Belle the Bitch tussles with the Beast.

by trashcollector24
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Category Disney M/F Furry
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The Beast was told by his servant Lumiere, the enchanted candlestick, that the girl had finally calmed down. He had not been surprised to hear how she had reacted upon learning she was no longer human, he had been the same but he could not afford to have her run loose at this critical juncture and destroy the palace when so many pieces were his former servants. It troubled the Beast that he could not remember if that mirror had once been a person as well before the Enchantress came and turned him into a beast.

The Beast thought of Belle standing over the rose, something he had been told was a sign about how long he had left till his transformation was permanent. Belle was the first person to touch it in all the years that he had remained in his castle and revealed that it still held the power to transform turning her into the same breed as himself. After all the rage she had inspired him it was with a sense of satisfaction that he removed the planks barricading the door and walked in to the broken room. The Beast saw that she did not have the look of one defeated, but now reminded him of a caged wolf, he couldn't help but ask, “Am I to refer to you as Bitch now? Will you give up every part of you that was human in the heat of the moment?”

Sitting there on the floor, not wearing a stitch of clothing, she snapped at him, “Why should I hold onto a painful reminder of who I was, when everything else has been forcefully stripped away? This is the start of a new cursed life, call me the Bitch and I'll call you the Beast and neither of us need be reminded of what we were, only what we are. It will hurt less that way.”

The Beast nodded as he eyed her exposed breasts, the fur doing little to cover her exposed teats, “I suppose you have questions about what happened to you and about this place so I will share a story with you. Once upon a time, there was cruel prince who was never satisfied with anything he received. He had his pick of the finest clothes, women, and lands which he played with for a brief time before pushing the responsibilities of their management upon the serving class. One day, an old crone came by and offered to sell a budding rose but he found her unsightly and ordered her to leave. Again she pressed him to look harder at her gift but again he refused her and pushed her out the door. That's when he learned that the Crone was a beautiful Enchantress and she cursed him to be as ugly on the outside and everyone else into animated objects to keep him company. She also left the rose, telling me that as long it retained its petals there was a chance to break the enchantment.”

The Bitch picked up on that, “Break it how?”

The Beast considered telling her as her scent drove him to distraction but he feared that if he did, her words and actions would forever ring false to him. Merely ploys in order to break her own curse and not the true love that was necessary so he lied, “She didn't say.”

The Bitch growled in irritation before standing up and looking out the window with her butt out thrust and her tail raised in invitation, “Surely there must be some hint or clue. Maybe in a library or perhaps we could hunt down that Enchantress?”

“It will not work, my library holds no treatise on magic and the Enchantress can change her appearance so thoroughly that she could appear as anyone. It is impossible and so I have sat and waited for some unknown condition to be fulfilled,” The Beast felt his manhood stir for the first time in a while and he loomed over her as his hands clamped down on the sill next to hers and in a strained voice asked, “what are you doing to me?”

The Bitch acted unaware, even with his massive endowment rubbing against her ass, “I'm not doing anything but trying to get some answers. I'd tell you to step back before I rip off your balls and deprive you of the opportunity to have anymore bastards.”

The Beast couldn't grasp why her body was telling him one thing while her words were so different. Gaining control of himself, he stepped back in frustration. About to make his departure, the Bitch spoke the way he felt, “Hey maybe you can find an enchanted dildo for me, I'm sure both of us will get a real kick out of it since wasting our time is all you want to do in this place.”

This latest verbal jab went to far and with a savage thrust in to the Bitch's ass she gave out a blood curdling scream as she was assaulted. The Bitch didn't let go of the window sill but instead gripped it harder, “You call that a prick? Maybe you should do something about that tiny needle...Aaah!”

The Bitch began moving her own rear against the Beast trying to take more of him in but her rectum was so tight that she felt things tearing up inside of her and she didn't even have half of his length inside her. Whining and mewling were the only sounds she made after a few minutes and his full rod had penetrated her. The Beast pulled away and spilled his seed on the ground leaving a puddle of cum. The Bitch saw what he had done and yelled, “Get out of here, now.”

The Beast walked out the door and shut it behind him but he didn't leave. Instead he pressed an ear to the door and heard the sound of a dog lapping up water and knew it could only be one thing. Confused by her odd behavior, the Beast returned to his room to think about what just occurred.

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