Ten Villains

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Ten Villains
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    Several villains to attack the combined heroines and villainesses of Marvel and DC.  

    The Breeder - Christopher Wilcox is a man with a mission.  A religious man, unfortunately rendered a eunuch by a car accident, who believes firmly in the Bible, he has chosen to focus on the part that says 'Be Fruitful and Multiply.'  And with his power to induce hyper-fertility in any woman he comes across, as well as having the ability to make women obsessed with the idea of being mothers, he's decided that the superheroines and supervillainesses of the world aren't doing their part for God.  So he intends to start seeing their bellies swell...

    The Geek - Ritchie Collins.  Completely unimpressive.  He's chubby, unathletic, not that handsome, and still lives in his parents' basement, where he plays video games and watches anime and cartoons.  He has no ambition whatsoever.  So why does he have an endless stream of superheroine and supervillainess girlfriends coming over, all of whom are madly in love with him and do whatever he wants?  And why the HELL haven't his parents noticed anything wrong with this?

    The Alpha Male - Not so much a man but a spirit that gives great power.  Any male possessed by it becomes the pinnacle of physical and sexual perfection.  Every male is subservient to them, every woman his willing, eager slut.  Just by the force of his presence can he command loyalty and lust.  And if his current host is killed, the one who does the killing will become the Alpha Male in his stead...

    The Dairy Farmer - Willie Gurple.  A simple country boy from Arkansas.  A simple country boy with the power to induce tremendous amounts of lactation in any woman, making their breasts ultra-sensitive.  A simple country boy who's been using the vast fortune and criminal organization his father left him when he died, kidnapping women all over the country to ship to his secret farm, where they become his milk cows...

    The Medusa Parasite - Angelina Trinity, a dominatrix from a popular club with the superhuman ability to sap the wills of any man she comes into contact with and corrupt any woman into becoming her servant.  She was content with her club, having amassed a small fortune from her toys.  But she's starting to get ambitious.  All those lovely superheroes out there, proud males to bring to their knees, hot women to make into her willing, adoring minions...

    Martin Stuart - Or Marty Stu to his friends.  Not his real name of course, but when his mutant powers triggered and he suddenly found himself unable to do no wrong, he changed his name, deliberately invoking the fiction trope.  And naturally, he decided to become a supervillain.  Not out of any real malice, of course, but because he knew his powers would let him get away with it...

    Baron Groovy - Davey Moonflower.  A man with the ability to induce a druglike haze in anyone as well as the power to control anyone with his psychadelic music, he is a new age hippie with dreams of peace and love.  Now if only all those uncool heroes and villains would learn to make love, not war, man.  Well, he was just the guy to show all those uncool dudes and dudettes the value of being groovy...

    The Fetish Brokers - Siblings Leonard and Leona Lewis.  No matter your kink, they'll help you experience it.  Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  And with their endless resources, it seems that no fantasy is beyond their ability to fill.  They can even provide you with the company of a superheroine or supervillainess.  Which is odd, as every costumed adventurer and costumed criminal had vanished off of the face of the Earth six months ago...

    The Stylist - Mister Nebula, an intergalactic planetary redecorator whose terrible taste and horrible fashion sense have become so infamous, he's become a Galactus-level threat.  Although in terms of cosmic beings, he's something of an embarrassment.  The other cosmic entities never invite him to the monthly meetings, and it's starting to irk him.  And to make matters worse, he found that Earth, which he visited one time, was NOT actually trying to conform to his personal tastes, that they had tricked him into leaving before he could properly redecorate and make the planet more fabulous.  So Mister Nebula made a new herald to punish the heroes of Earth.  An entity called the Stylist, who could take any living creature and restyle them body, mind, and soul, into something else.  The Stylist wasn't sent to prepare them for a new coming of Mister Nebula, as he was too insulted to go back to Earth.  The Stylist was there to punish...

    The Mischief Man - Kennedy Jameson, a villain who's styled himself after the Psycho Man.  Only instead of controlling emotions, his Mischief Box transforms people, inflicting a certain body type and personality type on them, the only commonality being that men get their dick enlarged and women get much larger breasts.  One setting turns men and women into fat blobs with the same weight, size, and strength as Fred J. Dukes, only more of a brutish, lustful slob than him.  One setting turns men and women into massive, musclebound brutes with muscles and power like the Hulk.  They become brutish, like the vikings of old, seeking nothing more than good fights, good food, good drinks, and good fucks.  The third and final setting turns men and women into curvaceous, utterly gorgeous beauties that are also completely stupid, unable to do anything competantly unless it relates to sex.  With these three settings, Blob, Brute, and Bimbo, the Mischief Man is more than ready to have some fun...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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