the sirens spread the love of latex

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Barbra in latex land
Characters Batgirl Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Catwoman Batman
Category M/F
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Prudish Gotham

Selina, Harley and Pam managed to get out of the Gothcorp headquarters and were heading back to the safe house.  Harley was driving since both Selina and Pam were slightly loopy.  Pam wouldn’t admit it but she had a rash forming on her neck, right about where batchick licked her.  Harley busted open the door and let in her cohorts.  Selina just rushed past the common room towards the walk-in closet she had setup up stairs.  Pamela went to the couch and scratched at her neck.  Harley was concerned, she might have been a shrink and not a alergenist but that rash was spreading, and her neck was getting pinkish. 

“Ah, Red?” Harley tried to start, “I really think, ah, well, you need to see a doctor!”

“Nonsense Harley,” Pam said getting up, “I just need to go for a walk.  Where is my purse?”

Pam got up and started looking about.  She was digging in closet for her purse and credit cards. 

“Pam?” Harley was concerned.

The click clop of heels was heard as Selina rushed past the two to the garage.  Both Harley and Pam were shocked to see Selina rushing out in a black latex open shoulder catsuit, high heeled ancle boots, black rubber gloves, and kitty ears hair band. 

“Selina?” Harley shouted.

“Need to talk to an old boyfriend!” Selina shouted, “Be back by dawn.”

“What the hell is going on?” Harley shouted.

“Love you Harley,” Pamela shouted, “I’m going for a walk.”

“Shoot,” Harley flopped on the couch and started looking at the DVD boxes on the coffee table.


Latex Gotham

Jason Blood, Barbara Gordon and Dawn Grace got back in the Jag.

“I stashed my stuff in the clock tower,” Barbara got behind the wheel, “I am not running around in latex.”

Jason Raised an eye brow.

“What?” Barbara asked of the unsaid comment.

“Remember what your father called Dick? ‘Boy Blunder?’ Wasn’t that the Joker use to call him as Robin?”

“Shit. He knows doesn’t he?” Barbara cursed.


Prudish Gotham, Gothcorp Headquarters

Babs was going over this with a fine tooth comb.  She didn’t want any tricks.  There was a lot stuff in here.  But some of the fine print was getting interesting. 


Prudish Gotham, 11th Street between FDR and JFK roads.

As Pam was walking along she was becoming more and more uncomfortable in the dress she had made of leaves and vines.  She needed something else and real shoes, the barefoot was great in the park, but murder in the city.  She stopped when she saw a shop with shiny versions of Batgirl, Robin, Harley Quinn and a short green dress she guessed what her own outfit in the window.  She had an idea.  Seven stories up the Batman was watching a meeting occur across the street.  Pam didn’t use her pheromones on the store clerk, paid with her credit card, and even thanked the clerk for the outfit suggestions.  Walking out onto the street Pam looked herself, a rubber front tie belly shirt, a black rubber almost not there mini-skirt and black vinyl come fuck me boots.  Across the street she saw someone she knew.  Rhino, one of Ventriloquist’s goons was heading back into an apartment building and a suit was getting into a police cruiser.  A smile crossed Pam’s face.  On the roof Batman became aware that he was not alone.

“What do you want?” Rhino answered the door, “Oh Miss Ivy isn’t it.  You look rather flush.  What are you doing here?”

“You worked as muscle for Scarface didn’t you?” Pam said in a saucy voice, “I need some help for a project.”

“Look, Miss Ivy,” Rhino was getting scared, “That was my parole officer, I know I am being watched right now, maybe you should come back later…”

“Don’t worry,” Pam came in closer, “This job is perfect legal.  The muscle I need is right there.”
Pam grabbed Rhino’s crotch.  Rhino was in the middle of a panic boner.

“How can I make this simpler?” Pam rolled up the latex skirt and tossed herself face down into the bed and shouted, “FUCK ME NOW!”


“Meow,” Selina announced herself.

“This is not a good time,” Batman remarked, “besides isn’t Batgirl breaking up your break in on Gothcorp?”

“Yeah about that,” Selina stepped in front of Batman, “She teased me but then got sucked into some other deal.  Now I want to finish off on the right foot.” 

Selina did a split and gave Batman’s cod piece a kiss.  She began picking the quick access locks as Batman tried to stop her.  The foreplay was a sort of strip judo.  Once Batman was exposed, Selina knocked him on his back, standing above him she pulled the open shoulder catsuit down her body. 


The Hide out

Harley was on the couch eating popcorn and watching season 3 of Friends when her cell phone rang.

“Ha ha Happy Supplies,” Harley answered.

“Hay Harley,” The Joker called, “This is just a quick call before I go into electro-shock therapy.”

“Ahh, I love you Pudding,” Harley cooed as she slide her hand down her pajama bottoms.

“Look,” Joker sighed, “I’ve been bored out of my mind and I keep thinking about our trip to Metropolis.  I want to see you soon.”

“That’s so sweet Puddin,” Harley smiled as the popcorn grease on her fingers lubed her clit, “Metropolis was fun, at least until the capes spoiled it.  Look, I think me and the girls are overdue for the bin. I swear I got spanked by a rubber Batgirl, and Red ran out of here acting all weird after we gave Batgirl the slip.”

“That’s just crazy,” Joker was shocked, “Look they are breaking down the office door I’ll have to talk to you … ahhhh”

The phone went dead.  Harley put it down and went back to eating her popcorn, it tasted funny.  Oh yeah, she shrugged and went on.


The roof top

Selina was curled up against Batman inside his cape as he watched the Fredrick, “The Rhino” Rhino plowing Pamela “Poison Ivy” Isley doggy style.

“Selina, look at Poison Ivy” Batman handed her the binoculars.

“She looks like she is having the time of her life.  What is this round fourteen?”

“She also looks normal,” Batman noted, “Her skin is all pink again.  She isn’t that ungodly green tinged white.”

“You are right,” Selina noted, “That also gives me an idea.”

“What?” Batman asked.

“This,” Selina grabbed the Dark Knight’s meat spear and started to suck on it.


Latex Gotham, the Clock Tower

“Well how do I look?” Barbara asked in the latex Batgirl outfit.

“Like this world’s Batgirl,” Jason noted dryly, “How do you feel?”

“Uhm... well…” Barbara struggled to find an answer.


Prudish Gotham, Gothcorp headquarters

Babs had them.

“This is the same contract you signed?” Babs asked Mistress Kanze.


“Well then article 42 says that you breached protocols and are subject to review by the board for the non-conseual and unauthorized transportation of an individual across dimensional barriers,” Babs started, “Article 43 states that the company will pay for the restitution to individuals affected by the negligence and will return them across dimensional barriers as soon as possible.”

“Ah…” Mistress Kanze started, “I…”

“I would like to discuss maternity leave and hours,” Babs smiled, “Once I’m in my home dimension and the prude is back here.”



Latex Gotham, The clock tower

There was a surge of energy in the clock tower that riled Jason Blood but went un-noticed by everyone else.  Well everyone except…

“Barbara ‘Babs’ Gordon,” Jason stared right into Batgirls soul, “The Pregnate fiancé of Richard Grayson?”

“Yeah,” Babs countered, “Wait, what happened while I was gone?”


Prudish Gotham, Gothcorp headquarters

Barbara found herself still in the latex Batgirl suit standing in front of a female rubber gimp holding a holograph projector.  The projector turned off and the gimp walked away, the extreme heels of her thigh boots making a sexy clicking sound as she went.

“Oh shit, it’s happening to me!” Batgirl shouted.

All around her were various night staff all tied up.

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