Target the Avengers

by Master_Kind
Storyline Marvel NOW
Previous Chapter Loki targeted Sif and Jane Foster to distract Thor

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The smirking evil teen Loki smiled. His power was essentially unlimited but he had to make sure no one would think to trace it back to him. Luckily, the world already seemed to be in chaos and he could very easily pour fuel on the fire.

"Who to play with next? Hmm. How about Thor's little mortal friends, the self-styled heroes? They'll not be avenging much of anything once I'm done with them."

The Illuminati's suffering was over too quickly. These remaining mortals who galled him would have a finer, more amusing set of punishments.

As he watched, the Avengers were beating down HYDRA across the globe to stop their attacks on nuclear power plants, their ranks stretched thin. Each Avenger fought alone against incredible odds but were still winning none the less.

"Time to make some more chaos!"


In Paris, Black Widow expertly flipped over a row of HYDRA goons armed with laser pistols, sweep kicked half of them and punched out the other half, in a graceful, black and red blur of motion. Her trim body kept moving as she fired her Widow's Sting in fast succession at another group of invading terrorists. They'd come ready for Iron Man with huge weapons, weapons that were useless against someone as quick and slim as she was. She'd nearly beaten this large mob back and once this was done, she could help her fellow Avengers.

As the last few HYDRA agents charged her, she readied herself for the fight . . .


"Widow, widow, widow. Such an irritating little spider. I don't think you'll flounce around so nimbly if I help improve that boyish physique of yours, hmm?"

He turned to Miss America.

"Slave, I wish that Black Widow's breasts and backside grow  in both size and sensitivity with every blow she strikes. I think it is high time this snide little bitch makes love, not war."


There were only eight HYDRA thugs left and Widow was about to take them all down. She kicked one high in the face and elbowed another when suddenly, her balance shifted tremendously, an odd new weight pulling at her chest and ass. She tried to flow with the sudden exaggerated momentum, still using her graceful legs to kick out twice as she fell awkwardly. Natasha felt one kick hit bone and another hard into one of their chests, even as her own chest suddenly began screaming with sensation.

"Ungh!" Natasha grunted in pain as she hit ground - was there a cushion beneath her hips? - wondering why her chest suddenly felt so damned heavy. She looked down for a moment and was shocked to see that her breasts were much, much bigger than they'd been a few moments ago! As a B-cup, she almost never wore a bra into battle but she wasn't a B-cup any longer. The canyon of cleavage pushing her zipper down to her navel left her stunned, staring at her own newly huge tits. They had to be at least a set of DD's, if not bigger.

"What kind of sick Hydra trick is this?" she hissed, trying to swing her legs into motion to get herself back on her feet, only to feel her ass rub uselessly against the ground. There was a small ripping noise and she suddenly felt her much fleshier, more sensitive ass cheeks rubbing against the ground. She hissed, wondering why it felt so good, but she didn't have long to wonder. The few remaining HYDRA men stopped goggling at her growing tits and advanced on her. A few of them chuckled delightedly as she awkwardly stood up, trying to adjust to her new center of gravity. Without a bra, her big new tits and huge ass on her rock-hard ballerina's body made even trying to walk a challenge but Natasha Romanov didn't give up on a fight.

The six remaining men advanced on her but she was still a deadly fighter. She struck out with close quarter blows, raining three stunning nerve chops and punches down on the men . . . just before her costume exploded!

"Aaah!" she screamed as her tits and ass swelled outwards with such force that her costume's front and rear tore apart, leaving her huge boobs and ass hanging in the wind. The formerly graceful spy lost her balance immediately, falling tit first onto the street, her newly huge, spankable "ghetto booty" jiggling in the air behind her. With her otherwise trim measurements, the redhead now looked more like Jessica Rabbit than a real woman. Worst of all, when her tits impacted the hard surface of the street, the stinging sensation against her nips and boobs made her cum so hard she saw stars!

Her big ass twitched in the air, pussy drooling beneath it as she bucked her hips and cried out in pleasure. She'd never cum from playing with her tits before and now she was helplessly orgasming in front of  three men who'd just been trying to kill her! Widow tried to focus and get her mind together but one of the three terrorists laughed and spanked her fat ass, triggering another orgasm just as big as the first!

"Not so tough now, are you, bitch?" their leader said with a snarl.

"What the fuck happened to her, Sir?" another one of the men said, jaw agape at the transformation in front of him.

"Hell if I know . . . but I know what's ABOUT to happen to her." the third man said with a grin as he undid his pants.

Black Widow weakly rolled over onto her side, whimpering again in pleasure as one of her ass cheeks slapped against the pavement.

"Nyet! Widow calling backup! I need backup!" she began to say in a husky voice, trying to shake off the pleasure she was feeling.

"Oh, we'll give you "back up", you stupid Avengers whore." the leader said, grabbing her by the waist and throwing her over a stack of sandbags, leaving her bare giant ass and sopping wet pussy raised up as the weight of her chest helplessly pulled her down.

To Widow's horror, her tits were now nearly the same size as the bags! She was bigger than She-Hulk, bigger than most porn stars she'd ever seen, and the sensation of her tits smacking against the rough sandbags made her moan helplessly in delight.

"Never thought I'd fuck an Avenger up the ass!" chuckled the leader as Widow heard more pants unzip behind her . . .

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