What do you mean Wayne is Tied up? I'm Tony Stark! Oh... Kinky

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline The Slow Merging
Characters Batman Alfred Pennyworth Martian Manhunter Professor X Pepper Potts Iron Man
Previous Chapter Peter Parker tries to ditch Lois Lane

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Wayne Manor, Outside Gotham City New Jersy

Happy was driving, Pepper was nagging from shotgun, and Tony was nursing a hanger over in the back seat.  They were pulling up to the mansion, it was real east coast old money. 

"Lets go," Pepper lead the charge.

She was the first to reach the door and rang the bell as Happy was helping Tony out of the sedan.  An old man answered the door.  Tony and Happy were both thinking the same thing, old English butler, maybe a class mate of Jarvis.

"Tony Stark to see Mr. Bruce Wayne," Pepper handed over an appointment memo.

"Mister Wayne is tied up at the moment, please come in," the English Butler opened the door further.

"What do you mean Wayne is tied up? I'm Tony Stark!" The hang over bellowed in Tony's voice, oh god Pepper was going to give him hell about that later.

"He's on day two of kinky sex with the femme fatal," A kid said from the hall, "And last time I went by there Bruce was shouting something about pegging."

"Oh... Kinky!" was all Tony could say.

"Please have a seat in the Day room," the butler showed them in, "Master Tim, we do not discus Master Bruce's affairs!"

"Alfred it's getting weird up there!" the kid said.

Four Freedoms Plaza, New York City

Lorry had been working as the receptionist for the Baxster Building for years.  She thought she had seen everything.  Thor, Tony Stark, Hell Ben Grim lived up stairs!  But the two guys that walked in.  One of them was a black man with a massive black T painted on his face, pants, and a leather jacket.  The other at first was done up like a private eye from a noir detective film then changed into a red eyed green man in a chest harness, cape and hotpants.

"J'Onn J'Onzz and Michael Holt to see Doctor Reed Richards please," the green man said.

"Hold on please," Lorry grabbed the phone and called upstairs, "Mrs. Richards, there are two ... Men here to see your husband.  In the lobby, yes in the lobby.  Please look at the camera Gentleman.  I will send them up.  Last elevator on the right please."

"Thank you," Michael said as they went towards the elevator, "This New York is a lot weirder then ours."


Xavier School for the Gifted, Westchester New York

Charles regarded the woman who entered his office with a calm that betrayed the fact that he had no idea who she was.  Charles Xavier was not a man of power per-say, but he did end up meeting most of the power players in one form or another.

"Professor Xavier, I'm doctor Waller from the Department of Education," She introduced herself.

"Yes, Miss Monroe said you need to talk to me," Professor Xavier said from behind his desk, "Please be seated.  Do not be offended if I don't stand up"

Amanda Waller narrowed her eyes on the man and then saw the back of the wheel chair behind him.

"Injury?" Amanda asked politely.

"I prefer not to talk about it," Charles said calmly, "What can I do for you?"

"I'm here to talk to you about your students," Amanda said calmly, "Our demographics data has some anomies that are cause for concern to us."

"I don't know what you are talking about," Charles was prepping him self to deal with racial debate with the black woman.

"Hay Professor," Kitty Pryde said as she stuck her head throw the wall into Xavier's office, "Did you need the van for anything tonight, because the freshman are getting antsy and I would like to take them to the mall to blow some steam."

"Like I said some anomies," Waller continued without even looking at Kitty.

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