In the garden of latex eden

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Batgirl Darkseid Batman Catwoman Joker Harley Quinn Zatanna Martian Manhunter
Category Change of clothes Corruption F/F M/F
Previous Chapter "I found the Rhino, he's in a job interview for the S&M club over on 23rd"

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Gotham Botanical Gardens- Gotham City

Batgirl was maneuvering around trying to avoid detection.  Doctor Alchemy was the handle, and from what she was watching, he was not normally a sales man.  He had a group of about five criminal cartel types with him around a bench with potted rubber tree sapplings.  He was trying to feed them something about artic rubber plants to squeeze the Chinese and Vietnamese out of the rubber markets.  The Rose bushes walking around outside told her that Poison Ivy was here somewhere and somehow involved.

"Come on, pick up," Barbara tried to call Jason Blood, "Blood, It's Batgirl.  Yeah, I'm the disturbance in the Force.  Look I got hit with a curse when I got swapped with another version of me for a day.  I know it's spreading.  Yes you have reason to be angry and concerned.  Look, would rubber trees spread the curse?  It's keyed to latex, I know. But rubber trees aren't latex yet, so would it still spread it? Well shit... Uh, got to go, I think Ivy is making a move!"

A big bush came crashing throw a plate glass window Pamela came in wearing green latex mini-dress.

"Grab em and GO!" Doctor Alchemy shouted at the other crooks.

They each took a rubber tree and ran.  Once they were done, Ivy chuckled.  The two kissed rather passionately, then Ivy shouted for the plants to reset the window.

"Come on, we only have an hour before the next group gets here!" She called like a grade school teacher.

Barbara though about her options.  She stepped out and took a heroic pose.

"Alright, you two are finished!" She announced.

"It's too late Batgirl," Ivy smiled, "That was the tenth set we handed off to.  There was only one more set of cartels to sell to.  Many of the cold weather rubber trees are already on their way across the ocean.  I don't know how you gave me this fetish, but we bot agree!" she kissed Doctor Alchemy for effect, "It's wonderful!"

"Well shit," Batgirl smiled then tossed Ivy a bat shaped key ring, "Two to beam up!"

The teleporter picked out Poison Ivy and Doctor Alchemy right around the beacon that Batgirl had tossed them and they were away in a flash of light. 

"Bats, Ivy and Doc Alchemy are now on the watchtower, but they have been handing out contaminated rubber trees all day. It looks like maybe fifty," Barbara found the note book and was deciphering Ivy's notes, "And some of them are already on their way to Russia, Canada, Sweden, and Spain."

"Head back to the Cave, Robin will meet you there," Batman called over the comms.


The hideout, Gotham City

Batman stood next to Catwoman and Harley Quinn in Catwoman's latex.  They just stared at the specticale of the twisted Joker in the latex catsuit fucking himself raw. Harley was really concerned.  She was afraid, not just that her lover Joker was hurting himself, but that she had almost ended up in that state as well.  

"Take this and this," Batman ordered Harley.

"What are they?" Harley looked at them, "Oh a sedative, and a key fop?"

"Go give him the sedative then click the fop," Batman ordered.

"Ok Mista B."

Joker relaxed as the drug went to work right away, Harley just hugged him then clicked the fop.

"Put them in the Isolation Bay omega," Batman called over the comm link to the watch tower.

"Now what?" Selina asked Bruce.

"I don't know," He took her hand in his.


Nevada Desert--

Big Barda was scared, not of the furries or Granny Goodness, but of her ally Wonder Woman.  She was not just beating them, she was sexually assaulting them while she did it.  That might have been the first time in a millennium that anything had been inside Granny Goodness' vagina.  It did certainly settle the debate about weather or not Granny Goodness was really a woman.  Barda was almost releaved when the Boom Tube opened, then she saw who was coming throw!

"Darkseid!," Wonder Woman shouted,  "Just the size dick I was looking for!"

The lord of Apokolyspe was speechless when he saw the latex lovely look at him with a lustful smile.


The Watchtower

Rhino was not thinking with his head, he was thinking with his pants, and his pants told him that if he helped this latex clad villainess the pants would come off and she would get on.  He broke open the storage locker and pulled out a box labeled Night Time Novelties.  Inside were latex panties, gloves, dildos, stocking, off all sizes.  Zoom gave Rhino a wicked smile as she picked a pair of shorts with a built in condom that looked like they would fit her.  Rhino didn't need any encouragement, he pulled off what was left of his clothes and pulled on the latex shorts.  He stopped when the short's backdoor intruder made it's self known against his exit pipe, but he didn't care anymore.  Squatting, he relaxed himself as the latex pulled the plug up against the hole and made it's way in.  Zoom tossed the box into orgy and watched as the heroes descended on it like hyenas on a kill.  Each grabbing what they could and putting it on as quickly as they could so they could return to their orgy.  Satisfied she jumped back on Rhino and took his massive rubber clad member in her snatch.


The Batcave, Gotham City

Batman was despondent.  They had failed, the curse had broken through all attempts to contain it.  The taps on the business world was there was sudden run on latex clothing everywhere.  Selina had gone back to her place to grab some of her things before returning to the Batcave.  Robin was rubbing all part's of Barbara's latex Batgirl suit with out thinking about it and Barbara was enjoying the light teasing.  Alfred had sent down sandwiches. 

A motorcycle pulled up and Selina got off, a Selina in biker chic.

"Well," She said taking off her helmet, "My roommate is radio active.  All the sex shops in Gotham are sold out of latex, and most of the pharmacies are out of condoms.  I did get a few things for everyone."

She took the massive luggage backpack off and carried it towards the central terminal.

"Here, I had these made up when I had gotten a hair in my brain to use an experimental drug to make you two boys into my loyal minions," Selina handed Dick a 5 gallon zip lock bag of brown rubber, Barbara a bag of grey rubber, and pulled out a final bag of black latex meant for Bruce.

"All the condoms I could find," Selina pulled a few boxes, "He still isn't talking?"

"I think he has reached full Buda," Barbara commented.

"He is trying to reach Doctor Fate."


The Watch tower

J'onn heard Zatanna approach, but he couldn't read her intentions.  Mages were apt at keeping their thoughts private since so many had some degree of telepathy.  When he saw her smile like Harley Quinn he paniced, but it was too late.

"Enoyevre si gniraew ginhton tub xetal eiregnel!" she shouted as the spell changed everyone out of their uniforms and into kinky parodies of their uniforms.

That is when Zoom came throw and grabbed and fondled and molested her way throw the entire bridge of the Watchtower before anyone could act.  J'Onn had felt himself be masturbated until he groaned in orgasm, his terror overcome by the sexual stimulation of the wonderful latex's embrace.

"This is wonderful!" J'onn noted as Zatanna came walking up to him in a white latex corset, stalkings and nothing else, "How can I thank you?"

"How long and prehensile is your tongue?" Zatanna flashed him a naughty smile.


The Batcave, Gotham City

"Zatanna is preaching the new religion," Batman finally said, "J'Onn and the entire watch tower are embracing the curse wantonly."

"Bruce..." Selina was concerned.

"Oh god, they can go anywhere!" Barbara said.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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