Clark's focus is entirely on Lois even as he works through the hordes of Amazons that desire him.

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Circe Flash Wonder Woman The Amazons (DC) Queen Hippolyta Justice League Martian Manhunter Superman Supergirl Hawkgirl
Category DC M/F Harem
Previous Chapter Batman still has to service Wonder Woman's sisters

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When he had landed on Themyscira along with his colleagues, the last thing Superman had been expecting to see was... this!

Dozens of Amazons frantically pleasuring themselves in public while others tried to stop them from going on with this craziness. Superman was used to crazy situations, but it was the first time stumbled upon a public orgy. Not even Poison Ivy who was widely known for her use of pheromones had ever forced her victims into this kind of depravity.

He had been even more shocked when Diana had greeted them in a state of extreme arousal, barely holding herself from falling prey to the same curse as her sisters, and explained what was expected of them. His teammates' reactions weren't exactly that which he had expected them to be either.

Then again...

Once a strangely cheerful Queen Hippolyta had left dragging a bemused Wildcat to the forest, Flash decided to practice his boyish charm on Wonder Woman, playfully of course. "Sooo... Hey Wondy! How about we ditch our friends and you show me to your room?" he blurted out with a cheeky grin.

"Sorry Wally, but I think you've already got enough on your plate without me. Aaand... You're not exactly my type," she added with a giggle.

"Yeah, I guess Tall Dark and Moody is in for a treat tonight," he replied with a wink. "Where is he, by the way?"

J'onn's eyes glowed a bright orange as he scanned for Batman's mental signature. "He's on his way," he said to Diana's obvious delight as she released a sound that was between a sigh and a moan.

"Okay, then. So tell me Wondy. Where are the babes?" Flash asked with a leer.

"They're waiting right there, Wally," Diana answered indicating a group of more than thirty Amazons. They were either wantonly driving their finger between their wet folds or waving at and calling for him. Superman could hear comments like "Oooh he's so cute" and "I can't wait to see what he looks like without his clothes."

Flash seemed to have frozen and gawked at them with wide eyes. Hawkgirl waved a hand in front of his sight and laughed heartily at his lack of reaction. "Looks like his brain short-circuited," she commented before spanking him. He jerked forward almost falling and turned a stunned look at her. "Stop gawking, Wally. You're being rude. Now get your get ass there and get to work," she added sternly.

"Yes, ma'am," he replied saluting before speeding up to join his harem. Diana's sister started cooing and divesting him of his costume.

Distracted by Flash and his Amazonian fan-club they didn't notice the tall redhead that was standing behind their group until she cleared her throat. They turned around to look at a very flushed Artemis. Her cheeks were redder than her ponytail. "You two," she scowled at Supergirl and Hawkgirl, "you're coming with me."

She didn't wait for their reaction as she locked her elbows with theirs and dragged them away. "Where are we going?" asked a flustered Kara. Artemis mumbled her response. "Ouh! The hot springs," Shayera commented in a mock coquettish tone.

A little group of shy Amazons managed to catch their attention. "I believe this is my group," announced J'onn as he started walking towards them. He had the widest smile Diana and Clark had ever seen plastered on his usually unemotional face. When he sat down between them, her sisters trailed gentle kisses on his face and neck as they held his hands or hugged him.

The last group left was almost as large Flash's. Superman became beat red as he listened to them praising the Man of Steel. "I can't do this, Diana. I can't betray Lois," he stammered.

"Don't worry, Kal. I've already called her," she explained.

"What!?" he interrupted her with a shriek.

"She understands you're doing it out of duty. She said that your punishment won't be too harsh," she continued smirking all the while. His only response was to look at her in open-mouthed shock. "Now close your mouth" - she forced it shut - "and go take care of my sisters. Be careful thought they can be very demanding," she finished with a wink.

Superman however refused to move. "Look, Kal. If you don't free them from their plight, they will be forever trapped in this state of extreme arousal. You're not forced to enjoy this situation as much as Wally is, but they need release," she argued.

With a loud sigh Clark resigned to his fate and Diana sent him to her sisters with a pat on the back. As he approached the Amazons his super-senses went into overdrive.

He could feel everything!

The heat radiating from their flushed bodies. The musky scent of the fluid leaking from their cunts mixed with their arousing pheromones. The sight of their well-sculpted naked bodies. And, when they had jumped him and tore off his costume like a pack of lionesses in heat, the electrifying touch of their silky skin.

That was going to be hard...

After the first two first Amazons had finished driving themselves to climax by riding him, their hungry snatches begging him for his seed as they writhed and squirted over his crotch, he soon realized he had to be the dominant one least he looses control and spills himself inside them.

He threw the third one on the ground and banged her using his super-strength. She came screaming and squirming only after a dozen super-powered thrusts, like most of the group. Nonetheless he needed a lot of concentration not to enjoy their magnificent bodies.

He tried to shift his attention on other events, but wherever he would look he would only see people locked in passionate embraces. Bruce and Diana holding each other in a very intimate hug. J'onn making an Amazon trash in pleasure with his gentle and delicate touch. Queen Hippolyta and Wildcat kissing hungrily while thrusting against each other.

He gasped audibly when he saw what the Amazons bathing in the hot spring were doing to his cousin with the help of Hawkgirl and her mace.

Contrary to Superman, Flash was definitely enjoying himself. He was alternating between humping several Amazons seemingly at once, he was changing partners so fast that they didn't even feel his momentary absence, and fucking a single Amazon at super-speed.

He was actually pumping his cock in and out of a blond Amazon who was coming non-stop. Her hot juicy snatch was slurping on his erection with her legs locked around his hips. He could hear her crying over and over as she squirted repeatedly around him. "Yes - iiiiih - aaah."

"Oh, fuck, you're so tight babe," Flash cried out as he spilled his cum inside her hungry cunt.

Superman was finally done ridding a very demanding Amazon. She was as tall as he was and bulkier than Diana, but that didn't diminish her beauty. Because of her blond locks and large bosom he had to fuck her from behind just so that he wouldn't be entranced by their bouncing show.

That didn't make it any easier. As he was pumping his steel hard prick in and out of her tight juicy cunt, she was answering his every thrust with her own devouring his erection with her leaking vagina. He was almost unable to resist enjoying the ride as he rested his hands on her muscular bottom.

"Oooooh" - she jerked madly under him - "Aaaaah" - he pinched her clitoris at super-strength while thrust just as powerfully - "Yeeeees" - She spilled her juices all over his pumping rod - "fill me up, Man of Steel," she wailed as she trembled from her release.

But he didn't obey her command. Clark eased his erection out of her core and she collapsed on the floor asleep with a large contended smile on her face. Superman panted from exhaustion as he stood on his hands and knees, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead, nose and chin to fall on her back.

Damn, that was close. Just one left.

The last Amazon seemed different somehow from the others. Her strange purple hair that fell over her shoulders contrasted mesmerizingly with her deep tanned skin. She pushed him and he fell on the floor on his back as she straddled his hips. She bent over to give him a deep kiss that he forgot to resist to and her large breasts spilled over his chest.

Her assault almost sent him into overdrive. "What" - gasp - "what are you doing?" he protested feebly.

"Sssh," she shushed him. "You've pleased 22 Amazons without letting yourself come. Your body is exhausted and additional stress will only hurt you. Let me ease your pain. Let yourself enjoy it," she explained as she sheathed his throbbing erection inside her eager pussy and rocked gently above him.

"I can't," he gasped from the exquisite sensation. "I" - moan - "have" - grunt - "a girlfriend," he argued unable to resist anymore under her vigorous bucking.

"Is it - uuuh - is it like a mate?" she asked with an open mouthed smile while her cunt slurped on his cock.

He only nodded, not having enough concentration left. "Great Rao!" his scream accompanied her wail as they climaxed together. He spilled his seed inside her as her juices leaked out over his crotch.

She continued shuddering and ridding him as his member softened between her inner walls. As he was resting on the ground panting loudly, she removed herself from his lap and kissed her way down his chest and abdomen.

"Whoa - What!?" he gasped as she took his member in her mouth and sucked greedily on it.

"Now that you are relaxed, I'm making you hard again so that you can take your turn at enjoying my body," she explained. Clark knew he should have resisted her, but he was too far gone by now. He bent his head backwards and enjoyed her lips sucking on his prick.

As he grew hard again, she gasped and moaned from the cock that filled her throat. Once she had fully lubricated him, she took his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop, gave its underside one last long lick and tugged at it as she lay on her back. He followed her movement and when he found himself above her he penetrated her in one powerful thrust.

"Yeeeees!" she wailed out as he pumped himself in and out of her wet hot cunt. "Yes! Don't stop," she gasped out under his super-strong thrusts.

"Great Rao!" he groaned loudly as she bucked meeting every strike of his hips with hers. "Feels so fucking" - gasp - "good inside you," he lost himself inside her.

"More," she wailed as he drove himself harder between her leaking folds. "Give me mooore," she moan to his delight.

"I'm gonna come - urrrgh - I'm gonna come hard inside you, bitch," he growled at her before he forced her hands above her head and held them there letting her writhe and jerk helplessly under him.

"Yeees" - she locked her legs around his hips - "make me yours" - he sucked on one nipple and squeezed the other breast - "fill me up," she ordered as she trashed against him.

He kissed her hard and she cried into his mouth in release squirting over his cock. She tightened so hard on his member that it drove him over the edge. He came inside her squishy pussy, spilling his spunk into her milking uterus.

Spent and exhausted Superman collapsed on his partner who rolled him off of her on his side. She stood up satisfied at having collected the Man of Steel's seed and broke the illusion spell she had cast on herself.

"Sweet dreams, lover," Circe laughed haughtily as she had achieved her objective. She finally disappeared in a puff of purple smoke.

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