Jasmine the Miser sees just how skilled Jafar is

by BatPimp
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Previous Chapter Ariel the Siren prepares to corrupt her Sisters

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Jasmine led Jafar by his beard to her chambers. She tugged hard on his goatee and almost threw him on her bed. Jafar was quite amused by her attempt to dominate him. He let the boastful virgin play her game while she could. After all, in a few hours, there would be nothing left of her but a cum-stained mess.

Jasmine leaped on him and kissed him hungrily while straddling his hips. She made an effort to grind their crotches together. Jafar could already fell the evidence of her arousal. Being a twenty-two year old virgin, she was extremely eager to start. Unbeknown to her, Jafar knew all about her masturbation routine and was very well aware of her appetite.

They slowly divested each other, taking their time enjoying every newly revealed spot of flesh. Jasmine gasped audibly when he started working on her breasts, first running his surprisingly strong hands over her mounds, then coating her bronze tits with his saliva and finally gently bitting on her sensitive nipples. With each touch, Jafar also applied his magic on her body, making her more receptive to carnal actions.

In a matter of minutes, she was breathing raggedly and sweating profusely. Juices were leaking out of her starving snatch so much that both their clothes were stained with her arousal. Jafar watched her eyes lit up in lust. She wanted it bad.

When they finished removing their clothes, Jasmine gasped in shock and excitement at the view of his magically enhanced erection. His manhood stood at attention in front of her belly.

"Now! Now! Don't be shy, my dear," Jafar encouraged her huskily, guiding her hand to his massive member. After letting her play and experiment with his throbbing rod for a while, he stood up while she stayed on her knees to present his magnificent manhood to her face.

"Taste it," he ordered in a seductive tone, as he ran his hands over her hair and face. She trembled slightly as the strong smell and taste of his delicious cock invaded her senses. Pleasure coursed through her veins when she licked his erection with her panting tongue. Jafar had used his magic not only to enhance her delight but also to turn her mouth and tongue into an erogenous zone.

After a few minutes, he asked her to open her mouth and guided his member down to her throat. It took her a little while to get used to his thrusts, but eventually she was able to fully enjoy his pistoning cock between her lips. She started guiding her hands to her eager crotch when he stopped her and instead made her hug his hips while she deepthroated him.

"Wait a moment," he responded to her inquisitive stare. Jafar closed his eyes in concentration. His serpent staff suddenly started moving like a real sneak in the princess' direction. Once it reached her, the golden snake began alternatively nibbling on her neck and breasts. She was surprised by its warmth that originated from the magic that fueled it. The snaked then gently guided its tail to her moist pussy and slid the tip between her folds.

It didn't take too long after that for Jasmine to reach her climax over and over again as she had two hot rod pistoning her mouth and cunt. The sensation of her welcoming tongue and her sucking lips finally drove Jafar to his own release and her delivered his seed into her mouth.

When he released her head, Jasmine collapsed on her back, panting raggedly. A mixture of cum and saliva was drooling from her swollen lips down her chin and neck all the way to her ample bosom. The snake had also released its hold on her body and was patiently waiting for its master's next instructions.

Jasmine was already exhausted from her multiple orgasms, but Jafar was far from finished.

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