What about the birds? and Batgirls?

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Batgirl Nightwing
Previous Chapter Poison Ivy retreats to her greenhouse

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Batman pulled out of the Batcave and started towards Gotham.  Discretion dictated that the woman in the cave.  The only way to keep them placated was to have Zatanna conjure Buttplugs that were shaped like his tip and an inflated shaft base.  There was another area of concern, Dick had seen what he and Diana had felt together far too easily for operational security.  Dick, Barbara, Jason, Tim, Cassie, and Stephanie all knew him too well to miss any change in his patterns.  Since Alfred and Damien had already been caught under Diana's spell of silence they were not a concern.  What would it take to bring them on board?  What would have to be done to get them on board without them having a chance to rat his plans out to the Justice League? 

"Boss, booty shorts want's to know if you need help with Ivy?" Oriacle called out over their com link.

"I can handle Ivy," Batman maintened his detached cool, "Have him look for Freeze if he wants to help out... Start down at F peer."

"He just popped in for a visit," Oricle sighed.


The Clock Tower.

Barbara sat at the work station while Dick stood there.  He was standing there, and she would never stand again.  He didn't realize what it meant to her, nobody did.  What hurt about as much was that he brought over his new girl friend.  The one piece couldn't help but show off her killer legs.  Don't be jealous, just answer his questions.

"So Barbara?" Dick tried to be charming, "What do you think about this Amazon War?"

"They would be screwed if we hadn't given't them the targeting data on Lexcorp, intergang, or Ra's cronnies," Barbara gave an honest assessment.

"What?" Raven blanched.

"Yeah, the Amazons requested it," Barbara shrugged, "Boss man OKed it.  It's not like he gave them everything he had, just everything that they used."

"No arguments?" Dick asked still in shock.

"It's Bruce," Barbara looked Dick in the eyes, "The files were geared towards police take downs, employee addresses had been scrubbed, names of employees that hadn't been linked to crimes had been scrubbed, anything like that was wiped clean.  It was no different than the package we hand delivered to the DA in Steel City."

"But he kept all of the best parts to himself then?" Dick asked.

"Paraniod as ever of people miss using his work.  I would stay away," Barbara looked back at the computer screens, "The body count has to be pissing him off."

"The Amazons aren't subtle," Raven agreed.

"No more then any Police SWAT team," Dick noted, "She was talking about Catwoman."

Barbara nodded.  They understood each other.  Dick leaned in to whisper his good bye and greeting to her family before he took Raven to the Teleportation beacon.  Dick still loved her.  It hurt him so much every time he saw her sitting there.  Raven must have picked up on the emotions, but she was being quite.  Dick wished that there was a way for her to have her legs back.  So she could be whole again, a whole woman again.  If that happened maybe then they could be together...

"She was your first love wasn't she?" Raven asked coldly.

"Yes," Dick noted, but couldn't continue.

"Don't speak."


He had divided them into levels of threat: Dick and Barbara were at the top; Tim, Cassie, and Steph were in the middle; Jason, Helen, and Jean-Paul were down below them; finally there was Gordon.  Dick and Barbara were absolutely familiar with every tick Batman had.  Tim, Cassie and Steph were less well versed but they had current operational knowledge.  Jason, Helen and Jean-Paul had neither current operational data, nor were able to track changes in Batman or Bruce Wayne's behavior as well, but they could bring in others a whole lot quicker then Gordon could. 

A thought crossed his mind, what would Dick give to have Barbara walk again?  What would Barbara give to walk into Dick's arms again?  The work he had in his mainframe was a good twenty years ahead of anything anyone else had.  Mostly because he had connected what everyone else had.

"Dick you had better of not left the Clock tower yet!" Batman bellowed.



Once Dick heard his voice he knew that it was major, even as the teleporter had started up, he jumped out of the area.

"What is it?" Dick asked even as Raven disappeared in the flash of light.

"I might have finially found something for you two," Batman said coldly, "But there are still a lot of potential problems.  I need you two to just help me for now, and not ask questions.  If it works Barbara might be able to have her wedding day."

Both Dick and Barbara starred at each other... He couldn't mean... Could he?

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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