Loki targeted Sif and Jane Foster to distract Thor

by THISguy
Storyline Marvel NOW
Characters Jane Foster Sif Loki
Category Corruption Body Modification
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After eliminating the Illuminati, Loki decided that he was going to take care of Thor next. He was going to take great joy in taking his half brother down. He decided that in order to cause the most damage to Thor, he would target the women most important to him.

He grabbed the former Miss America and made his next wish

"I wish that Jane Foster and Sif would be possessed by powerful succibi, that their bodies and minds be twisted and transformed to serve their new purpose in life, to seduce and enslave men."

Loki then conjured a magical crystal ball that allowed him to watch his wish in action


In New York City, Jane Foster was working at an emergency medical center. The Wrecking Crew was attacking the city and she was busy tending to the victims. Her concern was growing because none of The Avengers had responded yet. They were spread out all over the globe. Cap and Iron man were MIA. Wolverine had taken a team to battle Cyclops and his mutant army. Thor was dealing with a frost giant attack in Asgard. Most of the other Avengers were dealing with multiple Hydra attacks at nuclear power plants around the world.

More and more battered and beaten people were being brough in. Instead of civilians most of the new patients were police officers and soldiers. She was growing increasingly nervous as the sound of the battle moved closer and closer to her location. Suddenly one of the walls collapsed, and then the Wrecking Crew stood among the wreckage. Jane reached into her medical bag for the gun she always carried when working in situations like this, but she was stopped when The Wrecker grabbed her.

"I recognize this one. This was Thor's bitch. We're going to have some fun with this little slut boys."

He threw her over to Thunderball who restrained her as The Wrecker started to finish off the injured police officers and soldiers.

Jane Foster looked on in horror as The Wrecker drove his enchanted crowbar into the helpless men and women on the hospital beds. But then the horror was replaced with a new feeling. A deep chill ran through her body and the horror and fear were replaced with an overwhelming feeling of arousal. The thoughts of trying to help the soldiers and cops that were being slaughtered in front of her faded from her mind. They were replaced by images of herself fucking the powerful men who currently held her captive. The woman who was Jane Foster was being overwhelmed by the spirit of a powerful succubus. She retained enough of her former self to know who she was, but she no longer cared.

All of her thoughts and feelings turned to sex. Fucking men would increase her powers. And the stronger the man, the more powerful she would become. Waves of ecstacy coursed through her body as it morphed to fit the succubus's purpose. Her modest figure gave way to impossible curves. Her small, pert breasts expanded into a massive 36E. Her hips widened and her ass grew and rounded. Her already trim waist slimmed as her legs lengthened. Finally, her brown eyes changed to a deep crimson and her mid length brunette hair grew to just above her ass and darkened to jet black.

She was still being restrained by Thunderball, instead of continuing to struggle to break free, her right hand slipped behind her and began to rub his crotch.

"Boss, something's happening over here."

The Wrecker turned and saw the changes that Jane Foster had gone through. He then saw her right hand stroking his minion's hardening dick through his pants. He dropped his bloody crowbar and walked over to Jane and Thunderball.

"Looks like we're not going to have to rape the bitch after all. Seems like she's going to go along willingly."

Jane smiled as she looked into the eyes of The Wrecker. She was already starting to influence his weak mind.

"Wrecker, I want to see if you can live up to the name. I want you and your boys to wreck my pussy."

The Wrecker, Thunderball, Bulldozer, and Piledriver took the hint and quickly disrobed.

Seemingly faster than they could see, the formerly petite doctor threw The Wrecker to the ground and mounted him. She positioned her dripping cunt above his 14 inch cock and quickly impaled herself on his member. She screamed out as she orgasmed instantly. The other three Wrecking Crew members stood around her stunned. Jane did not want to let a single dick go unused. She reached out and grabbed Piledriver and Thunderball by their cocks and started to stroke them. She looked back at the still shocked Bulldozer.

"What the fuck are you waiting for? They call you Bulldozer, right? Well get over here and start bulldozing my ass."

He did not need to be told twice. He positioned himself behind the possessed Jane Foster and rammed his full length into her virgin ass. Again Jane let loose a primal, orgasmic scream. She was in sexual nirvana. She thrusted her hips to meet the thrusts in her pussy and her ass. She began to alternate sucking each of the dicks beside her. She knew that once each of the men came, they would be forever in her thrall.

One by one, the Wrecking Crew started to cum. First Thunderball let loose a massive stream of semen into the succubus's mouth. The sight of the beautiful doctor swallowing the mouthfull of cum, was too much for Bulldozer who gave one last thrust into her asshole and unloaded his seed deep inside of her. The feeling of the hot cum in her ass caused Jane to orgasm again. Her pussy clamped down onto The Wrecker's cock and her orgasmic moans resonated through Piledriver's member. Both men began to cum inside of her. All 5 of them collapsed onto the floor in post coital bliss.

Their rest was short lived as it sounded like a bomb exploded outside of the med center. They all quickly realized that it was no bomb as they heard a thundering voice shouting



In the streets of Asgard, the lady Sif and the Warriors Three were finishing off the last of the invading Frost Giants. Thor was in the throne room battling the leader of the group of Frost Giants. The four warriors started to rush off to assist the Thunderer when they saw a massive bolt of lightning crash from the sky into the throne room. Vostagg laughed

"I guess Thor isn't going to need our help. Let us go to the banquet hall and celebrate with a feast and ale."

Hogun, Fandrel and Sif followed Volstagg knowing that there was no way to keep him from his drink and food. When they arrived at the banquet hall, Sif stopped in her tracks. Fandrel looked back in concern.

"Lady Sif, are you alright?"

"Yes Fandrel, I just feel strange. I think I just need to sit down for a moment."

Sif sat down along the wall and watched the Warriors Three share war stories as they drank and ate themselves stupid. She could not quite figure out what the strange feeling was that was quickly spreading through her entire body. Her concern quickly fades as her thoughts turned to the three Asgardian warriors in front of her. Her mind was flooded with images of the Warriors Three fucking her in every way imaginable. She licked her lips and began to strip her armor off.

Fandrel, Hogun, and Volstagg were too busy swapping stories and getting drunk to notice the changes Sif was currently going through. Her hair lengthened and turned jet black, her eyes turned a deep shade of crimson. Her body began to soften. Where she was once built for battle, her body was remaking itself as one built for sex. Her breasts started to grow and finally stopped at a generous 38EE. Her hips widened and her firm ass expanded and rounded into a glorious "ghetto booty."

She stripped out of the rest of her clothing and loudly cleared her throat. The Warriors Three turned to see the new version of Sif standing naked before them. Her crimson eyes pierced into their very souls. Normally, it would take more time and effort for her to affect their minds, but they were dulled from the massive amounts of ale they had consumed. Quickly, all three of them stripped out of their armor and clothing and they surrounded Sif.

Sif dropped to her knees and started stroking their cocks. Once they were all hard, she alternated sucking them off. She pushed Volstagg onto his back and practically lept onto his dick. She screamed in orgasmic bliss as she started to ride him. She grabbed Fandrel's cock and greedily took it into her mouth. She was blowing him for all she was worth, only stopping to turn back to Hogun.

"You, fuck my ass. NOW!"

Hogun positioned himself behind Sif and savagely buried his shaft in her tight anus. The sudden pain and pleasure sent another orgasm ripping through Sif's body. Volstagg reached up and started to molest her newly huge tits. She grabbed his head and pulled it into her massive cleavage. Volstagg took the hint and started to suck her tits.

Sif's left breast was practically engulfing Volstagg's head. Never had she felt such pleasure. Hogun reached around and pinched and twisted her right nipple. Another orgasm tore through Sif. Her cunt tightened around Vostagg's member and she increased the pace of her thrusts. All of the Warriors Three knew they could not last much longer. Fandrel grabbed the back of Sif's head and drove his entire length into her throat. He shot his load into her mouth, making sure she swallowed every drop. Volstagg moaned with pleasure as he came in her pussy, causing yet another orgasm for the formerly fierce warrior. Her asshole clamped down on Hogun's dick causing him to cum in her ass.

The Warriors Three all collapsed on the ground around Sif. They would now forever be Sif's to command. The door to the hall suddenly slammed open. They turned to see a furious Thor standing in the doorway.


Loki laughed maniacally as he watched the scenes unfolding before him. Seeing that self righteous bitch Jane Foster fucking a bunch of murderous thugs and the respected warrior Sif being used by her closest friends was better than he could possibly imagine.

Miss America approached her master,

"Are you pleased with your wishes Master?"

"Of course slave. But what should we do next?"

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