"I would never," Ouch, "Resist such a wonderfully kinky Mistress!"

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Batgirl Batman Catwoman Darkseid Robin Martian Manhunter Zatanna Wonder Woman
Category F/F M/F Corruption Change of clothes
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Nevada Desert

It took a lot to confuse the lord, master, and god of Apokolips.  The Earth heroine's actions however had him confounded.  Normally when she faced him, she was stoic and defiant, now she was flirty to the point that it was making him uncomfortable! 

"You got a wife or a Queen?" She said as she came closer toward eight foot plus tall giant, "Anyone who would mind you and me going for a little spin up by lovers lane?"

Darksied was about to activate the boom tube to gain an exit, when Wonder Woman used her laso to yank it from his belt.  It cracked with a sizzle as the electronics were destroyed by her stiletto heels. 

"You aren't running off on me that easily there big boy!" Wonder Woman had a predatory smile on her face.

"You!" Darksied pointed at Barda, "Answer me! What is going on?"

"You want Barda instead?" Wonder Woman pouted for a second then chackled, "Well too bad, she is married, so you are going to have to deal with me!"

"I would never..." Darksied started but was cut off.

Wonder Woman charged him, getting three solid shots to his gut, ripping out the crotch of his pants, then giving him a deep French kiss as she started to massage his manhood.

"... Resist such a wonderfully kinky mistress!" Darksied gasped as Wonder Woman let go of the kiss but not his man hood.

"So what do you say?" Wonder Woman smile seductively, "Have you ever been down on an Amazon?"

"I.... I...." Darksied sputtered as he absent mindedly began rubbing Wonder Woman's latex gloved arms, and torso.

"What the hell is going on?" Superman asked Barda as he arrived.

"I'm still trying to figure that out!" Barda shook her head.


The watchtower

Zatanna was in a sex sandwich, she had J'Onn in her ass, while she was laying over Zoom in a sixty-nine.  This was the best day of her life.  Every now and then between orgasms, they would switch partners, positions, grab a snack or send some of the heroes home via the teleporter.  Rhino in a ménage-a-trea with Poison Ivy in between him and Doctor Alchemy.


The Batcave, Gotham

They gathered around Selina and her bags of latex goodies that she had made for them sometime ago.

"You really planed on turning us into your latex pets?" Dick asked.

"Who doesn't want handsome studs and a cute girl ready willing and able between their legs?" Selina shrugged.

"If you tried to make me a Catman," Bruce sighed, "You will be spanked."

"Promises, Promises..." Selina licked her lips, "Go on, get changed, there is lube in the bags."



Barbara took the bag to a bathroom area that had been set up separate from the locker room and opened up the bag.  She found three outfits, A corset, stockings and gloves set, a top and Capri pants set, and a catsuit with zippers everywhere.  Having been wearing the latex batsuit for the last day she opted for the front buttoned grey latex vest top, the matching capri pants and the flat old school style sneakers made with latex instead of canvas.  It was more cute then drop dead sexy, but she liked it.  Barbara checked herself out in the mirror before coming back out.



Dick was unsure of himself.  He knew that by now he was a full on fetishist; but, up until now he had only experienced latex on someone else.  He pulled the things out, and noticed that they were in outfits.  The first outfit was for some kinky games, it had gloves and socks with paw patterns on them, a pair of shorts with a built in sheath in the front and back, and a hood with little cat ears attached to them.  Dick chuckled, Selina had wanted him to be a kitty.  The next outfit was a catsuit with a built in hood, gloves, sheaves, and a spare pair of briefs.  The last outfit was a tee-shirt and a pair of jeans both in brown latex.  Dick had a thought, first he pulled on the spare briefs then the tee-shirt then the jeans.  He looked around the training area but there were no mirrors in the side cavern.



Bruce went to the locker room.  As much as he had been trying to resist the urges, he was rock hard thinking about covering himself in latex.  He went into the bag, there was a neatly folded gimp in black latex; a catsuit with a separated hood, gloves and socks; and a pair of sailor pants and a button down shirt all in black rubber.  Bruce opted for the pants and shirt.  He looked at himself in the mirror, he had to admit, he looked very handsome and very masculine especially with the rock hard bulge straining against the flap in his pants.



After Bruce, Dick and Barbara all went to find a little privacy, Selina stripped off the outer layers.  Gone were the biker jacket, the moto pants.  What was left was the pink latex triple dildo panties, the stalking, the sleaves, and the corset with garter straps.  She wanted them, she wanted them all.  But for so long it had not worked for a number of reasons.  Now she was here and they were here with her, in her latex. 

"Ready everyone?" Selina called, "Time to come out.

They were all speechless looking at each other.  None one could help themselves as they automaticly started fondling one another once they reached to center of the cave.  Barbara started jerking off Selina's outward facing dildo as Dick rubbed her bottom.  Selina groped Bruces, manhood while rubbing Dick's chest.


"I guess this means that I no longer have to hide my love of rubbers," Alfred announced from the elevator, "However Commissioner Gordon is up stairs and demanding that Barbara come up from 'the wine cellar we all pretend that we don't have.' And I'm sure he isn't going to be as keen on your new fashion choices."

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