The first contact

by colleem
Storyline United Worlds
Characters Superman Fantastic Four
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Reed Richards looked at the monitors and was thinking of all the possibilities that was out there. It was the first stable natural Fix point in his Universe. He knew that this portal lead into another version of the Earth. The coordinates would be identical with the coordinates in his world but there could be everything on the other side. He knew that there were multiple versions from some encounters with super powered ancient beings and some mystical texts he had found, but he had never saw a way to get past the transdimensional barrier. One of these tests had opened a way to the Negative Zone but it seemed to be impossible that he could build a portal to another earth. 

Ben Grimm came to him and said.

"Stretch! We have a little problem."

With that he pointed to a giant Doombot that was marching at their position. Like an insect he saw Johnny flying around him but the newest Weapon from Dr. Doom seemed to be indestructible. 

"We have to hold this Gate as long as we can Ben! We cannot allow Victor to get access to this Gate! We have to hold out until the Avengers will arrive! I will try to seal the Gate for now but I need time!" 

Ben smiled and nodded.
 "Time? I will help Johnny with this big thing!"

He shouted as he ran into the Bot and tried to punch him but a energy beam out of the eyes of the Bot hit him and he was fighting with the Energy beam. But it was clear that not even the Thing could take much of more. Just in the last second an energy field formed around him and Susan Richards screamed in Pain.



Just in the moment everything seemed to be lost the Wormhole started to pulse and a red beam came across the portal and hit the Doombot with enough energy that it was falling backwards. For a second the Fight found an end and the Fantastic Four stared at the Fighter that had came out of the Portal. 

He was flying in the air and was dressed in red Boots with a blue tight dress. His long red cape was whirling in the mild summer breeze. There was a diamond shaped Symbol on his chest and his Cape. Inside there was a big golden S. His brown hair was short and his eyes started to look around. He saw the Fantastic Four and the giant Robot that was standing up again.


Reed screamed and the flying men nodded. Faster than a bullet he crashed again into the Doombot and with unbelievable force he ripped the head of the Robot from his body. But the Robot wasn´t defeated and it lifted his right hand and shoot a energy beam at the mysterious fighter. He vanished in a beam of light that was brighter than the sun. All of the Fantastic Four could feel the heat that was coming from the Beam.


Susan cried out loud as she saw how the fighter was hit by it, but as the beam was shut of the strange Man was standing in the air like nothing had happened. Only his dress was burned in some places but he himself seemed unharmed. Then a red glow started to form on the eyes of the fighter and a precise laser beam cut through the body of Dooms Robot cutting him into pieces. Then he landed in front of Reed and gave him a warm smile.

"Hello. I hope you don´t mind that I came and helped you out. It looked like you were in trouble from our side."

With that he held his hand in front of Mr. Fantastic and said.

"I am called Superman. I came here to investigate this mysterious Nexus that formed in the middle of one of our Cities."

Reed looked at the person in front of him and gave him his hand for a handshake. He had a good feeling at this and was happy that on the other side were humans. Or Humanlike beings after all.

"Hello. My name is Reed Richards. This is my wife Susan Richards. This young man is her brother Johnny Storm and this is our Friend Ben Grimm. We are here to investigate this Nexus like you did on your Side. I think it would be wise to talk but first we have to make sure that Dr. Doom isn´t watching what we talk. " 

Superman lifted an eyebrow and Johnny said loudly.

"BOAHHH your soooo strong! And your Fast! what is your max speed?! Come on! let's make a race yea?! And can you teach me this cool laserguneyes?! it is SOOOOO COOOOOOLL!"

"Stop that Johnny! Mr. Superman. I think I should explain you something first. In our World we are Defender of the Mankind. We are called the Fantastic Four. My Husband will tell you everything in detail but first you must know that this machine was build from a man called Dr. Doom. He is a Villain with a great intellect and great resources. He will try everything to get hold of this Portal… and this wouldn´t be good." Susan explained and Superman looked at her thankfully. 

"I am proud to meet you all. Like you I am an defender of my world. I was called from our President that this Gate opened and some of my friends a taking care in my world. We have mighty enemies too that would like to get on this side. But the JLA …. oh… excuse me. The Justice League will defend our side so no threat will come to your world. So let us go to a place where we can talk. But allow me to send a message to my world so my friends will know that we have friends on this side and that they have nothing to fear." he said friendly and Mr. Fantastic showed him how to he could send a message. After a few seconds they got an answer and Superman smiled. 

It had been 4 weeks after the first contact that the nexus was official named as the "Worldnexus". Both worlds had an embassy on the other world. Around the Nexus both worlds build an fortress like building to make sure nothing bad could attack the other world or to prevent that something bad was coming from there. The JLA and the Avengers had spend much time to inform each other about any possible threat from each world. They worked quite good together and it was not rare that one of the heroes was helping out on the other world in case of emergency. But both organizations had made clear that their own world was always in first place if it had to be. Neither the JLA nor the Avengers could take care for 2 Worlds for a long period and to be true it was already hard enough to take care for ONE world. 

But not only the Heroes of both world were looking for new ways. Also some of the biggest and even the smallest villains tried to make their luck in the new world. And some of them had powers that were unknown in the other world.  


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