Babs has a few phone calls to make...

by supersizeme198
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Batgirl Black Canary Big Barda Harley Quinn Poison Ivy
Category DC Corruption
Previous Chapter the sirens spread the love of latex

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Latex Gotham, The clock tower

Barbra sat down and massage her temples as she processed what Jason had told her. "So my dad know I'm pregnant, Dick and I are engaged, I have that tatoo on my ancle and Dick is Robin."

"That covers everything that has happened in your absence miss Gordan." Jason replied.

Batgirl took a slow calming breath she couldn't beleive how much things had gone to hell in a hand basket so soon after she left. But is she had learned one thing as a hero it's best to dismantle a super-villains plan is to take down one hench man at a time.

"Dove you don't mind giving me a lift?"

"Sure no prob Babs" Dove said as she picked up the recently returned hero.

"Thanks for taking care of my other self." Batgril called back as she flew off into the night.

Prudish Gotham

Poison Ivy walked down the streets of Gotham, she felt a sense of fulfilment and content that she had never experienced in her entire life. Rhino had scratched an itch she had never even known she had, he had also been kind enough to give her a little info she needed.

In a small building near the docks on the east side was the get away hideout of a special man from Central city.

Pamala opened the back door to the building, the place looked like the lab from breaking bad but for any person with a higher standard of education they would realise that what was being bruid here was far more vailuable.

"You know it's not polite to enter a persons home without an invitation," Came a voice from behind Pamala. Turning around she was greated by Albert Desmond better known as Doctor Alchemy.

"Nice to see you again Albert who long has it been?"

"About two months since we were in the Society. Now what brings you to my little Gotham getaway."

"i have something planned but for it to work I need some one with your skills to complete it. Interested.

The rooftop

Poison Ivy had left the apartment almost twenty miniutes ago but Batman didn't care. The things that Selina was doing with her tongue was amazing. How she moved it slowly up and down the shaft, how she played with his balls as they filled with cum.

"I'm a good girl now, just not in bed batboy" Selina said as she swallowed his shaft whole.

The Hideout

Harley wasn't sure what was happening to her. A few miniutes ago she was watching tv and eating popcorn now she was watching lesbian porn and masturbating rigoursly.

Maybe this had something to do with what was happening to Selina and Pamala, but when she thought of them her mind was filled of the three of them robbing oil over each other and exploring each others bodies. Causing her to masterbate with greater rigor.

Latex Gotham

Dove dropped Batgirl on the roof of the safehouse that the Birds of Prey operated out of. the two decended down the stair well and were greated by their team mates, amoung them was Black Canary, Huntress, Big Barda new commer Misfit and Dawn's sister Holly, the current Hawk.

After a few hello kisses and afriendly grouping or two Batgirl was able to get to the main computer systems.

"Heh there boss lady how are you doing?" Wendy Kuttler said in a chippy voice.

"I'm fine Wendy," Barbra said planting a kiss on the young hero, "I need you to do something for me."

"Sure boss what yay need?"

 "I need you to do full a search on ever social media sites and see if any thing came up with, XXiarians, Mistress Kanze and strange gimps."

"You throughing a party or something?"

"Or somehting," Batgirl said as she left the hacker to do her job. The contract she read had a lot of benafits she could use, she had a lot of problems to deal with but if she didn't get the job someone else would.

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