We swear ablsolute Loyalty to Bruce "the Batman" Wayne, mind body and soul....

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
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(Author's note: I noticed a lot of inconsistencies concerning Poison Ivy.
First point: Batman didn't use pheromones when he fucked Ivy in her cell. He didn't seduce her either. He just threw her on the ground and took her. The only reason she liked so much is because she doesn't get much action due to her poisonous skin.
Second point: how would Ivy know Batman had acquired powers and copied hers? For all she knows, he might have simply ingested a powerful counter-poison that was effective even against her toxins.)

When Batman arrived at his warehouse, that he used as a backup cave, Wonder Woman and his three protégés were already waiting for him. He left the unconscious Pamela Isley inside his car and walked in the direction of a holding cell, with four people obediently following him.

"We'll start with you," he addressed Black Bat as he paused in front of the door. Diana was the first to enter the room when he opened the door, followed by his adoptive daughter. Tim and Stephanie were left alone once Bruce had locked the door.

Back in the Bat-Cave, Selina was trying to convince Fire and Ice to let her inside Cheetah's cell. Their problem however was with whom Catwoman wanted to go in.

"Are you sure it's a good idea?" Ice asked.

"He does seem a bit young," Fire added.

"Oh come on, girls. Little Damien here just wants to have a little fun," Selina argued with a catty grin, although Damien himself looked quite reluctant to follow Catwoman into Cheetah's cell, seeing as the cat burglar was dragging him by the wrist.

"What if the master doesn't approve?" Fire questioned.

"We don't want him to be mad at us," Ice added.

"Don't worry, girls. If anything happens, it will be on my head," Selina reassured them half-sincerely. Damien didn't struggle too much as Catwoman dragged him inside Cheetah's cell. The ex-villain who had witnessed the exchange outside her cell looked curiously at the intruding pair.

"What can I do for you, Selina?" Cheetah asked all the while trying to hide the evidence of her arousal.

"Oh it's not about what you can do for me, but what you can do for little Damien here," Selina explained pointing at the young teenager next to her. Cheetah finally returned Catwoman's smirk after making her decision. Damien couldn't help but shiver when he noticed the hungry with lust look the furry villain was throwing at him.

Commissioner Gordon sighed heavily. The police had arrested the Batmen wannabes after those idiots had torched down the City Hall. Thank goodness the real Batman had managed to rescue the hostages in time.

Though Jim found it strange that Bruce had insisted to take Dr Isley in protective custody himself. The Commissioner could only guess that the Justice League must have holding cells just as effective as those in Arkham Asylum.

Jim sighed again. Things were just starting to get better the past few months. But even Batman couldn't stop the escalation of violence when the League of Shadows was involved. The murders attributed to Selina Wren née Kyle looked too much like a set-up. Then again Catwoman wasn't the merciful kind. She most probably killed those thugs, because someone had sent them to kill her.

Gordon pushed those thoughts to the side for now. He had to take care of this "Brotherhood of the BatZ" before anything else. It was one thing to work alongside a professional crime-fighter like Batman, but those wannabe kids were just plain crazy.

"Okay, it's time to wrap this up. I want everyone back to HQ in one hour tops. Move it!" Jim ordered as he took a last look at the ruins of the City Hall before driving away in his car. Commissioner Gordon had a feeling something big was going on.

Batman and Wonder Woman had just finished insuring his apprentices' loyalty when another pair had come to the warehouse on the back of a bike. Bruce and Diana hadn't had too much trouble to make sure Cass, Tim and Stephanie wouldn't go against the Batman. Cass was easily persuaded, as she already pretty much worshiped Bruce. Tim and Stephanie however were more opinionated and needed more work to be influenced.

Nightwing and Raven had just arrived in the warehouse to confront Batman. The two couples facing each other were on their guard.

"I knew you were up to something, old man. But this is pretty extreme, even for you," Dick commented as he glanced at the three young people that looked hesitantly between the elder Dark Knight and his first apprentice.

"What and how did you figure it out?" Bruce asked his son.

"Not that much, but certainly more than Babs has. At first I didn't understand why you helped the Amazons get rid of Luthor's facilities, but after I discovered that you had tracked down Ivo and got your hands on his research, it became clear in my head. Especially after I called the Manor and Zatanna answered the phone," Dick explained with a smirk as Batman cursed under his breath.

"What do you want?" Batman demanded warily, but Nightwing only relaxed his posture, even though Raven was still ready to jump in to protect her lover.

"Whatever you do, whatever you've always did, I've always stood by your side," Dick paused before announcing, "I want in, Bruce."

Batman finally dropped his guard too and smirked. Things were getting even better than planned.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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