Circes next step. I infiltrate SHIELD

by colleem
Storyline United Worlds
Characters Black Widow Circe
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter a mix of pepper, Circe, Amora and also let us see what Purple Man does

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Everything was working as planed Circe thought as she saw the news in television. Pepper Pots told the news reporter there that the Stark-Corp would build a new modern touristic sensation in the City. She planed to build a new Temple like the one in Greek. This, she explained, was to demonstrate that even after so many attacks from all kind of enemies the City had never gave up. But after the fact that the God's of Greek had never helped them the statues inside the Temple would not be heroes like Iron Man or even the true asgadian God Thor, but normal Peoples. Firefighters, Policeman, Doctors and the heroes of the normal life. These heroes should finally get the attention they earned and she would personally would take part in the comitee that would figure the models out. She said that she would like the idea that in the center of the temple there would be a giant statue of a woman.

Circe was more than impressed. This little mortal was a much greater help than she had thought. It was clear to her that Pepper meant Circe with the woman in the center. She would take the place of the mighty Zeus himself. With this temple it would be easy to for an cult about herself and then she could start making this a religion. And with enough follower she would be able to cast a spell over the whole city. After what she had heard Pepper would start to build the temple in the next week and it would be a great secret which woman would be the model for the main statue. It was necessary that Circe kept a low profile until the time when her power was restored. In three days there would be the Party at one of the Stark villas. Meanwhile she had made some information tours. She had been existed in this world but in this world the mighty Odyseus hab withstand her and killed her on her own island for what she had done to his crew. In her own world this noble and loyal hero had fucked her senseless the whole time jntil Zeus had ordered her to let him go. He wasn't the hero told in the books but sho cared.

In this world there was no Zeus left. No Hades or an secret Island protected by Hera. In this world Wonder Woman had never been born and Superman had never reached earth. But there were other heroes. On had been very interesting for her. A God called Thor. He would be a fine slave for her. Maybe she would not transform him into a pet. Not for the first hundreds of years. In one of here rooms in the hotel she had build a little alchemist labor and on the local magical market she had brought the first things she needed for her spells. It hadn't been hard to find the market and there she had seen the magican that she had felt after entering this world. He aas in his best years or at least looked like it. He was called Dr Strange and after some carefully chosen questions to some of the sellers she knew that this mortal would be a great weapon in her war but right now he was to strong for a direct confrontation. He was called the highest mage and after the rumors he was the mightiest mage known in this galaxy. He could even match with some God's.

But when you can't defeat someone you have to seduce him. This had always been her way and after all. This Dr was only a male. And which male could resist her? She allowed one of the staff personal to bring her food and the wanted cloth. The owner of this hotel was a very useful per and after a nice wine with her he had sworn to do all that she ever wanted. He hoped that she would allow him to touch him but before that would happen Hell would freeze. She took the cloth on and nodded. It was not the high quality that her magical summoned clothes had but for mortals it was okay. It was a business suit like the one she had worn by Pepper but this one had her color and had an deeper cleavage. She walked over to the wall were she had to put photos of the local heroes or villains.

Everything that could interfere with her mission. It seemed necessary that she had to deal with SHIELD very soon. It was called that this Nick Fury had his eyes everywhere. Sure she was under observation already but even if they he would look around in her room the magics there would grant that the would nothing suspicious. She looked over the photos.

One was showing Nick Fury himself. Not her style but if she could control him she had the whole organization in her hand. But it was clear that such a men would have a almost superhuman willpower and it would be hard to take control over him.

The decond photo showed a busy redhead called Natasha Romanov aka black widow. She liked the sound of that name and she was also a member of the Avengers. With this sexbomb it would be easy to infiltrate the Avengers but on the other side she was Circe. No woman was allowed to be equal to her.

The third picture showed a good looking woman called Maria Hill. I second in command in SHIELD. She would be the easiest option but Circe felt the thrill of hunting deep in her blood. Her target was clear.

Soon the black widow would be her loyal slave admiring her and kissing the ground Circe walked. And after she didn't need her anymore she would kill the unwanted rival. Thanks to her. Agic it was easy for her to find out where she was right now. It was a corporation called Sigma Trading Group and Natasha had Order to get information out of the boss there.

A single word transported Circe right into the room where both Natasha and the boss named Mr. Philipson sat. Her magic protected her from their vision and so she could walk through the room unnoticed. A single. Wave with her hand scanned the room for any kind of tracking devices. Much to her surprise there weren't any of them. Maybe Natasha thought that she didn't need backup or this guy was harmless. Neither way it was perfect for the witch and she walked behind Philipson and lowered her head until she could whisper in his ears. Words of might and magic sunk into his mind and he had a weak one. Circe had him under her control in no time but let him act for his one for now. Then she walked to Natasha and smiled. The Widow was dressed in a sexy black dress with high heels matching the color. She looked gorgeous and she knew it. All of her was a disguise to fool the man in front of her. She was like a chameleon that could play every role.

Circe sensed a strong will trained to focus on the mission and special training to resist any kind of manipulation. But there was also a time before that. A time where she had been taking orders without thinking. A time where she had been more a slave than a spy. Circe smiled and thought about ways to overcome the mental barrier that protected her mind. Like now she would be able to overcome any command given to her within hours Circe guessed. But if she could get behind that wall nothing could safe her anymore.

She went back to the male and stood behind him raising her hands.

Winds of magic listen to me

Follow my command and you'll be free

Make this man Adonis like and big and strong

Make his cock twice as long. (she know how she had laught at Adonis as he had to been nude)

Make him horny and overwhelmed by lust

Make the bitch his fucktoy after which he lusts

Let his voice be like the sirens song

So she cannot rest him long

Let him have the stamina compared to a bull

Let him be my loyal hull.

The winds of magic worked in her hands and in her voice and soon the poor human started to feel strange. Under his cloth his akin began to chance and his build was getting much more muscular. His eyes were getting sharper and reached the point were he never needed a glass again. He felt his dick stiffen and grow to unbelievable size. His hair and face had more subtle changes but he felt a rush of power flowing through his body. His convince and courage was also boosted and for the first time he found the courage to raise his hard to look the woman in front of him into the eyes. He knew that she was a big number by the Avengers and so. And he knew that she wanted to find out what he knew about the 24 rocket trower that had vanished in his hall. But that he had sell them she didn't knew he guessed. But Hell. In Natura this baby looked even hotter.

Nathasa was a bit surprised as Philipson raised his head and looked at her directly. In his profile he was a coward and afraid of woman. Ever thing until now had matched this information but as he looked at her with this smaragd green eyes she couldn't understand how this handsome boy could be still a virgin like the SHIELD profiler suspected. He had something on him that made her nervous. And this wasn't easy note did she like that. Did that little brat just looked down over her body?

She had to pull herself together not to put his beauty head and crush it a vew times against the wall. But a small voice in her head liked the way he scanned her. Her relation with Steve was not so good in the moment what literally was because of their duties. It had been a while since she had been laid from him and now she was in one room with this hot guy. Great Natasha. This means the double dildo after this job.

She dreamed and felt her pussy tingle and her nipple got hard. She hoped that he didn't notice it qnd smiled at him. He was explaining her about the security system and how the thieves must entered the hall. Bullshit she thought and grinned. She already knew that he had sold them on the black market. But let him talk. He had such a nice voice. She could listen to this voice the whole day. She felt her nipple even getting harder and her pussy was on fire now. His damned voice went straight into her wet cunt into her brain and pulled Al the right strings there she thought. She already thought about the idea to get to the toilet and get some release before she would arrest him. Circe smiled an evil smile. The spell worked greatly. The woman that was feared everywhere as a black widow was visible aroused by now and her toy was driving her mad with his magical boosted voice. Adonis had been the same. But this one here had a real dick in his pants not such a little thing like Adonis.

She could see Natasha squirm in her seat her nipples visible pushing out of the dress. She bent down to her toy and whispered into his ear.

Look at her. My see her hard nipples and her dry mouth. She wants you. She turns you on. Your dick gets harder and harder. Look at her and image her naked.

Philipson stooped for a heartbeat in his talking. He noticed two rock hard nipples pointing out of her dress and his cock started to grow until it almost hurt. This babe was more than hot and one hand tried to pull his raging hard dick back in his pants so it would not been to easy to notice how horny he was. Natasha saw him do something with one hand under the desk. Normally she would now jump over the desk in case he searched a weapon but right now she just imaged him playing with his dick. She noticed that he looked at her tits and was aware of her situation. Only moleman would be able to oversee her hard nipples. It made her even hornier that he saw it.

Stand up and over her something to drink. 

Circe whispered in his ear and without thinking he stood up and walked to a little desk where some coffee and water stood.

Do you want something?

He asked. Her eyes were fixated in his hard on. He had a impressive bulk in his pants and could hardly walk. He offered her something to drink and she could only say yes. As he came to her his fuckrod pointed right at her. She slid out if the chair and kneeled down in front of him. All she could see was that giant monster that was hidden in his pants. He didn't aay a word as she opened his pants and his dick sprung out like a bullet hitting her in the face like a slap with his hand.

But she moaned I lust as she take the hit and starred at his swollen member. Never had she saw a hotter more perfect dick. She would show him what a woman needed and she pushed out her tongue and liked over the top of his dick. Just then he came with a loud moan and she felt her face sprayed with hot cum. It almost didn't end and she craped his exploding dick and jerked hard for more. She wanted that he sprayed every drop on her face and opened her red lips wide for his cum. It run over her eyes over her nose each drip she could reach with her Lips she liked away. The rest dropped into her cleavage and deeper down to her cut.

After he had given her the last drop of his cum she stood up and liked her cum filled lips. The she gave him a hard French kiss where he could taste his own cum. Her left hand found his cock and jerked him hard again while there tongues played a sexy hard game. Breathless the two pulled away and Nathasa fall again to her knees. Without a word needed she started to suck his dick with the intensity of a professional whore. He could only stare down at this. He had never had a woman before and now this. But what the Fuck! He spread his legs and let the little whore suck him till dead if necessary. It was so intense that he had to hold himself on her shoulders.

Natasha felt his cock harden in her mouth and her hands jerked him harder and harder. Then she let him out of her mouth seeing the disappointment in his eyes. She let both hands crab her favorite cocktail dress and with all her force she riped it down her body. Her giant 38dd tits instantly pressed against his hard rod and then it slid between both of them. Furious she let himFuck her tits pressing them hard together.

Yes baby. Fuck my Tits and cum on them. Lane come one lover boy. Fuck my Tits and then I will ride you. I hope you have enough power because I want you Fuck me in all my waiting holes. You little brat stole our weapon now you have to pay the price.

Natasha screamed and let him Fuck her tits harder and harder. With both hands she pushed her tits together and when possible she licked over he head of his dick. She was totally transfixed on this hot Fuck so she didn't notice that her lover was starring loud moaning to the couch and then grabbed Natasha hair so he could Fuck her mouth harder. On the couch he saw Circe lying in her green lingerie and licking her red full lips. She smiled at him to encourage him but before he could do anything Natasha throw him to the ground and with lust driven force she ripped his top into places. She purred like a cat as she saw the magic enhanced six pack and bend down to lick over his nipple.

Now my hot boy. Let's see if you have also the stamina like a horse. Your dick surely can match it. I have to feel you inside of me!

She shouted and let the rest of her dress fall to the ground. No panties were hidden under it and she wore now only her high heels. She stood over him and saw that he aimed his cock to hair shaven pussy and sank down. At first she wanted to feel every inch of this hard member in her and moaned loud as her pussy engulfed his cock as deep as possible. He could only moan in sexual desire watching Natasha pussy as she was fucked by him and to see Circe playing with one breast looking at them. Then Natasha couldn't hold it anymore and she started to let her body hammer down on his cock faster and faster. Her body was pure extase and her voice was a constant scream of need. She wanted him like none before.

Even Steve had never felt so good in her. He cupped her whipping tits and draw her down so he could finally suck on these tits. Circe smiled and said grinning


Natasha didn't hear it in her extase but Circes slave felt the sudden urge to Fuck her deep in her tight ass. With strong arms he lifted Natasha from his dick and the sexy redhead screamed NOOOO but he turned her around and guided his cock into her ass. Natasha screamed in pain and lust as his hard xock slammed into her but after a few hard thrusts she worked even harder now. She bend forwards to let him Fuck her deeper and deeper and in her lust state see saw a stunning sexbomb in a green lingerie walking towards her. The woman was sex pure and all her body language told of endless bliss. Without a word she reached between her legs and her red painted nails carefully pulled her slip to the side.

The strange woman spread her legs and stood direct in front of Natasha. Natasha had as soon as she saw Circe slowed down in her moment to concentrate better on this woman. Now in front of her she could see this wonderful cunt and she was as wet as Natasha. She almost stopped her fucking and only moved her hips in slow circles to hold him hard and horny. Careful her hands reached around Circes hibs and sensual she stretched her tongue out to lick over Circes cunt. She had lesbian experience but always had preferred a good hard cock or a nice cumshot to swallow, but the first taste of Circes pussy was like Ambrosia. Natasha could not fast enough lick again over this pussy to taste more and more of her. She felt Circes soft hands in her hair neither pulling her away note push her into her cunt. Circe had to do nothing more. For Natasha it was to late. Her movements on the hard cock started to take on speed and her hands laid down on Circes ass and draw her to her face. More and more of her tougne entered Circes pussy and the witch grinned evil at her skilled new slave. Mhm your skill is remarkable and it will maybe safe your pitty life little red one.

She moaned and pulled her bra over her tits and lowered her body. Suck on my Tits and you will see the truth my lovely widow. Natasha, who was moaning loudly again because she ride the cock will all her might now opend her lips and grabbed one of Circes beautiful tits. In her vision there was only this round perfect shaped tit with the hard nipple and a shiver went through her as she closed her lips around it. She tasted a honey like drop coming out of her nipple and suck more and more. She came again and again while she felt her ass filled with cum. But she could not get enough from this Ambrosia and saw pictures of Circe as a living goddess and herself as a loyal priest in a black toga. Her body rocked over the poor Philipson and Natasha eyes rolled back in organic bliss as her mind was overtaken from the visions of Circes new world. She fell to the ground unconscious and Circe smiled. Sleep my little priest. When you will wake up you will see the new truth in your life. 

  The decond photo showed a busy redhead called Natasha Romanov aka black widow. She liked the sound of that name and she was also a member of the Avengers. With this sexbomb it would be easy to infiltrate the Avengers but on the other side she was Circe. No woman was allowed to be equal to her. One was showing Nick Fury himself. Not her style but if she could control him she had the whole organization in her hand. But it was clear that such a men would have a almost superhuman willpower and it would be hard to take control over him. t aay a word as she opened his pants and his dick sprung out like a bullet hitting her in the face like a slap with his hand. 

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