Wonder Woman starts to stuff her face

by burke_rakers
Storyline Circe's Slobby Spell
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman's Slob Life.

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She lay back in her seat, and took another bite of the pizza she'd ordered, feeling blissfully happy as the doorbell rang again. All morning she'd been doing this, and it was astounding just how...happy she felt. She should have done this long ago. A day of simple indulgence, where she didn't worry about what might be going wrong in mans world or her own life even. She just turned on the television, and let herself veg out.

"Come in." she cried.

The delivery boy entered with a box in his arms, and saw...several stacks of empty takeout boxes piled up beside the door. He glanced about, and cried "Um...hello?"

"In here." came the call from the other room, and he carried the box into the living room. The woman he saw was a stranger to him, as she'd never simply ordered from the local grocery store. Diana Prince was the sort who did her own shopping, and that from the Healthfood store. The woman he saw sitting in front of the television was tall and beautiful, though her raven hair seemed...linp and greasy. Her face was very pretty, though soft and rounded, with the start of a second chin. Her body was plush and padded in the way of someone who indulged offten, but...she also looked like she'd gained that weight recently. Most obvious was her belly, which formed a full, fat ball that obscured her lap. She smiled at him, gestured to the floor beside her, and said "Here's your money, boy. Just drop the box and...stick around a bit."

He set the box of mixed Hostess Snackcakes, Little Debbies and such beside her, and dropped the three cartons of Newports on the table. She smiled, and opened a pack of the cheap cigarettes, removing one, and strikeing a match. She drew in a lungfull of smoke, held it for several seconds, then exhaled with a sigh of pleasure. "Oh, man...that's so good."

He tucked the money into his bag, and she glanced over at him. She reached out and took his hand, saying "Come here, son. You look like a decent guy. What...do you think of me?"

He looked into her eyes, and saw she wasn't very expierenced with men. she smiled up at him, drew again on her cigarette, and shrugged "I d'know...you're cute. Kinda gettin' heavy, though."

She smiled, and rubbed her soft, doughy belly. "Does...that turn you off?"

He smirked, then said "Naw. You fat broads are okay. Kinda desperate, though. I mean, to keep a boyfriend you gotta put out regular."

That had been too far. She was going to call and get him fired. He wanted to kick himself, but...she looked worried. "We...do? Oh, dear...I've never really done that sort of thing. I'm afraid...that I don't have much expierence with this. Can...you show me what I need to do?"

Minutes later, Greg - she'd asked his name - was moaning as Diana sucked his cock. She wasn't very good at it, so he moaned little corrections as she did so. Oh, man...swirl your tongue around...more...more suction...work my shaft with your hands...oh, fuck...cup my balls and make sure...you swallow when...Uhhh!" he gasped as he came, and she greedily sucked and licked his snake dry. When he pulled out, she handed him some tissues and said "Thanks." as she leaned back and finished her pizze, before cracking open a can of beer and chugging it down. She burped, giggled, and said again. "Thanks. That...was awesome." as he left. He looked back, and saw her reach for a phone as she smoked another cigarette and opened a package of Twinkies. "Hello? Chinatown Supreme? I need to make a delivery order..."

For some reason, he felt...things had changed somehow in the room. Where there more empty boxes and packages scattered about? More beer cans piled on the floor? He walked past the kitchen, and he'd swear that the counters hadn't been piled with quite so many empty pizza boxes and McDonalds takeout bags. He glanced back again, and saw that her panties, slippers, bra and nightgown seemed more ratty and old. Stains had appeared that he was certain hadn't been there before. She waved to him, and he sprinted as fast as he could down the steps to his car. The whore scene...seemed some how haunted and desperate. As he reached his car, he saw a Pizza King delivery car pull up, and a guy get out with a half-dozen boxes in his arms.

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