The infection begins . . .

by Master_Kind
Storyline Hounded
Characters Rachel Grey
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Rachel Grey had been through a lot in her life. She'd grown up in a dystopic future where she'd been programmed to be a "Hound" - a mutant slave, designed to hunt down her fellow mutants with her psychic powers. She had spent most of her times on a leash, running around on all fours as a human led her like a dog to find her fellow mutants. All of that was before she traveled through time and found a place teaching at Wolverine's new school. While her psychic powers and connection to the Phoenix Force were much less powerful than they'd ever been, she still felt a sense of peace working there . . . most of the time. At night, she still had the occasional nightmares about her time as a Hound. This night was no different.


The leather collar around her neck. No will of her own, only her Master's will. Her body encased from the neck down in that tight black leather catsuit. Stuck on her hands and knees before the human man who commanded her . . .

"Time to go to work, Hound!" came his deep, sneering voice.


While Rachel Grey tossed and turned in her sleep, rebellious Omega-Level telepath slyly sent a command into his teacher's subconscious, not knowing what her dreams were or really caring. He only wanted to pull a prank on her and get her off his back at the same time.

"Uptight ginger bitch could use a good sex dream." he thought snickering, pushing a powerful telepathic command that his teacher have the dirtiest, most disgusting sex dream she could. "I wonder what it will be? I'll probably get flashes of it tomorrow morning while she's droning on and on in Psionics Class."

What Qunten didn't know was that he was messing with forces he didn't understand, unlocking a memory long buried in Rachel Grey's mind.

Rachel's nightmare changed, became more vivid, more real. The setting changed. She and her Master were no longer lined up for duty, for the hunting of her fellow mutants. She and him were alone in a room together - his personal quarters. And she felt . . . cold.

Her leather bodysuit was gone. Only the leash remained, tight and firm around her neck.

"God, you're a hot little mutie bitch." her Master said, rubbing her ass cheeks roughly. "This is against the rules but fuck it, you're not telling a goddamn soul after all. Right, Hound?"

"Yes, Master." she replied in a drone. She felt nothing emotionally but suddenly, her Master's hand slid between her pussy's folds. Her body responded automatically to the sensation but she did not move. Master had not told her to move so she held her position on all fours. On his bed. Waiting.

"That's right. You're all mine, slut. Time for our 'special' commands. You remember our special commands, don't you, bitch?"

"Yes, Master." she replied again as she heard the sound of his pants hitting the floor, felt his other hand reach down and squeeze one of her firm, pert tits.

"Good. Hound! Go into heat!"

Those three little words made her body explode with desire. Suddenly, her pussy was churning, soaking wet with need, her nipples rock hard, breasts throbbing, her whole body agonizingly horny.
She began to pant, just like a real bitch in heat, words and thoughts denied her but her body's basic needs painfully obvious. The desire was so pure, so overwhelming, it drove out everything else . . . even her Hound conditioning.


In real life, Rachel's body began to warm up and she thrashed against the sheets with a low moan. Her nipples rubbed against the cotton as the dream - or was it a dream? - took place and she groaned.

"Hound! Beg!"

Rachel knew what came next. It wasn't allowed - Hounds were not supposed to be able to think, speak or say much of anything beyond basic confirmations of commands. But now, somehow, her Master had trained her to obey his new, secret commands - commands that both broke and reinforced her conditioning.

"Master, please fuck me! Fuck your worthless mutie bitch!" she heard herself scream, voice low and breathy with need. "Ohhh, fuck! I'm such a horny bitch! My slutty pussy needs Master's cock sooo bad!"

Master had taught her exactly how she should sound and what she should say when she begged for his cock. Faintly, the old Rachel could see and hear all of this, as if outside herself but still feeling what her body felt. She'd never felt so horny before, not even with Franklin! Her fragile mind writhed in confusion, trying to fight these new feelings.

"That's right, beg, you fucking slut! You want this?"

Master had moved around and presented his cock to her face, teasing her with it. It was long and hard, bigger than Franklin's had ever been. She needed it inside her so badly!



"Master . . . fuck me . . . big, fat, cock!" Rachel groaned in real life, as all the secret Hound conditioning began to reassert itself. Sure, she'd been freed of the original basic conditioning by the psychics that freed her in the first place but this secondary conditioning had been well-hidden by her then Master. Had Quinten Quire not pushed her subconscious mind at that exact moment in that exact way, the programming would have just stayed as it was - vague nightmares. Unfortunately for Rachel, the old memories were resurfacing now and the conditioning right alongside it.

"Yesss!" she hissed in her sleep as her hand slid between her legs unconsciously.

"Hound! Suck!" her Master barked.

His hand grabbed the back of her head roughly and she opened her mouth for Master's gift. She'd never sucked cock before Master but he'd taught her exactly how a dirty Mutie slut bitch like her should suck cock. He slid his rod between her pouty lips and she accepted it gratefully, swirling her tongue around his cockhead, then relaxing her throat as he shoved his full length in and out of her. She sucked as hard as she could, desperate to please Master, to get him to put that cock in her hungry, filthy mutie pussy and make her cum.

As a Hound, she had no pleasures, no joys but Master's cock . . .

Master grunted. She hoped he wouldn't finish in her mouth but her pussy instead. Oh, God, her pussy!


Rachel Grey tried in vain to fight it but it was too much. Positive reinforcement had never been used on Hounds but this was why she stayed a Hound for so very long, she knew that now. How good it felt to be used, to be a slave, how wonderful and amazing her body felt as her Master fucked her. It was the only good thing she ever felt for years. No, not just "good" . . .


"Hound!" her panting Master growled as he pulled out of her mouth and swung her around by her hips, shoving her down onto the bed with one hand, making her tits rub forcefully against the rough cotton sheets. "FUCK!"

Rachel's body exploded with sensation as he thrust his thick, long cock into her needy pussy.

"Ahhhh!" she whimpered, thrusting her hips back in a frantic rhythm to get more of Master's cock inside of her, "Th- thank you, Master! Nggn! AHHH!"

He thrust deep into her pussy again and again, smacking her pert, round ass with his hand as he did so but even that sensation felt amazing. Oh, God, she was so fucking close to cumming!

"Say it again, bitch! SAY IT!"

"Ahhh! Thaaank you, M-Master!" she tried to shout in time with each of his deep thrusts but talking was so hard. A part of her tried to fight it but it felt so good and thinking was so hard. She had to- had to-


She had to stop thinking and just enjoy this. Enjoy Master fucking her like the dirty slut bitch she was. It felt good to please Master. So good!

"Thaaank you - Ah! - Master! THANK YOU, MAAAAASTER! THA-aahhhhhHHHH!" she screamed as she came hard, her pussy clamping down on Master's cock with the force of her orgasm - an orgasm more powerful than Franklin ever gave her, than she'd ever had in her short life. An orgasm so good, she'd do anything, be anything Master said to feel it again . . . and again and again!


In real life, Rachel Grey's body bucked and writhed, her hips thrusting against the remembered thrusts.

"Thank you, Master!" she shouted in her sleep as she also came, her redheaded pussy gushing with her juices.


"Gnngg! FUCK! Fucking slut! HRRNGH!" her Master grunted as he came inside her, thick ropes of jism coating her pussy walls. His heavy, masculine weight collapsed against her body, his thick cock sliding out of her cunt with an audible pop as he lay on top of her, his breath harsh and ragged against the back of her neck and ear.

"Good Hound." he half-whispered, half-grunted. "Good fucking mutie slut. Fuck!"

He felt his big, rough hand slide underneath her to grope her tits as he bit the back of her neck. She knew that he would slide off of her very soon and she didn't want that. That would mean he'd give her her last "Special Command" - "Forget."

Rachel Grey moaned and thrashed in her sleep. She didn't want to forget! She never wanted to forget! Hound just wanted to feel good again, feel good like only Master could make her feel good - over and over and over!

She felt Master slide off her and her mind rebelled. In her real life memories, she had no power, couldn't get Master to not make her forget their literally mindblowing fuckfests, couldn't keep him from resetting her to being a boring normal Hound. But if he wasn't really there . . .


"Hound! F-"


"FUCK! NO! FUUUUCK! HOUND WANTS TO FUUUUCK!" Rachel screamed, waking up with panting cry, her pussy soaking wet and whole body throbbing with bliss and covered in sweat . . .

The orgasm she'd just had wasn't like anything else she'd ever felt and her new self didn't care why or how it happened - she just KNEW she had to feel it again! Whatever it took!

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