many other?


Damien was trying to suffocate himself with his pillow.  The sounds were driving him insane.  In his father’s room came the moans and screams of his orgy with the sluts, and in Grayson’s room came the shouts of pleasure from the two witches!


“So,” Steph smiled, “Batman gave us a homework assignment to accomplish before we go back on shift.”

“What?” Cassie arched an eyebrow.

“You,” Tim walked into the bedroom half naked.

Cassie was speechless.

“Batman said you were assigned to be our squad leader,” Steph said as she pulled off her shirt, “And our job was to make sure you had at least two screaming orgasms before nightfall.”

“So you never really let on,” Tim sat on the bed next to Cassie, “But which do you prefer?”

“BOTH!” Cassie squeaked.


North Burma

The Monastery was nominally a budist one.  The Cult of Artemis team didn’t care. They had tracked down the leads since landing in Thailand.

*Kill everyone* their leader announced after looking over the so called monks, *these are death worshipers.*

The only survivor was a young Burmese girl, she reported the loss of the League of Shadows base to her overseer.

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