a mix of pepper, Circe, Amora and also let us see what Purple Man does

by colleem
Storyline United Worlds
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Circe smiled at the two bewitched persons. Eagerly Pepper gave Rodney an handjob and he only starred at the giant books of the Greek goddess.

You there, and male one, sit on the chair and be quiet. And you my nice looking Pepper. You will make sure that he will have a nice time with you. Impress me and I will kiss you or maybe more.

Pepper turned around only to see Rodney taking place in her chair. He was nude and horny like herself.

So Rodney. You heard Circe. I know you love your wife but I promise that in five minutes all you can do is to scream my name!

With that she walked to him and sat down on his hard member. Circe could see how his dick entered her wet cunt and she rode him like a furie never turning her vision from Circe. Both of them used each other to get release and soon after Rodney stood up and pressed Pepper over her desk. Then he fucked her hard in the ass and now it was Peppers turn to scream in lust and pure need. Circe came to them and smiled.

Fuck her harder my first pet. Fuck my high priest and fill her holes with your cum. And you Pepper... I praise my name. Praise my power and my beauty.

Lost in her lust Pepper screamed Circes name with each thrust from Rodney and both of them had an intensive orgasmus that left them breathless.

Circe smiled and sat down in the chair from Pepper and looked down at them.

You have done well mortals. Now. I will show mercy and allow both of you to come closer.

As they did she grabbed their heads and pulled them to her exposed tits. Both of them started to lick and suck on her hard nipple, sending waves of arousal over Circes body. Soft meanings came out of her lips while her hands where stroking their hair.

It will be only the start my little toys. Soon mhm yes that's good.. Soon this world will be mine to play with. And you will be my high priest.

Pepper looked up and smiled.

Long live our goddess Circe. We live to serve you oh mighty one.

Then her lips went deeper and soon Circe was moaning loud and full of lust. After three hours a now a satisfied Circe left the tower knowing that her high priest would do exactly what she had been told. For the male one she hadn't any use because he was worthless in her eyes. His only purpose was to protect her high priest. It would take time to build a circle great enough to grant her any of her former powers and so she thought about the return in her world but nobody could tell if she could return here so easy like the first time. Also had nobody came after her. But something felt not right. She couldn't pinpoint it but it was a feeling that she had to be careful with her steps.

The next part was a great party where Pepper would invite the Top 40 of the city. It should be easy for her to get their attention and seduce all of them because Pepper had the order to inform them that they a belly dancer would be on stage. No mortal could hope to withstand the mighty witch and goddess of seduction.

Meanwhile Amora had followed every moment of her new rivals action. She had done well and nobody had noticed anything. That damned fool and fighter in Iron Armor would never find out that his beloved bitch was now a high priest and follower from a Greek god. But it was now time to get active. First of all she had to find out who her enemy was. In her world the Greek God's were fools and weak. She had never heard from one called Circe. But in her books she found her very fast.

She was a powerful witch and minor god that had tried to seduce a men called Odyssey but had failed and was killed by him. This was now more than 2000 years ago and after the Greek God's had been killed by the mortals Asgard had taken their position. The possibilities were endless. With her powers nothing could stop her. She would rule everything but most of it.

Thor Odinson would finally notice that no other woman could make him happy. Just the thought of the mighty thunderer made her shiver but she had to make plans. Circe had the bonus that nobody knew her and her powers. She did not have this bonus. To often had she fought against the mortals and to often had she lost. This was a possibility that wouldn't came twice in her lifetime. But first there was the problem how she could steal the power of a God.

Sure. She could try to steal an Arsen Stone or search for infinity gem but with this items she wouldn't need that little bitch. When magic wouldn't be a opinion than it was time for science. Normally she would go to Doom but after their last encounter both of them did not thrust each other. And that was the problem. She could not thrust any of the criminals that she normally used. But what if she didn't use an criminal. What if she could do the heros the hard work for her. This idea formed in her mind and she smiled.

Beware Mitgard. The Enchantress will come to your realm and this time Noone shall be able to stop me.

After she had opened a portal to the realm of Mitgard she appeared right in front of the Baxter building.

Magic wise and magic strong

Listen now to my song.

Let me look like a friendly woman

Make me irresistible for any man

Let them trust and like me

Even if it is the mighty Thor Let them thrust and believe my every word

So I want it so it will be as written in a holy sword.

With that her green dress vanished and was replaced by a jeans and a tank top. She was still from unearthly beauty and her body was a secret promise for hidden desires. Even if this was one of her strongest spells it would not be enough to make one of these superheroes her slave but if she would keep a low profile nobody would suspect her being Amora. Often had she used this spell to spy around the Avengers. Not even the mighty Thor could see through this disguise. But first she needed the brain of the cleverest human on the planet.

If he would not be able to help her she could still try to trick Dr. Strange but this was more than risky. Better not wake a sleeping dragon. Even her power could maybe not be enough against this mortal magical. She entered the building and went straight to the evaluator and pressed the button for the top where the fantastic Four were living. She had an alchemist portion with her that was especially for Susan Richards and would grant her that the invisible Woman would not be jealous. From all the fantastic Four it could only be her that would be able to see trough her disguise. Johnny Storm would be easy. Her body would be more than welcome to him. Ben Grimm was not clever enough and Mr Fantastic was on the other side to smart and would be easily fooled by her.

But Susan could mean trouble. As she entered the main complex she was greeted by an mechanic woman and Amora said that she was from a near University and would like to work as a trainee for some days here so she could learn in field. Because it was necessary to meet Susan first she asked if the famous Susan Richards could train her. It was always easy to manipulate a woman with her pride.

On the JLA world meanwhile Purple Man had all what he wanted. Lois and Jimmy sat in the Room and he had managed to make it in this new world being unnoticed.

Oh Ms Lane. You can call me Dr. Violet (I personally like this idea and if you want to know why just read the Story Toysof Purple Man) I'm just want to build up a new clinic in this fascinating world and want to help as much people as I can. And I know that both of you will help me archive my goal. Isn't it so my friends?

He asked and used his power on them. Lane had a strong will but not strong enough. The young photo boy on the other side was easy to convince.

This sounds like a great idea Dr Violet. If you want I can write about it in the daily planet when your done.

Lois said smiling and so Violet talked again to her.

That would be great but first of all. I saw a paperwork about this guy in red cape. This Superman. What can you tell me about him?

Lois looked thinking out of the Window. She liked this guy even if he was a bit strange for an unknown reason but what should she tell him. She hated it to lie to everyone about Clarks secret. There was nobody that she could talk to. Only this stupid whore Wonder Woman. For her it was clear that this bitch wanted to steal Clark from her.

More than I should I fear Dr Violet. I must beg um mercy but his identity is a secret. Even if I would know...

Purple man smildet and said quick.

You want to say the truth and you Jimmy. Don't listen.

Lois starred. Blank with empty eyes out of the Window over the city. What had she said right now? She couldn't remember but felt the sudden impulse to turn to Violet. After a quick look to Jimmy she saw that he was working on his camera and wasn't listening either.

Superman real name is Ka'el and he is from a planet called Krypton. His alter ego is my partner and husband Clark Kent.

It felt like a giant rock had fallen of her shoulders after the words had left her lips and she sat down again.

But I can trust your ethic as a doctor do I?

She asked hopefully and Purple Man nodded. He could not believe his luck. Just the first person he had met was the wife of the mightiest men on this world. This reporter in front of him was worth more then an fully equipped army if he would use her right. But he couldn't akt like a damn noob. This time he had to plan, to wait and to stay calm. He had ruined his plans with Tony more than one time because he had overwhelmed by the power. Not this time.

So Lois. You don't need to panic. I will hold your secret until I die and i know how hard it is to keep such a secret hidden all alone. If you want you can see me as a partner in secret and whenever you feel that you need to talk we can meet. I wish that you see me as a friend for now and maybe later we will be even better friends.

He smiled and looked over her petite body. Oh yeah. Later they would be definitely better friends. I see you are a noble man Dr. Violet.

But let us change the subject. It seems Jimmy is finished with his camera.

He doesn't know it.

And here is my number if you need anything I would like to help.

He took the card and smiled.

Mhm right. Money and such things. I fear our money isn't anything worth in this world her. but this gold barren is enough to build up an existence right?

With that he had took out two barren of massive gold that he had stolen in his world.

Yes. That should be enough for the first moment. Here. I write down the addresse from my bank. They will be very useful for you. Just tell them I send you and you get maybe an bonus.

Lois said and gave him the address. Now purple just needed to stay calm. He gave both of them the subliminal command that they should talk very friendly about him and that he was a good noble guy. Lois would visit him day by day so he could for her mind like he wanted. 

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