Susan takes the money from the girls

by Master_Kind
Storyline Let the Music Move You
Characters Captain America Invisible Woman She-Hulk Scarlet Witch
Previous Chapter Scott Summers is dumbfounded when both Emma and Jean show up in his office acting like materialistic bimbos

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Susan smiled, thinking how lucky it was that there was an ATM in the bodega. Both of the brunette girls thrust $400 apiece at her, faces desperate with need.

"This is all my bank would let me take out!"

"Please, teach us how to have such big tits!"

Susan sneered at the cash as she took it and stuffed it into her purse.

"Ugh. That's barely enough to have me show you how to go up a cup size or two but fine, whatever. Here's step one . . ."

She shook her giant boobs at them, letting small droplets of milk flick into their faces from her thick, pink nipples.

"La, la, la, la - warm them up."

One of the girls reached out with her hands and Sue sneered at her, smacking her hand away.

"Not like that you flat-chested little girl - with your mouth. Both of you suck on my tits, now! The boys are waiting."

While they still blushed and looked humiliated, the two brunettes didn't waste any time lowering their heads to suck on Susan's monstrous mams. Sue groaned in delight at the sensation, feeling herself quickly cresting towards orgasm as they sucked milk from her fat nips. She grunted and held the back of their heads by their hair fiercely, hissing and whimpering in delight. The hypnotized businessmen just sat in the corner, drooling in desire at the spectacle in front of them, desperately wishing they were the girls, their cocks tenting their slacks at the sight of it all.

With each suck, the girls felt an answering throb in their own titties. Both girls had a dancer's build and so they didn't have a bra on to stop the outward motion that began once they began swallowing Sue's milk.Each suck on the nipple made their previously small tits feel fuller, heavier, warmer. The weight of them soon began to pull them forward even further into Susan's monstrous mammaries, their faces immersed in her canyon of cleavage as they suckled eagerly on her boobs.

Susan climaxed abruptly with a sharp cry of delight.

"AHHH! AHHH! AAAAAAHHH!" she screamed before panting and ripping the two girl's faces from her nipples.

"Fuck, that was good!" she panted, grinning as the two girls stumbled backwards, both now possessing jiggling, perky DD-cup boobs. The abrupt stop along with their newly impressive tits made them stagger and nearly lose their balance. Milk dripped from their lips as they shuddered and shook their heads like they were coming out of a trance.

"What- what just- Jesus, Maria, your tits!"

"My tits? What happened to YOUR tits, Sarah? Fuck!"

"Oh, God! This can't be happening!" the first girl, Maria, said with a cry of alarm, hefting her newly huge bust with a mixture of horror and wonderment. "How the fuck am I supposed to be a ballerina with these . . . ooh!"

Maria and Sarah gasped in tandem as they discovered the sensitivity of their newly enhanced breasts.

"Why did we- what- you did this to us?"

Susan smiled with a sneer. They were both bigger but nowhere near her amazing, huge titties.

"Hey, you got what you paid for, sluts. No refunds."

"You're crazy! I'm going to go call the cops!" Maria said, wiping milk from her mouth and awkwardly trying to cradle her big, braless boobs without setting off a new sensation of pleasant tingles. "C'mon, Sarah, let's go!"

To her friend's horror, she saw Sarah lost in haze of lust, having slipped off her loose t-shirt to play with her newly enhanced tits.

"Fuck! These feel soooo good!" She turned to Susan, ignoring her friend, a hypnotized haze filling her eyes once more. "Can you- can you make me even bigger?"

Susan smirked.

"Sure . . . but I have to charge. This time the rate's $1200. Go to your bank, blow some guys, hell, rob a bank if you have to but that's the rate to get even bigger. Understand?"

"What? Sarah, no! You're all crazy!" Maria squeaked in outrage as she slowly backed out the door and ran out, stumbling as she tried to control the wild jiggling of her big tits. "I'm calling the cops!"

Susan Storm smiled evilly. Let the ungrateful bitch call the cops! It just meant more men for her to control with her fantastic funbags.

"$1200?" the girl asked as if her friend hadn't just taken off screaming.

"That's right! But you better hurry - I'm thinking I'm about to get a LOT more customers." Susan said with a smirk.

"Yeah, sure, anything you want!" the topless brunette moaned, still squeezing her newly gigantic tits as she stumbled out the door. "Fuck these feel so goood!"

Susan Storm smiled as she looked around. This was a good start but she knew she could do a whole lot better.

"Hey, fuckmeat!" she yelled at the hypnotized businessmen. "Find me my phone. First one to find it gets to suck on my tits."

The four men began tearing the place apart, making Susan laugh. Somehow, she just knew that if the men sucked on her tits they'd become her willing fuckslaves forever, unlike the girls. She also knew the first person she had to call once they found her phone.

"Mmmm . . . Namor. I bet it'll feel fucking amazing to have a goddamn King begging to suck on my titties and be my fuckslave for the rest of his life . . ."

Scarlet Witch wondered if she was going crazy again. Neither Emma or Jean were answering their phones, her sister was refusing to get out of bed and, well . . .

"UNGH! AAHH! MASTER! MASTER FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME! FUCK MY CHEAP SLUTTY ASSHOLE!" She-Hulk screamed as Captain America fucked her ass raw.

"DIRTY FUCKING WHORE! FUCKING ANIMAL BITCH! TAKE THAT COCK, YOU DIRTY FUCKING SLUT! RRRAARRGH!" Steven screamed in what seemed like a mixture of rage, arousal and utter delight.

Wanda blushed in shock. Why were they acting like this? She'd always found Captain America attractive but never imagined he'd ever fuck a woman like this! So raw, so violently, so roughly! Stunned, she snuck past the room where they were fucking, still in shock at the sight and sounds of it all, not realizing she was about to literally run into someone else who had heard the sound of Cap and Shulkie's vigorous fucking.

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