The Belle of Wrath

by trashcollector24
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Category Corruption Transformation Furry Disney
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Belle hadn't expected the day to end like this, but a few hours ago she had been a simple maiden caring for her the family home while her father was away at a nearby fair to show off one of his inventions. But than his horse had come back with out him and fearing the worst she had rode in to the woods hoping to find him and by some miracle she had. Locked in a cold tower, Belle had feared for his life and when the master of the castle had revealed himself to her, a large and horrid beast they had made a deal. Belle's life for her father's, he would be allowed to return home while she remained in the castle to do with as he would. Seeing the mouth full of fangs Belle was aware that she could be agreeing to becoming the Beast's next meal but she went through with it all the same.

Belle was left in the tower for the night, and she came under the feeling that she would never be able to return home ever again and she was filled with a great sadness that eventually turned to anger by morning as she found herself unable to sleep. The next morning, Belle was released from her cell and given free run of the manor but was told that she could not enter the West Wing nor could she leave. Belle met other residents of the castle that had been transformed into common household items and she wondered if this was to be her fate as well? Would the Beast not even eat her but condemn her to a life of eternal servitude?

Ill at ease she had an enchanted clock named Cogsworth, escort her on a tour of the premises but when they neared the West Wing, Belle's curiosity got the better of her. Separating from the tour unnoticed, a skilled feat considering she was the only one actually on the tour. Not willing to abandon her good fortune Belle found a wrecked hallway, with mirrors shattered and old paintings of a handsome man shredded by claws. Working her way ever deeper she entered a large master bedroom filled with broken furniture. What really caught Belle's eye however was a glowing rose, floating over a silver stand like magic.

Drawn to it like a moth to the flame, Belle had slowly moved up to it her slow speed now due to wonder instead of fear and for an instant she brushed a finger across the luminescent petals and felt something so warm before she heard a roar that caused her to jump back and a glass cover sealed the rose away even as the Beast snarled at her, “What do you think you're doing here?”

A rage filled her, as the curse of the Demons took hold and manipulated the magic that suffused this whole palace; manipulated her, “Finding out who you are apparently!”

Belle thrust her finger in to the Beast's face, ready to give him a piece of her mind and planned to slap him if he said another unkind word to her when she noticed her finger now looked like a claw. They were both paralyzed with shock as Belle's arm was covered with a brown fur, a split went down the back of her dress as her breasts went up a cup size and her legs twisted at the knee to give her a wolf's hindquarters. Howling with pain and fury at what was being done to her Belle used her unnatural strength to grab the Beast's horn and slam his face in to the ground giving him a mild concussion even through his thick ox-like skull.

Not holding back, the Beast was able to barely overpower the diminutive monster and hold her in a bear hug strong enough to crack a grown man's ribs until the air went out of her body, followed shortly be her ability to fight.

When Belle woke up it was to find herself in a lavish room fit for a noble lady and looking out the window Belle saw the twilight sky and wasn't sure if she was seeing a sun set or a sun rise. Such questions left her head however when she caught her reflection in the full length mirror in the room. At some point her transformation had completed and her clothes removed from her but she didn't feel cold. Her face had become like his, angular and slightly jutting with a flat black nose and fat lips that could not hide or even contain the fangs jutting out. The small set of horns that emerged from her thick hair, still its original shade of brown yet darker than the fur that encompassed the rest of her body. For some reason what drove her over the edge was that while the Beast's eyes had appeared human her's were a bloody red like a wolf's.

Realizing that she had been cursed and hating the form she had taken, Belle picked up the mirror and threw it out the window, gaining no satisfaction as she heard it smash on the ground below. Belle ripped off a bedpost and attacked the door but it was held firmly shut, the barricade behind it keeping her trapped. Frustrated, Belle took out her anger on her surroundings until the place was a complete wreck and while Belle couldn't claim she felt any better she now felt like her anger had been tempered. Somehow she needed to find the cause for this change and destroy them, ripping their hearts out sounded like a marvelous idea right about now. She just needed to wait for that opportunity to present itself. In control of her emotions Belle shouted out, “Fetch me the Beast of this castle, tell him his Bitch is ready for him.”

Well she might still be a little pissed.

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