Now about the next generation of Soldiers...

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Nightwing
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Batman had bypassed all of the floridic mess that had been Poison Ivy's rather half assed attack on the city.  They did not warrant his attention, in fact four Bat imposters were handling it rather well with their personal weed whackers.  He would need to do something about the "Brotherhood of the BatZ" or what ever they were calling themselves this time around.  Right now it was time to deal with Ivy and QUIETLY.  She had known about him getting her powers and if the police questioned her the Justice League would question him... and it was too soon for that still.



Raven had changed into her day to day cloths, Black velvet Peasant Blouse, vinyl jeans and goth boots.  She sat reading in Dick's kitchen, she knew he was here, but she could feel that he needed to be alone.  Dick sat on an I beam holding up part of the sub basement garage under his apartment building.  He was so confused it hurt.  Oricle or Raven? Barbara or Rachel?  Why was he facing this dicision again?  A part of him still loved Barbara, but he loved Raven.  It had been that same conflict that had cost him Starfire.  No mater what, this world kept bringing him back to Barbara.  But just dumping Raven wasn't fair to her.  Bruce would make him choose.  That wasn't fair... Bruce wanted to help Barbara too, to thank her for all the hard work she does and support she give to all of them, it was just that this was setting up a conflict that he couldn't foresee.


The Batcave

Damien was weird for a number of reasons, among them was the fact that he didn't like cartoons of any type.  But he was sitting at the main terminal, feet on the keyboards, eating popcorn and laughing hysterically at the Bat imposters four man war of Poison Ivy's plant attack.  Selina stood behind him thinking how much they resembled old Warner Brothers cartoons.  One of the city news channels had actually started playing old cartoon music in the background.  Selina was debating kicking the chair when Cheetah caught her attention.  Seemed the kitty wanted to play.


Ivy's Greenhouse

There was no need to crash throw the roof, pick the door's lock or anything else.  A monster sized rose bush was acting as a valet, standing to open his door for him then open the green house door for him as well.

"IVY," came the low growl.

"Dearest!" Ivy came spilling out of a hamic, "I mean, Drats Batman!"

She tried to rush him, and it was clear she had only sexual intentions.  Batman wouldn't let her have the satisfaction, that came on his terms.  Once her head hit the concrete it was lights out and all of the plants stopped acting of their own accord.  The Molotov Cocktail had been taken a few weeks ago from one of the Bat imposters weapons cashes.  The news showed that a few other green houses had been burned at their hands, so the blame would naturally fall on them.  Ivy would have to have gone into hiding if they had found her so easily and were so liberal in their use of flammables.  In the mean time Batman would take her into "Protective custody."

Hauling her out he was still thinking about the other sidekicks... They had to be willing or at least be able to be trapped in their intentions...



Dick was torn apart, he was shaking from the conflict.

"You really are Batman's son," Raven said as she came in, "Your body is shaking from hunger, not emotions.  Although you have been screaming your emotions so loud they can feel them all the way in Moscow."

Raven handed Dick the sandwich. 

"So what am I thinking now?" Dick asked biting into the sandwich.

"I can read emotions now thoughts," Raven said, "Although you are a mess right now.  Lets see, Love, lust, conflict, self loathing, hatred, sorrow, lust, hunger, and confusion."

That didn't help Dick, in so many ways Raven was a perfect match, but Barbara...

Damnit!  If only there was a way to have both of them.  Hell if he could have Starfire waiting in bed for him too then that would... that would be a harem?  How many times had he fantasied about that?  How would he make it work?  Good lord, if anyone knew the answer to that it was Bruce... Bruce would know the answer.

"Why do I taste grapes right now?" Raven asked aloud.

"Ah, I'm thirsty?" Dick tried to hide the flash of them in harem girl outfits feeding him grapes, "Do we have any juice?"



"Oricle, I need you to open this file and cross check the dates and places with any Justice League or JL affiliated personnel," Batman called over the Comm, "We might have been moled."

"Checking boss," Oracle went to work.

He had it, a loyalty trap, bring out Wonder Woman, current guest of Bruce Wayne to administer checks for hidden subliminal programing at the hands of the League of Shadows.

"Shit boss, they line up with Red Robin, Black Bat, and Batgirl," Oracle called back.

"Get them on the line and tell them to meet at the Warehouse sub-basement.  We need to check if they have been compromised."

When faced with the possibility that they might not be aware that they had turned traitors, they would be more then willing to try and prove themselves clean.  Now he would need a Justice League approved Wonder Woman, her lasso and three little lambs to the slaughter.  Maybe he would kind to them, turn them into a ménage-e-tue?  They were too young really, they couldn't even buy their own drinks legally.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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