Emma's plot

by Regret
Storyline The new Hellfire Club
Characters Emma Frost Jean Gray
Category F/F Mind Control Corruption
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Emma sat in her bed at the Xavier mansion, her plan had worked. For quite some time now she had been acting reformed all to gain the trust of the X-men and the do gooders bought it. They trusted her now and that put her in the perfect position to spring her trap. She walked to her closet and found her white lingerie the uniform of the White Queen. She stripped her self naked and began suiting up anticipating the power she would soon have. She posed in the mirror with heeled boots that came to mid thigh a white thong and corset with long white opera gloves. The blond smiled at her reflection she had missed this uniform it made her look sexy and dominating all the things she was. She left her room she needed one more thing, she knew there couldn't be a White Queen with out a Black one. In the dead silence of the 2 am night she slipped into Jeans room seeing the powerful mutant deep in her sleep.

"Oh Jean." Emma said to herself as she crossed the room. "You must think I hate you, with how I act towards you, but it couldn't farther from the truth." Emma carefully lifted the blanket from Jean. "With such power at your hands how could I not respect you and with such a body how could I not desire you." Emma whispered as she crawled on the bed over Jean. "Soon you'll be mine and with our power nothing will stop us we'll create a new Hellfire and live as the queens we are, your 'friends' will bow before us and live to serve." Emma whispered feeling herself get wet at the thought. She placed her hands on the sides of Jean's head and entered her dream. Emma began twisting Jean's dream, freeing hidden desires, creating new ones that fit her purposes, and slowly eroding her morals she just had to keep her mind distracted.

Jean dreamed she was in bed with Scott in the midst of passion when the door opened and a stunning woman dressed in white appeared before them. She pushed Scott away and approached the woman in white. She could only stare in awe at the woman's beauty before the lady in white drew her into a passionate kiss. Jean returned the kiss and caressed the woman's ass. When she broke the kiss the dream had changed they were sitting in thrones beside each other each with a young woman between their legs pleasuring them. Jean moaned loudly and grabbed the woman's head pushing her deeper. "I want more." Jean cooed.

"Then take it." The woman responded handing her a large double ended black dildo. Jean grinned darkly and pushed the girl off her and to her hands and knees. Jean gripped the large phallus and drove it home plunging it inside of her. Her face reflected her lust hazed mindset. She grabbed the young woman's hips and drove the phallus into her pussy from behind. She pounded into the young woman driving the phallus deeper into both of them with each thrust.

"OH god yes." Jean cried out cumming. She dismounted the woman and returned to her throne, the dildo still protruding out of her. "I never want this to end." Jean said subconsciously knowing it was a dream.

'It doesn't have to." The woman in white said to her. "You were a queen once."

'By force." Jean said. Now noticing she was dressed in an outfit similar to Emma's only black and missing the thong.

'Yes and you nearly destroyed the X-men with the power you wielded, if you were to chose to become the Black Queen again they would easily fall under your heel." She motioned towards the women that had been pleasuring them. Jean suddenly recognizing Storm eating out the woman she had been talking to and Kitty laying on the ground exhausted from being fucked. "Think about Jean you could be a queen, have your body worshiped, don't you want that."

"...yes" Jean admitted whispering the word in the real world as well.

Emma smiled evilly she had her now. "Then wake up and embrace me." The woman in white said revealing herself as Emma.

"Of course." Jean muttered. "The uniforms, the sex slaves, your delicious body you showed me these things."

"Yes and you loved every moment of it." Emma smirked.

"I did and now I want it all, I want power and control and every little hot slut in this school, I want to be the Black Queen Emma, and I want you." Jean said grinning madly.

Jean's eyes shot open and her lustful grin followed her out of the dream. She grabbed Emma and pulled her down. Jean forced herself on top of Emma and plunged her tongue into her mouth. Emma pushed Jean off of her reluctantly "We have to act fast if we're to secure members of our new Hellfire club, but first I have a gift for you."

Jean opened the box finding the outfit of the Black queen inside, she smiled evilly and slipped it on. "This feels right." Jean said admiring the way she looked.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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