by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Raven (DC) Lex Luthor Nightwing
Category Corruption
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It was very rare that Lois Lane-Clark got to come up to the watch tower, it was even rarer when she was shocked.  But being escorted to the command deck from the teleporters she couldn't help but notice the closet door with the boot impression kicking out.  Being a reporter made it impossible for her not to find out all the juicy details.  Steel had texted her; Bruce and Diana, in the closet with a screaming orgasm.


"Lois," Her husband tried to calm her down, "I don't think they heard you on Io."

"Don't try to calm me down Smallville!" Lois nearly put her finger up his nose.

"What she wasn't a big enough slut to steal you? So now she is after Catwoman's scratching post?" Lois started to rave. 

"I think she would be good for Bruce," J'Onn noted, "He seemed a lot less irritable at the last meeting."

"Well he will be a lot more irritable when he finds he got a five thousand year old case of the clap from her!" Lois huffed.


Location undisclosed, Lexcorp research facility

"How well do you understand English," Lex asked with a smile.

"We understand perfectly, we are well versed in modern British, and American English, it's sytex and idodisms," Talia reassured Lex.

"Good," Lex frowned," Because getting in bed with a rival is only a metaphor and does not mean we are going to have sex.  Mercy, Hope we are moving!  If you two found us, then the Justice League will be on it's way too.  Lets go!"

Mercy and Hope took a long moment to smile at their female guest before going out of the room to prep for departure.

"Mr. Luthor?" Hope asked.

"Naturally I don't trust them," Luthor breathed, "They run a rings of spys, assassins and terrorists.  They are planning to stab us in the back as soon as it is convenient for them."

"So what do we do?" Mercy asked.

"Play along for as long as it's convenient for us then stab them before they can stab us."

"How far will you play along with them?" Hope sensed this was not going to end well.

"I might have to let her 'succeed' in seducing me," Luthor shuttered.


The warehouse, Gotham City

"Raven can I have a word with you in private?" Batman asked heading out to the Bat Mobile.

Raven followed him, annoyed and suspicious.

"Raven," Batman stopped at the batmobile, "Do you really beleave that Barbara has a chance at coming out of the Lazarus pits?"

"No," Raven sighed.

"I know that this is safe for us," Batman said, "We are as we should be, but the real question is what would happen to Barbara."

"How do you know it is safe for us?" Raven starred at him.

Batman sat on the hood and folded his arms across his chest.

"You wouldn't try it on anyone but your self to start off with would you?" Raven realized then followed along, "You have all ready tested it out and know that it works on you, and people who were of sound body before hand."

"The unknown is Barbara," Batman admitted, "Now if you two would please join me at the Batcave. I have a plant that needs to be potted.  I also need to see how my soldiers are adjusting."

"Your soldiers?" Raven asked.

"You know this has been coming for a long time," Batman opened the Batmobile, "Everything is going to come to a head, and I found those willing to join me, swearing to serve with absolute loyalty."

"And you are going to make them better.  What has the machines done for you?"

"Maybe I could go toe to toe with Superman," Batman said as he entered his car.

"This fight would kill Dick," Raven looked over her shoulder, "He wouldn't be able to survive..."

"If you want to trade," Bruce came through, "I was already going to let him have the nanites.  I don't want him to die of anything but old age."

The hatch closed and Batman sped off into the night.  Raven returned to Nightwing in the warehouse.

"Did he try to manipulate you Rea?" Dick asked.

"He didn't try," Raven sighed, "I feel like an ass, guilty as fuck and confused...  But what did we expect, he's Batman..."

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