Snow White Bleeds Red

by trashcollector24
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Category Corruption Disney
Previous Chapter The Belle of Wrath

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Snow White had grown up a lovely girl, often she would hear her appearance described with the refrain or variation pointing out her skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. It was because of her good looks that the selfish queen, her stepmother, had condemned her to death and why she had been forced to flee to the woods where she hoped never to be found. On her own, Snow White would not have survived and the Huntsman's mercy in letting her escape a quick death would have been replaced with cruelty at the prospect of starvation and exposure.

Snow White knew that she could not stay in any place that could fall under the eye of the Queen and even as she subsisted on berry's and river water she dared not reveal herself. It was by greatest luck than that a sudden storm that had soaked her dress and chilled her to the bone drove her to the wooden cot of the Seven Dwarfs. Desperate, she had thrown herself at their feet and begged for a place to stay the night and she would bother them no more. She could not keep her word as she came down with a fever and was bedridden for several days. Snow White constantly apologized to the strange folk that occupied this part of the woods but they were kind to her and asked for no payment or explanation for her presence.

As Snow White got better she began to clean the house and prepare food, luckily she had been forced to live and work with the servants for two years before the Queen had attempted to kill Snow White so she was able to do a good job for the dwarfs while they were away working on their mine. After a couple of days, one of them brought home a diamond the size of her finger and gave it to her as a gift for her hard work.

Months past and Snow White believed she was safe from the Queen and her vanity and jealousy. Snow White became close with the dwarfs thinking them her friends though for what purpose they gathered their wealth she could not understand as their explanations seemed mix of a serf fulfilling his bond, a dowry given for a bride, and an instinct shared with the Dragons all mixed together. After the long period of isolation it came as a pleasant surprise when an old farm wife passed by and offered her a bushel of apples. Thanking the kind woman, Snow White bit down in to one of the apples and fell in to a sleep that could only be broken with powerful magic.

Snow White slept and her dreams were of a different kind than she had experienced before. She dreamed of the Dwarfs and their small cocks entering every hole in her body all at the same time as she experienced double penetration, a pleasure that she could not describe, and a hunger she wanted to sate. After the dwarfs she dreamed of dominating the Queen and being dominated as her skin like snow was scarred, her lips like blood split, and her ebony hair shaved and even so defaced, the Queen can't help but look at her and still see her as to beautiful to live. Snow White dreamed of gentle caresses and painful holds, chaste kisses and delving tongues in her groin, and so much more. Snow White thought the dream would never end and than real lips connected with her own and leaching away his strength she awoke to see a handsome prince standing over her. Still caught up in her dreams Snow White acted on instinct.

The dwarfs were shocked to see Snow White pull the Prince that had awoken her into a passionate embrace and with fumbling hands pull out the Prince's tool. The Prince struggled for a brief moment and tried to pull away from this brazen attempt on him but her touch excited him. Deciding to go with the moment he broke the kiss only for a brief pause to get air before returning to her lips and climbing atop of her. With guided hands, Snow White directed the prick in to her moist pussy, only letting go after he had penetrated her.

Caught by the spectacle, the dwarfs watched as Snow White and the Prince went at it and virgin’s blood burst on the coffin's bed and both cried out on the peak of orgasm; the Prince collapsed atop her. Snow White sighed as she pushed off the limp body and surveyed the dwarfs trying to glean how they would react to what they had just seen. Their faces were like stone and they waited for Snow White's next move.

Snow White was unsure what to do but she really wanted to get back to fucking. Letting out a frustrated breath, Snow White watched as vapor trailed from her mouth and seeped into the fallen prince's body. Waking from his sleep, the Prince stood up but his eyes were not focused on anything in particular but his cock was erect. With a thought, Snow White made the Prince bow to her and when she looked at the dwarfs she saw them bend knee to her as well.

“We will serve you, we only ask that you do not feed on our souls as you have done to this Prince.” The eldest dwarf, Doc asked of Snow White.

Snow White considered his request, remembering all that they had done for her in her time of need, before speaking, “Bring me someone else before the sun sets and I will feed on them instead of one of you.”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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